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Winter weather this year has been ...

wakaramon Northern hemisphere-centric poll (439 comments)

We on the other HALF of the Earth haven't had winter this year yet... you insensitive clod!

about 4 years ago

US Supreme Court Expected Political Ad Transparency

wakaramon Transparancy (617 comments)

Misspelled title.

more than 4 years ago

Federal Judge Says E-mail Not Protected By 4th Amendment

wakaramon Just like regular mail (451 comments)

"When a person uses the postal service, the user's actions are no longer in his or her physical home; in fact he or she is not truly acting in private space at all. The user is generally accessing the postal service with a zip code and mailbox owned by the United States Postal Service. All materials in transit, whether they are letters or packages, are physically temporarely stored on facilities owned by the USPS. When we send a letter or a postcard from the comfort of our own homes to a friend across town the message travels from our home to facilities owned by a third party, the USPS, before being delivered to the intended recipient. Thus, "private" information is actually being held by third-parties."

more than 5 years ago

How Do You Sync & Manage Your Home Directories?

wakaramon Re:Different tools for different purposes (421 comments)

It seems what he needs is "Fast System VerSioning" (FSVS) http://fsvs.tigris.org/

It is a complete backup/restore/versioning tool for all files in a directory tree or whole filesystems, with a subversion repository as the backend. You may think of it as some kind of tar or rsync with versioned storage.

In which ways is FSVS better than subversion?
* FSVS keeps the modification timestamp, the owner, group and access mode of your files in the repository, and restores them on update/export.
* svn is restricted to files, directories, and symlinks; FSVS does device nodes too.
* The svn client needs the .svn-directories, with the full-text of your text-base in them; that means 4 times the inodes, and more than 2 times the space needed in your filesystem.

more than 5 years ago

Some Mexican Classrooms Adopt Hi-Tech Teaching

wakaramon Re:Catching up to the other countries (150 comments)

Estimado Tatisimo: nos harías un favor a todos si usas "US American" para decir estadounidense. Los mexicanos somos americanos también ;-) .

more than 7 years ago



RAM for Free

wakaramon wakaramon writes  |  more than 6 years ago

wakaramon writes ""Novel data compression doubles the memory in embedded systems while hardly slowing them down. Although the price of RAM has plummeted fast, the need for memory has expanded faster still. But if you could use data-compression software to control the way embedded systems store information in RAM, and do it in a way that didn't sap performance appreciably, the payoff would be enormous.""
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