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Open Source Telephony

voxman Re:Bayonne (17 comments)

CTserver is now actually ahead of bayonne in support for the OpenSwitch cards because it's just better tested. I imagine that bayonne will catch up soon, as we'll release a lot more code and docs in the next few days.

All these projects are functional and each have their niche, but asterisk is obviously way more mature as a pbx than either bayonne or CT server.

Telecom application developers want nothing more than good docs. I've been through enough pain with bayonne to feel any other way. If those aren't there, fuck the support revenue. Seriously. If the topic or the app is complex, that's one thing. I'll support that as necessary. But operating with incorrect/missing docs is no business model at all. It's pretty obvious that asterisk wants to improve their docs as badly as the bayonne project does; I bet they feel the same way.

The bayonne docs are improving, BTW. Check out David's latest scripting guide. It's actually complete. When I've verified with my own eyes that it's a little better tested, I might even consider taking on another bayonne project.

I have far, far more trouble with TDM service providers of my existing customers misconfiguring or screwing up service or lying to my face than I do with bayonne. I thought CTI hardware and software was out of control, until I tried dealing with MCI.

more than 11 years ago


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