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First-Sale Doctrine Lost Overseas

walkoff Re:First sale doctrine (775 comments)

they used to use a variation of that in england to get around sunday trading laws. buy this bag of oranges for 300 quid and we'll give you a free couch

more than 3 years ago

Adding Some Spice To *nix Shell Scripts

walkoff Re:Stop using the Shell (411 comments)

Not much to say other than I have to disagree about Lua. Its so incredibly lightweight I've found it to work absolutely fine on an embedded (ARM based, 64MB RAM) system (ok, that is a fair bit of RAM I guess).

I have less than half that amount of ram. and i've used Lua alot but the additions I need for it make it quite a bit heavier

Oh and I've rebuilt busybox (and recreated of the rest of the root filesystem), but the initial system that came from the vendor comes with a seperate bash binary. I've kept it on the flash but I've found I haven't actually needed to use it for any shell scripts yet. Busybox's Bourne shell has been enough. I love busybox. Lots.

you mean Busybox's ash shell, that's part of the problem. ash is not bash for alot of things, it's good enough most of the time but there are some really horrible deficencies and differences that make it harder to do stanard things in (unless I really don't understand it -- pretty easy to do -- try googling for ash shell commands -- 99.9999999999...% are bash pages :) for example: (normal disclaimers apply because it's ugly horrible nasty hacky code and i can't remmeber the /. tag to insert code snippets)

for (( ; ; )) do LASTKEY=`cat /proc/interrupts | grep pxa27x-keyboard | gawk -F ' ' '{print $2}'` sleep 5 NEXTKEY=`cat /proc/interrupts | grep pxa27x-keyboard | gawk -F ' ' '{print $2}'` if [ $NEXTKEY -eq $LASTKEY ]; then lcdoff read -n 1 var lcdon fi done

while is ok in bash and a reasonably standard thing to do just doesn't work in ash (at least not that I can get working)

more than 4 years ago

Adding Some Spice To *nix Shell Scripts

walkoff Re:Stop using the Shell (411 comments)

I love scripting langauges, Ruby, lua, euphoria... but they just don't work well in an embedded environment where ram is scarce and swap is still a twinkle in an sdcards eye (not a good idea to put swap on flash anyway). i took a quick look at things like pyvm and toybox but in the end i've ended up using bash (well ash) and dialog, missing a few things i'd really like in dialog but i can work around those with some judicious C uClibc based environments are a right PITA too, yes in theory uClibc, glibc, eglibc are supposed to be source compatable but in the last 6 weeks i have spent 5 of them trying to solve incompatablity problems so if you you want to do a busybox mark 2 with some decent scripting lang rather (or as well as) ash more power to you and can you have it done by next week please? :)

more than 4 years ago

Adding Some Spice To *nix Shell Scripts

walkoff Re:Stop using the Shell (411 comments)

There are times when bash/ash/dash... are all that is available or can be made available. Ruby and Python and the myriad other scripting languages are all very good but in memory, cpu and diskspace starved devices shell is the way to go. even the mini-versions of perl and Ruby etc. are a PITA to get working in embedded devices especially if you are using uClibc.

more than 4 years ago

Digital Economy Bill Passed In the UK

walkoff A dark day (384 comments)

A very dark day indeed, I am an ex-pat and wasn't going to reregister to vote this election as i've been out of the country for a while but i'm off to get my overseas voter registation form witnessed as soon as i finish writing this comment.

more than 4 years ago

Every British Citizen To Have a Personal Webpage

walkoff What about ex-pats (313 comments)

It seems to be using the wrong list. i'm a British citizen but not currently on any voting lists because i've been living out of country for years, if he really wants to number us all they should be using our national insurance numbers.

more than 3 years ago

Can Curiosity Be Programmed?

walkoff of course it can (269 comments)

When I was a fledgling programmer in the 80s I worked on some financial AI programs for a bank with some very smart people with lots of letters after their names and programming artificial curiosity was assigned to me. After some thought and a lot of dead ends I managed to program a reasonable (for our needs) facsimile of curiosity by assigning weights to the various pathways the program was evaluating and making those weights tend towards 0 (curiosity satisfied) or 1 (Curious) without ever reaching the final values. By having the program modify the weights and make decisions on which paths to follow based on those weights the program acted as if it was curious and came up with several interesting results that were completly unexpected.

more than 4 years ago

Evidence Weakens That China Did the Recent Cyberattacks

walkoff digital DNA is years old (197 comments)

We were using and describing digital DNA in the mid to late 80s although the terminology used was slightly different as we /stole/ the term FIST from ham radio to use for it. it's actually an interesting technique although we weren't that sophisticated as we only looked at command streams and lingustics to identify country of origin and style of attack and group M.O. rather than pin pointing the actual attacker. It was actually used successfully in a few virus and trojan incidents and I stil have at least a partial copy of the NARK database I collated at the time.

more than 4 years ago

US Wants UK Hacker To Pay To Fix Holes He Exposed

walkoff Re:Taking responsibility for ones actions. (403 comments)

Repaying any damage he WOULD have caused: Expected.

So if I walk through an open door with malice in my heart and and start rifling through your desk looking for documents about aliens I can be expected to pay for the fact I could have splattered the place with paint, smashed all your plates, peed in your coffee pot etc. ?

more than 4 years ago

COBOL Celebrates 50 Years

walkoff COBOL made me what I am today (277 comments)

We were taught COBOL at college 25 years ago and i'm still a grumpy old git

more than 4 years ago

Disney Strikes Against Net Neutrality

walkoff Thank goodness I live in NYC (442 comments)

I live in NYC so thankfully I can't get ESPN360 can't get DSL as i'm too far from the CO (and the copper is all degraded anyway), can't get Satellite as too many trees and high buildings and as it's NYC no other cable company is allowed to encroach on Roadrunners territory. please oh please RR don't cave in

more than 5 years ago

Ballmer Threatens To Pull Out of the US

walkoff I'll help him pack. (1142 comments)

do they make folding chairs that'll fit in a suitcase?

more than 5 years ago


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