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Robots To Go Spelunking In Martian Caves?

wa1hco Living in space means living in caves (80 comments)

Very large caves...cavernous spaces. The radiation from Solar flares, Cosmic Rays, etc. means humans need a lot of shielding and that really only comes from a lot of mass between you and the vacuum. If we live on mars, moon or somewhere else, it will have to mean living underground. Earth has a magnetic field and an atmosphere that traps, deflects and degrades most high energy particles (==radiation) before they get to the ground. Other problems solved by caverns include: The moon and Mars change temperature 100C or more between day and night. Micrometeors that make a nice glow as trails at night on Earth act as a 30,000 kph BB gun on the moon. Living outside is very bad for your health.

I really want to see what a 100 meter wide, kilometer long cavern looks like from inside. The roof is 100 meters or more thick and has survived for billions of years. It should not be too hard to seal and pressurize it. The first images from a camera lowered into such a huge cavern, with the right lighting. will be stunning and will change the way we view living in space.

more than 2 years ago

VM Enables 'Write-Once, Run Anywhere' Linux Apps

wa1hco Re:Native Look and Feel (482 comments)

Many comments to this article miss the point. Think VM as in VMware not VM as in java. The Lina VM emulates an x86 processor, the VM runs X and displays bit maps in its application window. The emulation of look and feel comes out basically perfect because the VM deals with hardware, not OS calls. Large disk drives make this possible by enabling Lina to provide an extra copy of the operating system, libraries, X, etc for each application. Maybe surprising, but this doesn't have too much overhead. If you want to try out this technology right now, down load vmplayer (http://vmware.com/) and install one of the appliances.

more than 7 years ago


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