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Verizon Now Throttling Top 'Unlimited' Subscribers On 4G LTE

vux984 Re:I'm affected by this, and... (220 comments)

I use about 70 to 150 GB per month.

ok... Verizon's taking a real risk with this, Oh, and they'll lose my $700 cash infusion that I supply them approximately yearly, oh, and my $200/month (family-wide) cellular bill... Oh, plus the fact that I've successfully convinced tens of people in the past,

  Hope they can live without that, too.

You bet they can. say 3000/year? For 70-150GB per month? I pay $1500/year at least, and use maybe 15-20GB per YEAR.

So yeah, you make them twice as much $, but use 10x as much bandwidtih. That makes people like ME 5x more profitable than you are.

They'd be happy to lose you, and anyone like you.

If you don't, look to lose about $10,000 per month in revenue by the time I get done canceling my service and talking to my connections about Verizon and they start pulling the plug.

In reality, your connections are mostly in contract, and cant switch anyway. Plus despite your outrage, they are satisfied with their service.

I'm a very convincing and influential person.

And the guy in the mirror agrees with you, so you must be right.

I wonder how many other people like me out there are souring to your business by your anti-consumer practices.

Less than a fraction of a percent of its least profitable paying customers. Your better than people who don't pay their bill, that's about it it.

2 days ago

Nightfall: Can Kalgash Exist?

vux984 Re:fundementally impossible (82 comments)

that the planet's orbit be stable over thousands of years

Very low thousands is plenty if the timing is right. If anything say a few thousand years pre-Copernicus contained astronomical accounts that deviated wildly from what we "know" today, we'd put it in the same category as the artwork and accounts of the flat earth resting on the back of a giant turtle.

If you read this paper, you see they settled on a moon the same mass as Kalgash but with the density of Saturn! How could such a system possibly arise?

Gas Dwarfs?

As for the how, with 6 suns dancing around, you've got plenty of candidates to provide the required components, and lots of opportunity for freak events, collisions, etc.

Honestly, I think, after you add in 'freak occurrences' we'll eventually find some pretty spectacularly improbable planets.

2 days ago

Compromise Struck On Cellphone Unlocking Bill

vux984 Re:Even better, reflect true cost of cell phones (74 comments)

No one is paying $200 for a phone they can get for free with a contract

Not true. The 2ndary market for last years premium phones (iphone 4S, galaxy 3, galaxy 4 ...) and they do go for ~$150-250.

There are a few niches where used premium phones really shine:

kids phones -- kids want imessage/sms, games, youtube, and parents don't want to spend $50-80/mo for phone contracts for their kids, so they'll 'get' an older premium phone and stick a pay as you go text messenging plan on it.

This is a popular setup parents go for around here, and its usually put on 'hand-me-down phones' or phones picked up 2nd hand.

For example, I put my daughter on 100$/year unlimited SMS plan, on my old iphone 3GS, and then after she had it a year it gave out, and wasn't worth fixing - so I bought her a used iphone 4S for $180. I think this is a pretty common situation, as everything from small computer shops to ebgames deals in used premium phones and there's always 10+ iphone 4, 4S, samsung SIII and S4 phones in stock at any of these places.

2 days ago

Compromise Struck On Cellphone Unlocking Bill

vux984 Re:Even better, reflect true cost of cell phones (74 comments)

If Verizon was really going to give her a new iPhone for nothing (but a contract extension), she should have still paid Apple the $100 to fix the screen on the old one, and then sold it immediately.

Meh... depends on what phone she had and has now. She probably has a 4S. $100 to repair it and then maybe sell it for $200... $100 net profit whooo... still worth it assuming you value your time less than whatever grief is involved dealing with putzes on craigslist. :)

2 days ago

Man Booted From Southwest Flight and Threatened With Arrest After Critical Tweet

vux984 Re:Is there an SWA Twitter police? (861 comments)

The guy had already shown his willingness to publicize his dissatisfaction by tweeting about a minor inconvenience,

You know who reads the average persons tweets? Their moms.

300+ tweets, to 400 followers (and I wonder how many of those followers are post-him-being-on-the-news). Seriously this guy is a nobody.

The tweet itself? That was just the catalyst, if the employee hadn't escalated it by pulling him off the plane, nobody would have given two shits about random nobody from minnensota posting his brain diarrhea on twitter where next to nobody cares. He may as well have threatened to tell his sewing circle.

3 days ago

UK Cabinet Office Adopts ODF As Exclusive Standard For Sharable Documents

vux984 Re:About time something is happening (164 comments)

See, the thing is, you're reading that I actually need .docx, which I haven't actually said anywhere

No I caught that, but decided to making the point that docx (actually the harder HR requirement to meet) is still a very low practical barrier.

But mate, cheers for the MS Office sales pitch.

By providing 3 ways to avoid buying it altogether? and one final way that costs less than a premium coffee?? Yeah... Microsoft is paying me well to shill for them, LAMO. :p

4 days ago

UK Cabinet Office Adopts ODF As Exclusive Standard For Sharable Documents

vux984 Re:About time something is happening (164 comments)

and being financially challenged I'm doing the work from LIbre Office.

Ok, so your "financially challenged". I can accept that.

And lets suppose you need your resume in DOCX format as part of the application process. What do you do?

We're trying to do it on the cheap so...

a) Do you really not have a single friend, family member, or neighbor who has office who would be willing to allow you to load your ODF resume, clean it up, and save it as docx? Really? Not a single one?

b) Employment offices - around here there are all manner of taxpayer funded, and volunteer organizations to help people get jobs -- they provide resume assistance, job boards, etc... surely someone there can take your file and help you get a clean DOCX version.

c) Grace period. ok, you have no friends and there are no support mechanisms out there for you to lean on. There are plenty of versions that will run for 30 days grace period before they insist on activating. Several don't even require a key to be input during install. Download a VLA ISO via a torrent site and install it, get your DOCX and remove it. Don't even need cracks.

d) ok, you have no friends, no employment support groups, and you feel even taking advantage of the free grace period is too close to piracy for your strong sense of ethics. $7 bucks a month gets you office 365 personal edition. That's pretty cheap for a legal and DIY option. Skip a meal and haul a bag of aluminum cans to the recycler and you've got MS Office for few weeks, more than enough time to get a resume in order.

Not to be disrespectful to your or your current position, but I'm skeptical you really can't get a reasonable docx version of your resume that easily.

So you don't have $120 to drop on Office Home and Student right now, despite it being an "investment" in getting a job... but really ... you don't know anybody who has a copy who will help you out? Nevermind the other options I listed.

As for PDF... sheesh that's even easier. Assuming your word processor doesn't have the capability built in, or your operating system via the pritner subsystem. (OSX can save to PDF natively, as can Linux if you set it up. And there are several free PDF printer drivers for windows as well.)

But even if all that is too complicated or esoteric there are plenty of online document convertor websites that will take your document and give you a download link to a pdf version. Just google "word to pdf"... even a newbie can manage that or will at the very least know someone who can help them with that.

4 days ago

Firefox 33 Integrates Cisco's OpenH264

vux984 Re:Trusting a binary from Cisco (194 comments)

No. In fact it's absurdly difficult to reliably create reproducible builds.

Yes and no. Yes, absolutely, its absurdly difficult to create identical binaries, for the reasons you mentioned.

But you can pretty reasonably get close enough to make manual inspection of the differences easy enough. And as you said the differences are usually filepaths, hostnames, timestamps etc so one can identify the difference as benign pretty easily.

That's not good enough for general build reproducibility, but for one off code to binary verifications of key pieces its reasonable.

4 days ago

Google Offers a Million Bucks For a Better Inverter

vux984 Re:Time to get rid of inverters (isn't it?) (260 comments)

AC isn't about transmission easy, it is all about transformers and mechanical systems.

I guess it would be more correct to say that AC is easier to transmit *because* of the relative simplicity of transformers at the end points.

5 days ago

Google Offers a Million Bucks For a Better Inverter

vux984 Re:Time to get rid of inverters (isn't it?) (260 comments)

I know nothing about electricity

So you figured you'd post your suggestion on /. instead of attempting even the most cursory self-directed research. Gotcha. Laziness for the win.

Is it just that we're so used to designing electronics etc. to use AC, or are there other benefits?

Its easier to transmit long distances, at high voltages.
Its trivial to step up and down to different voltage levels via transformers. The equivalent in DC is not simple.

Mechanical AC generators are simpler and cheaper to build and maintain. And nearly all electicity is generated from mechanical sources (turbines).

Hydro and tidal are water driven turbines. Coal, wood, biomass (methane), natural gas, nuclear, even geothermal electricity are all "steam driving turbine" eleciticity generators, wind is an air driven turbine.

That leaves solar, which IS DC. Worldwide, like 0.2% of electricy is from solar.

Batteries too, are DC, but are charged nearly exclusively from AC sources.

then why not put effort into designing AC sources of electricity?

I guess so. I mean, only 99.8% of electricity comes from AC sources. Just imagine what they could do if they put some effort into designing some AC sources, right? :p

5 days ago

Netflix Reduces Physical-Disc Processing, Keeps Prices the Same

vux984 Re:I hear ya, Nom du Keyboard (350 comments)

I would like to know what people watch who love the streaming from Netflix because there sure are plenty of them.

TV shows mostly. There's several. And all it takes is a couple series your interested in to burn off weeks. We've been watching Dr. Who episodes, about 4 or 5 a week, for, it feels like over a year now.

The movie selection is ... meh. There's generally always something I'm interested in watching, if I browse the selection.

But if I independently decide I want to watch movie X, odds are very high its not there, regardless of how new or old it is, and I'll need to source it from somewhere else.

Other than 2 TV shows from a few years ago that I missed when they were on, I've found Netflix's streaming offers to be very poor.

Yeah, I don't know, maybe you watch a LOT more TV than I do, or have really narrow interests but I miss more series than I've ever watched, so there's literally tons of stuff I haven't seen, or haven't seen in long enough that I'd watch or re-watch. More than enough to fill several hours a week for as far ahead as I care to imagine.

5 days ago

Why My LG Optimus Cellphone Is Worse Than It's Supposed To Be

vux984 Re:...The hell? (290 comments)

Seems like every Galaxy owner I've talked to has their own list of twenty things their phones does really shittily.

20 things? Wow... I've been entirely happy with my S3. My only complaint was the battery barely made it through the day, no matter how little I used it.

My new S5, solves that problem amply.

And really my only complaint about it, is a complaint about android in general... the UI is a bit schizophrenic (google vs touchwiz vs ??? ) and it shipped with two browsers ("internet" and chrome, two voice control systems, (google and s voice), multiple IM apps... messenger, hangouts, chaton, etc... so its a bit overwhelming.

As a linux enthusiast, schizophrenic ui, and overwhemling app redundancy is par for the course. After all, only on linux is "yet-another-X" a common naming pattern. :)

But i still see it as a flaw in the new user experience of the device.

I guess if i had to have another complaint about it, its that i don't much like or trust google*, and want to do more with the phone without being herded into giving google access to everything, and loading everything onto the cloud, but that's not a flaw of the phone.

* so what am I doing with android if i don't like google you might ask? Well... its simple...I see the walled gardens from Microsoft or Apple and they are even worse.

about a week ago

Critroni Crypto Ransomware Seen Using Tor for Command and Control

vux984 Re: Time to get rid of Tor (122 comments)

Fb and twit were instrumental for on location reports during rebellions ... Saying otherwise suggests that you are ... ignorant.

Instrumental yes. In the same sense that Bic pens were instrumental in me graduating university. However, if there were no bic pens I'd have found something else to use.

Likewise, twitter was instrumental, in the sense that it got used, but if there had been no twitter, they could have just as easily organized from something else.

about a week ago

Critroni Crypto Ransomware Seen Using Tor for Command and Control

vux984 Re:Time to get rid of Tor (122 comments)

It has also been an enabler for millions of people in Iran, Syria and Turkmenistan to frequent social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

And get uncensored news from buzzfeed

Don't get me wrong, Tor is a great enabler for countering censorship, etc... but advocating that these people need access to facebook and twitter? Honestly. Nobody needs that.

about a week ago

CCP Games Explains Why Virtual Reality First Person Shooters Still Don't Work

vux984 Re:Not if you use the Virtuix Omni (154 comments)

The Virtuix Omni is basically an omnidirectional treadmill.

You use it in a VR environment and to move forward, you walk forward on the treadmilll.

This should solve the simulator sickeness issue.

Sure until you reach some stairs, or a ladder, or need to jump down from a ledge. Or crouch. Or do anything interesting with a portal gun.

And where do I put the keyboard and mouse? Or do I have to line up my shots with a toy rifle instead?

Thus being wasted by people playing in a chair with a keyboard and mouse, because I'm tired from running, and have gorilla arm from pointing. Hell, even the xbox controller crowd will finally have advantage over someone.

Not saying i don't think it would be cool I was actually on a VR setup with a treadmill like this years ago at a tech exhibition (Duke Nukem 3D was the game they used) and it was neat. But it was really neat as a 5 minute tech demo... and that's about it.

about two weeks ago

Comcast Customer Service Rep Just Won't Take No For an Answer

vux984 Re:Same business model, different business (401 comments)

"I got assigned an IP ending in .666. I refuse to support any company with such obvious anti-christian leanings."


about two weeks ago

Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours

vux984 Re: Maybe, maybe not. (749 comments)

In this case no matter who in the company orders to give him the credentials, the administrator in Swizerland cannot give them or he would be breaking the Swiss law.

Right. And the guy running a local web forum devoted to lolcats can't go on vacation either, since it contains some user information and credentials to access it can't leave the country...

"Sorry kids, you know that lolcats forum? Yeah, I can't come to the family gathering in france. Government says I can't go, I know too much."

about two weeks ago

NSA Says Snowden Emails Exempt From Public Disclosure

vux984 Re:Snowden's copies? (231 comments)

Snowden said he wrote emails that he can't produce despite taking almost two million documents. You can't explain that away since you are directly challenging him.

Ok, I'll stipulate that he claims he wrote them.

All this while intending to make the claim that he was a "whistle blower" on the US? And he forget the whistle he claims to have blown, repeatedly, while there? That doesn't wash.

I honestly and sincerely don't even see it as related. He may not even anticipated that someone would challenge. He was seeking to establish beyond credible doubt that the NSA was doing XYZ. That is "the story" he was looking to tell. That someone would try to argue that a big part of the story would be "hey, can you prove you tried to tell someone inside, first" possibly didn't even enter into his mind.

In the big picture, it doesn't even matter. What matters is what the NSA was doing, not how vigorously Snowden tried to change it from within first.

Regardless of how important this particular detail is to you, its at best a tangential detail to the main story.

Its just a small minded distraction to try and divert attention from the main story. Like obsessing over Julian Assange's significant personal flaws instead of focusing on the actual wiki leaks leaks.

Maybe because they don't exist?

That doesn't fly within this thread of the sub-argument.

You'd stipulated they DID exist and contained the NSA's response that they were legal. You can't now argue that maybe they didn't exist, at least not within this sub-thread.

Or they discuss classified programs that are still classified?

They could redact them. Even if they were just "walls of black ink", they would establish that they existed.

I expect that the NSA has done that in the proper forums for discussing classified matters: in meetings with the administration, in closed sessions of Congress, and before the courts in closed hearings.

You are contorting like an acrobat. You are arguing that "if they exist, the NSA is rightfully keeping them secret, therefore we should assume Snowden is lying about their existence, and that they don't exist". That's not even coherent.

Seems to me then, its perfectly reasonable to accept Snowden's claim they exist.

Which "general consensus" is that?

Lets see:
the 5 member Privacy and Civil liberties Oversight Board created by Congress ruled them illegal.

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled them illegal.

United States District Court for the District of Columbia ruled them illegal.

And even the NSA itself, has ADMITTED substantial wrongdoing.

"The one on Slashdot?"

Yeah, sure, the one on slashdot too. ::eyeroll::

about two weeks ago



Evidence for another Sony Rootkit

vux984 vux984 writes  |  about 2 years ago

vux984 (928602) writes "There's some preliminary evidence that SOE is heading face first into what may be another rootkit scandal. A poster named Bug started this thread here: (I expect it to disappear if the story gains traction.)
and posted his findings to a torrent:

My read is frankly that "Bug" is overreacting to a lot of the details, and assigning a lot of malicious intent where I'm highly skeptical any exists.

Nonetheless: They do in fact install a browser add-on without any sort of proper disclosure in all major browsers. They do in fact silently add zones to your Internet 'trusted zones' lists. And they are in fact uploading scads of crash data (multiple GB) without user permission or review and its evident that the crash data can contain information the user would not wish to transmit to Sony.

Additionally, the combined effect of the add-on and white listed zones potentially exposes users to remote execution attacks; similiar to the way Sony's XCP could be exploited by 3rd parties. Again there is some circumstantial evidence at least that it is already being exploited in the wild.

There was an uproar here when Microsoft quietly added its .NET Framework Assistant add-on to Firefox , this seems to go way beyond that, and its the first time I think I've seen zones silently added to the trusted zone. I think Sony's crossed a line... again.

In any case, anyone here who plays any SOE titles should at least be aware what Sony is doing and decide for themselves what they think of it."

Link to Original Source


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