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Study: Firmware Plagued By Poor Encryption and Backdoors

vovin Re:Idiots and their "BSP"s (141 comments)

And you can't just migrate the patches to latest kernel ... because some the key peripheral parts (video controllers and audio/video encode / decode engines) are binary blobs. Grrrr like TI, NVidia, Qualcomm, Exynos(Samsung), RockChip, AllWinner, MTK, and Freescale. If you *can* forgo those parts then you can migrate to a recent kernel.
This is in part because a modern SOC is just a collection of assembled IP and the upstream video [OpenGL ES] and h264 encoder/decoder hardware vendors in particular won't allow the programming information to flow downstream w/o NDA.

about a month ago

35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'

vovin Re:So! The game is rigged! (570 comments)

It is a *credit* score, for how well you handle *credit*.
It is not a *financial IQ* score. That is what a *net worth* evaluation is.
Note that you may score highly in both.
It is up to the individual to determine which is more valuable and when.
It sounds like you have do a fine job with your net worth but that does not directly translate into credit (how you handle debt).
You may find may people who have very fine credit scores and yet never manage a positive net worth.

about 2 months ago

Wikipedia Blocks 'Disruptive' Edits From US Congress

vovin Misdirection and slight of hand (Wiki Style) (165 comments)

You should probably look at *all the other edits* to articles made around and during the vandalism spree.

about 2 months ago

Facial Recognition Might Be Coming To Your Car

vovin Valet (131 comments)

What a major pain when you valet your car. Ewww.

about 3 months ago

AT&T Charges $750 For One Minute of International Data Roaming

vovin Re:This is why I straight talk on AT&T (321 comments)

WIND is the T-Mobile provider there.
Prepaid w/Pentaband phone works great.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Should Every Programmer Read?

vovin The Programmers Stone (352 comments)

If you don't read it, you don't get it.

about 4 months ago

Supreme Court Skeptical of Computer-Based Patents

vovin Re:There are Three Things I Know (192 comments)

I agree. Except the term should be 1 week. No extensions.

about 6 months ago

Judge Overrules Samsung Objection To Jury Instructional Video

vovin Slide to unlock (232 comments)

I recall slide to unlock on the Medtronic N'Vision 8840 circa 2002.
Maybe you can get *that* bogus patent thrown out?

about 6 months ago

Fluke Donates Multimeters To SparkFun As Goodwill Gesture

vovin Re:Sparkfun $14.95 DMMs for sale (250 comments)

Generally have good luck there.
Decent place and they honor the on-line prices which often are lower than the in store prices.

about 6 months ago

Austin Has Highest Salaries For Tech Workers, After Factoring In Cost of Living

vovin Re:Silicon Valley is the Place to be (285 comments)

No college grad is getting a 130k in SV. Maybe half that if they know the right people.
Wages in the valley are very low and pulled down by both collusion and a huge influx of cheap labor form outside N. America.
Perhaps you are trying to qualify your statement with 'top notch engineer' and the ratio of top notch engineers in the valley is far worse that most places I have been. Something like 1 to 5000 in the valley where you may find 1 to 500 or even 1 to 100 where the wage to cost of living and quality of life ratios are better.
Most of what is in the valley is the modern day equivalent of factory workers being bused to work and back.

about 6 months ago

Mathematician: Is Our Universe a Simulation?

vovin Re:Future? (745 comments)

Your concept of time is that of the simulation?

Absolutely nothing implies that the simulation time is correlated with now, or that the simulation runs in anything approximating 'real' time.

about 7 months ago

Kansas To Nix Expansion of Google Fiber and Municipal Broadband

vovin Re:But Kansas! (430 comments)

In Hong Kong that will cost you $168 HKD /month on a 6mo contract.
That is just under $22 USD / month.
Also includes phone service (not that useful as everyone has cell phone).

about 8 months ago

Employee Morale Is Suffering At the NSA

vovin Re:Been there. Done that. (841 comments)

Before 1913 the Federal government collected duties on good entering the country and tariffs on certain goods. However the amount of collected is very small and easily avoided by any person choosing to vote against Federal policies by not buying dutiable goods.

The nation had few taxes in its early history. From 1791 to 1802, the United States government was supported by internal taxes on distilled spirits, carriages, refined sugar, tobacco and snuff, property sold at auction, corporate bonds, and slaves. The high cost of the War of 1812 brought about the nation's first sales taxes on gold, silverware, jewelry, and watches. In 1817, however, Congress did away with all internal taxes, relying on tariffs on imported goods to provide sufficient funds for running the government.

Read more: History of the Income Tax in the United States |

Under some circumstances the Federal income was collected from the individual States, such as:

The direct tax of 1798 imposed taxes on “lands, houses and slaves” totaling $2 million over the next two years, apportioned to states in amounts according to representation (as measured in the U.S. census).

States placed taxes on real property some of this money was apportioned to the Federal government based on the population of State, hence the need for the census. Along with the money collected each State was represented by two seats in the US Senate. It is important to note that before 1913 these Senators were chosen by each States elected body not necessarily by general election. While congress has always been directly elected and always the origination of bills of appropriations.

The people are taxed and in return the people ask for stuff. The State which took the money with difficulty attempts to limit spending via the Senate which can only approve or deny an appropriations bill. Hence money collected with difficultly and spent with difficultly designed to naturally limit unnecessary spending.

Before 1913 taxes on Income (or any direct tax) was seen as unconstitutional because the Founders felt it was important for people to have a way to protest a government in the only meaningful way: deprive the government of income.

In addition the Founders were distinctly against a privately held central bank such as the Federal Reserve which was also approved in 1913. This has additionally provided the Federal government an essentially unlimited supply of money with which it can enforce any position without any realistic opposition of the individual States.

Post 1913 we can clearly see what happens in a democracy with the effective restraint on spending removed.

about 9 months ago

Bloomberg To HS Grads: Be a Plumber

vovin Re:Joe the Plumber wasn't a plumber (368 comments)

In most parts of the USA you have to be a master plumber (~5 yrs on the job and pass your exams) to be a licensed plumber.

about a year ago

Unlocking New Mobile Phones Becomes Illegal In the US Tomorrow

vovin Re:Establishes that you do not own your hardware. (475 comments)

StraightTalk is another great option. You can use the ATT or T-Mobile infrastructure (you choose when you order your sim). $45/mo unlimited (there is a 2Gb limit on your unlimited data).

You can get the T-Mobile from WalMart and use their 5GB w/100 voice minutes plan for $30/mo if you really don't use voice calling it's an even better deal.

(AFAIK StraightTalk is walmart brand of trac phone that contracts usage on ATT and T-Moblie networks).

My advice for *most* people is to buy the Google Nexus 4 outright and get a StraightTalk plan.
My advice for *data centric/only* people is to buy the Google Nexus 4 outright and get a WalMart/T-Mobile plan.

about a year and a half ago

I double check my spam filters ...

vovin Spam? (144 comments)

Please tell us of the mysterious thing you call 'spam'.
Where can one get this 'spam'?
Is there a place for FREE 'spam'?

about 2 years ago

Fully Open A13-OLinuXino Single-Board Linux Computer

vovin Re:Anything with Mali-400 is a problem (111 comments)

It seems that Mali is trying to open up:

... provides the low-level access to the Mali-200 or Mali-400 GPU. An important, secondary component is the Unified Memory Provider (UMP) which can be used in a variety of ways to facilitate zero-copy operations within the driver stack. An additional component, the Mali Direct Rendering Manager (DRM), is provided to integrate the Mali DDKs into the X11 environment and for enabling the Direct Rendering Interface (DRI2).

Disclaimer: I don't have a Mali to play with so I can't say how well the driver works.

about 2 years ago

Samsung Hits Apple With 20% Price Increase

vovin Re:so the court costs.... (447 comments)

Perhaps just a coupon ... 10% off your next purchase of 200M Ax processors?

about 2 years ago

AT&T To Pay $700,000 For Overcharging Consumers

vovin Re:slightly OT but related: AT&T is an abusive (74 comments)

IF it's already on your credit report. You can NOT remove the mark by paying now.

If you pay now you are admitting guilt and enriching the collection company that bought the junk paper. AT&T already got paid by the collection agency when they sold the junk paper (your debt, aka the bill).

Your best recourse is to contact the credit agencies and have the disputed bill noted (for any agency that has it on their credit report).

For future reference, the only way to keep such crap off your report is to pay *before* it goes to collections and then demand the money be reimbursed. You may have to file a suit in small claims court.

about 2 years ago


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