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How interested are you in Virtual Reality tech?

w1mp Re:VR again? (202 comments)

I still use my Foreman grill! Hot panninis were great this last winter!

about 10 months ago

Linux Mint: the New Ubuntu?

w1mp Re:Why Linux Isn't Winning (685 comments)

I've had to dig through the registry to adjust settings to get things to work 'properly' in recent version of windows (visual studio - network BIOS command limit has been reached). I don't see that as a far cry from copying and pasting a few command lines in linux to get something configured or working. Please know that I am not a stranger to a bash shell, I usually have a few screens running irc and stuff...

That said, I use both. I have a win7 and an ubuntu box on my desk. Sure, I dropped Unity about 10 seconds after my first login (Unity is really just terrible, I truly don't understand how anyone ever thought it was a good idea.) Mainly, I use win7 as my main workstation (read: gaming) and my linux box for a web/media server and irc client (i really like byobu) as well as an alternate workstation when windows is rebooting/updating or whatever and I don't want to interrupt or interfere with its current activity - which is not often.

more than 3 years ago

HD Monitor Causes DRM Issues with Netflix

w1mp Re:Owned (540 comments)

A cleverer person could make a VMWare instance to run all their DRM HDTV signals from maybe... I am too lazy not to pirate - I would get very frustrated if I were to encounter a situation like the OP.

about 7 years ago


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