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India's First Stealth Fighter To Fly In 4 Months

w42w42 Re:Dangerous Thinking (611 comments)

... the Arctic Sea (from which to access both Atlantic and Pacific with no "straits" to run through)

We're talking about carriers here, right? How many of those do you think the Russians can run through the Artic, let alone most of the other places you mentioned, in the winter?

Spoken like a real self-obsessed, greed worshipping USian.

You probably consider yourself very enlightened and open minded.

more than 5 years ago

India's First Stealth Fighter To Fly In 4 Months

w42w42 Re:Dangerous Thinking (611 comments)

In addition to what demonlapin said, remember that the Soviets 1st priority (as was ours) was a nuclear deterrent. An effective submarine force that could stay hidden and provide a 2nd-launch capability would provide that. The irony is that the Soviets attempts at building a force that could stay hidden long enough to accomplish this mission wasn't reliably achieved until the 80's, and at that point their efforts had in part bankrupted their country. There was no money left over for carriers.

more than 5 years ago

40 Years Ago, the US Lost a Nuclear Bomb

w42w42 Re:Imperialism Gone Mad (470 comments)

The USSR was basically an armed occupier of Eastern Europe from 1945 until 1989, so yeah, how would anyone get the idea that the Soviet Union had anything but altruistic motives?

Soviet tanks crushing a democratic movement in 1956 Hungary must have been a misunderstanding (this was three years after Stalin).

Look at the conditions the people of the USSR and its client states lived in to support their military expenditures. This wasn't voluntary, it was done forcefully to support a military infrastructure that the West had a right to fear.

more than 6 years ago



w42w42 w42w42 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

w42w42 (538630) writes "This article details a $405-million DOE project to develop a process that can use what is now considered nuclear waste to generate electricity. It is supposed to "...transform nuclear leftovers into fuel for a new breed of reactors. The new reactor/fuel combo, GNEP officials say, could produce up to 100 times as much energy as conventional reactors and could generate 40 percent less waste""


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