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Google Spots Explicit Images of a Child In Man's Email, Tips Off Police

volpe Re:Hash Collision (790 comments)

There are less than 2^33 people in the world. Most of them probablly don't use google but lets assume that they do. Further lets make a wild ass guess that each one has 2^17 files in googles database (from some googling i'm pretty sure this is an overestimate). That would mean a total of 2^40 files.

Check your arithmetic.

about three weeks ago

Evidence of a Correction To the Speed of Light

volpe A *single* photon? (347 comments)

Can a single photon turn into an electron/positron pair? I didn't think this was possible because a photon has no rest frame, whereas an e-/p+ pair always would. Thus, in the inertial frame in which the pair has no momentum (the "center of momentum" frame), the photon would still have momentum. Thus, momentum would not be conserved. You need two photons moving in different directions for the pair of photons to have a center-of-momentum frame in which their momenta cancel each other out.

about 2 months ago

Comcast: Destroying What Makes a Competitive Internet Possible

volpe Re:MAFIAA (227 comments)

"Music and film" is too restrictive. I prefer "Multiple Art Form Industry Association of America". Same acronym.

about 4 months ago

Vintage 1960s Era Film Shows IRS Defending Its Use of Computers

volpe Re:Uproar? (146 comments)

This was the plot of an episode of The Partridge Family (except for the jail part). Shirley eventually solved the problem by mailing the collector a check for $0.00.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Do You Consider Elegant Code?

volpe Re:Comment your damn code (373 comments)

That's the stupidest thing I've read all year.

about 5 months ago

Tech's Gender and Race Gap Starts In High School

volpe Re:This is the AP Comp Sci exam (489 comments)

Statistics. That unforgiving bitch no one asked to be invited that tries to manipulate all of our lives.

Statistics don't manipulate people - people manipulate people.

I'm the ASA. And I vote.

about 7 months ago

Police Pull Over More Drivers For DNA Tests

volpe Re:Um.... (562 comments)

I'm glad my beloved grandfather and great uncles are gone, they fought against fascism in WWII and this kind of gestapo shit would disgust the hell out of them. I could probably wrap his body in some copper wire and run my entire neighborhood from all the revolutions he's turning in his grave.

I wish I had a chance to know your beloved grandfather and great uncles. You know, back when they were walking magnets.

about 8 months ago

Disney Pulls a Reverse Santa, Takes Back Christmas Shows From Amazon Customers

volpe Re:Reverse Santa? (418 comments)

If you pay for something and they don't deliver, can't you just call your credit card company and dispute the charge?

about 8 months ago

Doubleclick Cofounder Responds to Patent Troll by Filing Extortion Lawsuit

volpe Ummmmmm..... (225 comments)

Yay Doubleclick?

about a year ago

Time For X-No-Wiretap HTTP Header?

volpe Re:You don't beg for privacy (202 comments)

Go ahead and storm the NSA headquarters in Ft. Meade with guns blazing, demanding your privacy. Let us know how that turns out.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue trying to prevent the next Columbine, Virginia Tech, Oak Creek, Aurora, Tuscon, Newtown, etc.

about a year ago

Martin Luther King Jr's Children In Court Over MLK IP

volpe Be careful what you wish for (344 comments)

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Be careful what you wish for, Dr. King.

about a year ago

Gore's Staff Says He Was Misquoted On Hexametric Hurricanes

volpe Re:AL GORE CREATED THE INTERNET! (216 comments)

Last week, I created a meatloaf in my kitchen. I did not, however, "invent" meatloaf.

1 year,18 hours

Compared to my 1st computer's memory ...

volpe Re:Apple II (587 comments)

My Apple II had 16K. If yours had only 4K, what are you doing with a 7-digit UID?

about a year ago

NSA Surveillance Heat Map: NSA Lied To Congress

volpe Re:Oh another fucking goldbug (385 comments)

What is called when you borrow money at 0%, never pay the principal and only pay the interest? It's not money printing? What is it, then?

That's not money printing. That's called "a gift", since the entity you borrow from no longer has the money.


about a year ago

Physicists Create Quantum Link Between Photons That Don't Exist At the Same Time

volpe Re:Photon model broken (364 comments)

I But what if it is also moving and/or turning/rotating on/along one or more axis. How would we perceive that?

Perhaps as a cosmic centrifugal force that causes galaxies to fly apart from each other, interpreted as a cosmological constant causing the expansion of space itself? Oh, wait...

about a year ago

Massive Data Leak Reveals How the Ultra Rich Hide Their Wealth

volpe Re:It is as if there is no law (893 comments)

this cannot end well.

Sure it can! [...] So you're right... this cannot end well.

Make up your mind.

about a year ago

Microsoft Pollutes To Avoid Fines

volpe Something doesn't make sense here (295 comments)

The penalty for under-consumption should never be more than the cost of the electricity that one would have to consume to avoid the penalty. There's no point in motivating them to *waste* electricity.

about 2 years ago

Obama and Romney Respond To Questionnaire

volpe What the hell does this mean? (608 comments)

Romney's response to Question 11:

For example, his “Utility MACT” rule is purportedly aimed at reducing mercury pollution, yet the EPA estimates that the rule will cost $10 billion to reduce mercury pollution by only $6 million (with an “m”).

I understand the cost of a reduction being $10 billion. What does it mean to say that the extent of a reduction in mercury pollution is measured in dollars?

about 2 years ago



Exoskeleton gives soldiers strength with grace

volpe volpe writes  |  more than 6 years ago

volpe (58112) writes "This video shows a robotic exoskeleton (not unlike the one used by Sigourney Weaver in Alien) being developed for soldiers. The wearer can lift large amounts of weight, but still retain pretty fine motor control, enough to play catch, gently box a punching bag, and dance. It's currently tethered, but will be deployed with a battery pack. I'd be impressed to see this thing capable of carrying a battery that can power it for any appreciable length of time, given the SWAP (Size, Weight, and Power) problems associated with the gear that soldiers currently carry, or are slated to carry in the near future."


volpe has no journal entries.

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