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EVE Online Battle Breaks Records (And Servers)

voudras technical issue (308 comments)

this is, from my perspective, without a doubt a technical issue.

the people who got wiped out, if the killboards are correct - only destroyed 3 ships (helios, onyx and anathema)

for them to not have dropped any other ships in such and engagement, given their capability - can only mean they could not move or couldn't even see they were in a fight.

the killboards would also suggest the engagement was 421 against 65, even at those odds they should have destroyed a portion of the other fleet. even if it was 842 vs 65, nothing would prevent them from attacking except a technical issue.

i have been in engagements with over 800 in system (before dominion) and was able to function.

so, certainly there was a record broken on sheer lost of assets in one stroke, but it defiantly needs a foot note.

(also, if there was a deliberate attempt to drop the node, well yea - strike against them too, anyway)

there will no doubt be a rematch as the attacking alliance still owns another 20 titans

about 5 years ago

Repairman Steals Hard Drive And Charges To Reinstall It

voudras placing bets (181 comments)

I bet he is a+ certified

more than 5 years ago

Time Warner Shelves Plans For Tiered Pricing

voudras rochesterian responce (210 comments)

They put a cap on my data im putting a cap in their ass! /* relax hoover, its a joke */

more than 5 years ago

EVE Online Developers Help Player Make Fan Movie

voudras In other News.... (56 comments)

a 7 minute clip is now refered to as a movie

more than 5 years ago

Why Is Adobe Flash On Linux Still Broken?

voudras Detection (963 comments)

I also hate how some pages do not detect that you have it at all. Instead of offering a "Click here to try the SWF file ANYWAY", they link you to adobe.

thedailyshow.com recently changed so that i can no longer see their videos =(

more than 6 years ago


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