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Yahoo Edges out Google in Customer Satisfaction

w0lver Maybe for Consumers.... (212 comments)

Try being a business customer and paying for directory inclusion, then want to cancel. Canceling via the site, removing for CC data from your profile, and sending a cancellation letter, still gets you an automatic renewal. So try to send an email that's on your Terms of Service, bounces... Try calling their various phone trees, no option for directory services. Try just hitting zero on the three phone numbers you can find, get transfered a half a dozen time sometimes to the same person. Get your credit card company to try can call with you? They get the same run around trying to talk to anyone from billing. Google it sometimes and see the dozens of stories similar to mine. So to summarize:
1) violate your own terms of service
2) provide no way to communicate
3) force credit card companies to chargeback
Priceless Customer Service

more than 7 years ago



TripLingo A travel app that doesn't make you sound

w0lver w0lver writes  |  more than 3 years ago

w0lver writes "Very funny video example of the app. Spanish is on sale for the week and two more languages are launching at the end of the week. The slang slide is unique and a fun way to find out about alternative way to say a phrase so you don't sound like a high school teacher."
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