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Look-Alike Tubes Lead To Hospital Deaths

vyrus128 Re:Thinking out of the box (520 comments)

Yeah, I guess I should be clear. I absolutely believe that most failures in healthcare are systems issues. I would never want a nurse to be prosecuted for making a mistake. I just read this story as "a nurse deliberately bypassed a safety feature, resulting in the death of a patient." You're absolutely right that even then, it could be a training issue, or a workload issue, or a combination of factors. I shouldn't be too quick to judge.

more than 3 years ago

Look-Alike Tubes Lead To Hospital Deaths

vyrus128 Re:Thinking out of the box (520 comments)

In many cases it comes down to the resourcefulness of the nurse. I have heard of at least one case of a nurse who gave an enteral feeding intravenously. The connections were incompatible. Her solution was to attach the two ends together and keep them in place with surgical tape.

I hope she was fired and prosecuted, but somehow I suspect otherwise.

more than 3 years ago

Can We Legislate Past the H.264 Debate?

vyrus128 Re:You got the government industry bought (310 comments)

So you oppose patents, then? Or do you like mommy-granted monopolies, and just start crying when the other children try to get your monopoly taken away? :-P

more than 4 years ago

IETF Drops RFC For Cosmetic Carbon Copy

vyrus128 Re:not the real April Fool's RFC (63 comments)

Blame CmdrTaco for that -- the document and the summary both state it's not the real IETF. (It was submitted to the RFC editor for consideration as the April Fools' RFC, but rejected.)

more than 4 years ago

Are You Using SPF Records?

vyrus128 I am, but maybe not much longer... (263 comments)

I currently use SPF, and am thinking about dropping it. It causes me a massive pain in my ass every time some dumbass with a misconfigured forwarder doesn't understand SPF or SRS, and tries to blame me for the fact that they can't receive email from me. There just aren't enough large sites sending SPF-enabled mail for misconfigured receiving sites to realize they're doin' it wrong.

more than 4 years ago

"Accidental" Download Sending 22-Year-Old Man To Prison

vyrus128 Re:Where do they keep finding 12 morons? (1127 comments)

You should write up your story in more detail (e.g. how you kept your cool and managed to analogize three more jurors into agreeing with you, without getting kicked off the jury) and post it somewhere. FIJA would certainly publish it for you, and it would be a valuable resource.

more than 4 years ago

When Libertarians Attack Free Software

vyrus128 Re:Where have you been? (944 comments)

What this guy doesn't get is that most so-called 'libertarians' don't really like freedom -- they just hate anything that looks like cooperation or collectivism. It doesn't matter whether it's voluntary. So while I applaud his principled stance, he's going to have trouble getting anybody to listen.

more than 4 years ago

Underground App Store Courts the Jailbroken

vyrus128 Re:The Obvious Truth (295 comments)

You are making a classic mistake: attributing to malice what is explainable by stupidity.

about 5 years ago

Kazaa To Return As a Legal Subscription Service

vyrus128 Re:Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death (133 comments)

There's a reason why the Pirate Bay is successful and it is rarely mentioned.

ITYM *was* successful. :-\

more than 5 years ago

Testing 3G Networks Across the US

vyrus128 Re:The test seems to be bogus (108 comments)

Unless any of this is documented anywhere that _I_ the consumer can read it, it's all useless bullshit distinctions to me. I just want to know whether my data will work. All your factors are irrelevant to me unless it's documented somewhere what they are, so I can control for them. Otherwise the article's approach of testing randomly is a better and more realistic approximation of the conditions I will actually _get_.

Disclaimer: I have T-Mobile, so all the information in the article is useless to me anyway. :-P

more than 5 years ago

How Do You Sync & Manage Your Home Directories?

vyrus128 Re:Unison; and maybe git in the future. (421 comments)

Hmm, according to the docs that's automatically set on OSX. And anyway, I'm not sure what Unison could usefully do besides fail out -- if I have 'A' and 'a' on the Linux end, and they're different files, what should it deposit on the Mac end? Ignoring case does't help make that decision. If it just picked one at random, that'd be worse.

more than 5 years ago

How Do You Sync & Manage Your Home Directories?

vyrus128 Unison; and maybe git in the future. (421 comments)

Currently? Just unison -quiet, running from cron. (I have it wrapped in a script that does locking, since Unison doesn't seem to lock against itself reliably, for reasons I don't understand.) I've had two problems worth watching out for:
1) Try to avoid running it against NFS. It walks the entire synced area every time you sync. Local disk will be two orders of magnitude faster.
2) Be careful syncing between case-sensitive and case-insensitive filesystems. Unison will start failing out if you ever create two files differing only in case.

Beyond that, I'm looking to start using git to version both my code and my textual data. I'm not intending to use git itself to sync the repositories; I'm going to use it for versioning only, and keep syncing using Unison. The reason is because I'm the only user, and for my own convenience I'd like the working copy to be synced. All I really need out of git is versioning anyway; I already have a workable solution for syncing.

more than 5 years ago

Stimulus Avoids Serious Solutions For Health IT

vyrus128 Re:Thomas Jefferson disagrees with you (184 comments)

If you own something then you can sell it.

This right here, ladies and gentlemen. This is the cancer that's killing /b/^H^H^H America.

more than 5 years ago

Bunnie Huang on China's "Shanzai" Mash-Up Design Shops

vyrus128 Translation... (181 comments)

Once a term used to suggest something cheap or inferior, shanzhai now suggests to many a certain Chinese cleverness and ingenuity. Shanzhai culture "is from the grass roots and for the grass roots," says Han Haoyue, a media critic in Beijing, who sees it as a means of self-expression.

Sounds to me like "hack" or "hacker".

more than 5 years ago

NASA Contest To Name ISS Module

vyrus128 Re:Normally, I wouldn't bother but... (197 comments)

I almost feel like whoever at NASA picked the poll options must have been a Firefly fan. Of the four choices, "Serenity" is really the only one that goes well with the existing two names, even to a normal person who's never heard of Firefly.

more than 5 years ago

How Many Open Source Licenses Do You Need?

vyrus128 Re:Hi again (276 comments)

Don't waste a response on this, but maybe you should look into asking Slashdot to give you a no-flood-control bit. If they don't have one they really should. Anybody who's famous enough to be responding to comments on an article can probably be trusted not to spam the site; and it would be nice if those people could do so without having to worry about getting blocked. (I'm thinking also of NewYorkCountryLawyer here, who probably runs into the same problem.)

more than 5 years ago



Android source gone for good?

vyrus128 vyrus128 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

vyrus128 writes "Many people were upset at the revelation, reported here in May, that the Honeycomb version of Android would not be open sourced. But Google promised that the next version, Ice Cream Sandwich, would have full source available. Now that ICS is out, though, the source is nowhere in sight. In the thread, Android's Jean-Baptiste Queru offers the following, as to the question of whether source will ever be made available: "At the moment I don't have anything to say on that subject.""

Interactive Fiction Writing Month

vyrus128 vyrus128 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

vyrus128 writes "Everybody, geek or not, has a game they've always wanted to write; starting this Sunday you'll get your chance. Interactive Fiction Writing Month is exactly what it sounds like: a month-long shared journey in learning to write IF, much in the spirit of NaNoWriMo. It will run from February 15 to March 15 this year, and no experience is required: the first week will be spent learning to code in Inform, an interactive-fiction language designed to be easy for programmers and nonprogrammers alike. If you want to stay up to date on the festivities, you can also follow the IF Month blog."
Link to Original Source


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