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Blizzard Suing Creators of StarCraft II Hacks

walnutmon Re:I agree with Blizzard.... (385 comments)

the terminology "cheats" in this case is misleading, they are hacks people keep saying "well, why can't I cheat in single player", because there is no purpose of cheating on single player, other than to accumulate achievement points, which are reflected in a users online rating if you want to play with infinite money, make a map and give yourself infinite money, this is about altering game code in order to produce an unintended application result. the fact that people are getting caught is because the hacks are observable from the Blizzard servers, and it's not because they are monitoring the game runtime, it's because people are completing the game, and getting every achievement in 5 minutes please explain to me why that should be protected?

more than 4 years ago

China Admits Use of Death-Row Organs

walnutmon Re:A Waste? (309 comments)

Wow, that was interesting.

The mod system works!

more than 5 years ago

Finding New and Unintended Ways of Playing Games

walnutmon Re:Interesting Discussion (346 comments)

I used to punch drunk bums in the face for cash

oh! what ever happened to my adolescent innocence?!

more than 5 years ago

Comparing the MMO Industry With the Silver Screen

walnutmon Re:Stay Away. (95 comments)

or perhaps you were TOO YOUNG to understand that PC > N64

more than 5 years ago

UK's FSA Finds No Health Benefits To Organic Food

walnutmon Re:World improves (921 comments)

Organic foods has become a marketing term, the benefits of locally grown organic foods are economic in nature, not health-wise. If they lack pesticides and potentially harmful hormones then that is an added benefit. I think if you compare organic milk to diet pepsi, you will find that there are benefits; or twinkies vs organic corn. However, the molecular structure of peppers, whether they are grown in a farm, or in an indoor "artificial" environment, should not change-at least not to the point that one is healthy and the other is not. However, if you get peppers from kentucky, and you live in maine, there is a lot of added cost (which can be subsidized by the government) that creates added cost that is transparent to the consumer. Also, there are other more dubious problems of having a completely centralized food source. I still would like to know what "organic frosted mini wheats" are, and why are they 2 dollars more than the normal ones...

more than 5 years ago

Review: Wrath of the Lich King

walnutmon Re:Kill All Humans (545 comments)

Or to stop being your socially adapted, "good" opposite?


more than 6 years ago



Breakthrough in storing solar energy

walnutmon walnutmon writes  |  more than 6 years ago

walnutmon (988223) writes "A researcher at MIT has unlocked the power of water using a new catalyst that can unbind hydrogen molecules using a photosynthetic process. From the article...

The catalyst, which is easy and cheap to make, could be used to generate vast amounts of hydrogen using sunlight to power the reactions. The hydrogen can then be burned or run through a fuel cell to generate electricity whenever it's needed, including when the sun isn't shining.

Apparently, the new discovery is a way to get around one of the major issues with solar power; it's inability to store more than a few hours of electricity."
Link to Original Source


walnutmon walnutmon writes  |  more than 7 years ago

walnutmon writes "The New York based Opie and Anthony show has pushed the limits of even satalite radio this morning when a homeless guy, called by the pair "Homeless Charlie", began to rant about high profile women that he would like to... have relations with. He did this while Opie and Anthony pushed him to keep going, afterwords telling Charlie that he is welcome to come by and share his thoughts any time.

The story gained recognition, and became well known after it was linked on the Drudge Report. Check out the audio and judge for yourself.

Should action be taken against the shock jocks? Do you find this kind of talk offensive, or funny, or neither?"

walnutmon walnutmon writes  |  more than 7 years ago

walnutmon (988223) writes "Sony is suffering a backlash from a recent publicity stunt that seems to have been in bad taste.

In a time of increasing public sensitivity to video game violence, Sony has gone to the extreme by publishing pictures from a party featuring topless cocktail waitresses and, get this: a freshly decapitated goat.

From the article:

The corpse of the decapitated animal was the centerpiece of a party to celebrate the launch of the God Of War II game for the company's PlayStation 2 console.

Guests at the event were even invited to reach inside the goat's still-warm carcass to eat offal from its stomach.

Sickening images of the party have appeared in the company's official PlayStation magazine — but after being contacted by The Mail on Sunday, Sony issued an apology for the gruesome stunt and promised to recall the entire print run.

Sony has been no stranger to bad press in recent years, between a rootkit scandal and countless corporate mishaps, this latest debacle just begs the question: When are they going to learn that there is such thing as bad press?"

walnutmon walnutmon writes  |  more than 7 years ago

walnutmon (988223) writes "Paltalk is a online streaming webchat service. It may have hosted the first (a href="http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/cri me/article1563933.ece">live online suicide. After telling fellow chatters in an online "insult room" of his plans to kill himself, the user known as "shyboy" hung himself from the ceiling.

This is starting to spark debate over the responsiblity chatters have when they encourage such acts.

"The death has highlighted concerns that some internet forums encourage people to take their lives. According to one charity which works to prevent suicide, there have been 17 deaths in the UK since 2001 which involved chatrooms or sites which give advice on suicide methods."

17 in seven years... Epidemic."

walnutmon walnutmon writes  |  about 8 years ago

walnutmon (988223) writes "An unfortunate situation occured yesterday, while a 28 year old girl named Jennifer Strange died of water poisoning while trying to win a Nintendo Wii console in a radio show contest.

The contest was called "Hold your pee for a Wii", and asked participants to drink as much water as they could without using the bathroom. Are the radio show hosts who put on this contest responsible at all for this young womans death? If so, to what extent?"

walnutmon walnutmon writes  |  about 8 years ago

walnutmon (988223) writes "In late 2006 the Safe Port Act was passed, this included a piggy-backed law that made moving money to and from online gambling sites illegal. However, some sites including Pokerstars, Bodog, and other online poker rooms continued to operate using intermediary funding sources such as FirePay and Neteller.

Today a very serious blow has bean dealt to online poker players.

After the arrests of two top officials from Neteller.com, they are no longer processing payments from Americans to any gambling sites. This made up a whopping 64% of neteller.com's business. Neteller was a convenient way to get around the sneaky law, and now online poker players will have very little to turn to. From the article:

"This is the first piece of news that will really hurt the likes of Pokerstars and Full Tilt," said analyst Tejinder Randhawa at Evolution Securities.

"If you look at the gambling chat rooms, you'll see NETeller was one of the main payment methods," he added.

According to gambling portal Gambling911.com, Full Tilt Poker depended on NETeller for 75 percent of transactions, and the world's biggest site, Pokerstars, used NETeller for around 60 percent of wagers.
There are many players who play online for the fun of the game; however, there are also many who have played online poker professionally to make a steady income. Sell your poker books, and look to a more American way of making a living. The safety of our ports depends on it."

walnutmon walnutmon writes  |  more than 8 years ago

walnutmon (988223) writes "Gamasutra has a pretty cool article, Quantum Leap Awards: Storytelling, which covers a handfull of the best games at conveying their story to the player, from the perspective of game industry writers.

There is a bunch of great games, some of which I had forgotten, some of which... I had never heard of. "Facade"? Anyone?

Hesitant to submit a "best of" list article knowing the flame wars to ensue, I am going against my better judgement due to the quality of the article.

A few of the titles are Starcraft, Half-life, Grim Fandango and about a dozen others all with a little write-up to jog that old memory of yours or give you a glimpse of a game you may have missed. I have added several games to my "must play" list as a result."

walnutmon walnutmon writes  |  more than 8 years ago

walnutmon writes "Newsweek has published a three page article on whether or not World of Warcraft is more than just a game. Though some spend all WoW time killing monsters and leveling for new content, others take a break from the monotomy of gaming to interact with others from the community in a meaningfull way, even outside of the context of the game. From the article:

Generally, though, players of the game enjoy a form of com-ity rarely seen in the real world; higher-level players go out of their way to tutor newbies and accompany them on quests. Deep friendships are forged. Relationships begin that flower into marriage, with Tauren brides and Undead grooms tying the knot in some virtual tavern in Thunder Bluff.
I guess the question is, does a game become more when people do more than play to win, or is this just an added feature?"

walnutmon walnutmon writes  |  more than 8 years ago

walnutmon writes "After buying out the NFL franchise, driving all competition out, EA announces record sales on another one of their incremental releases. Madden 2007 has sold more than $100 Million in it's first week of sales. In addition to adding what may be the least amount of usable features in it's 17 years of life, there have been several publicized bugs for their still seemingly unfinished next gen release on the xBox360.

Electronic Arts Inc. said Thursday that sales of its latest "Madden" football video game grossed more than $100 million in its first week, the biggest launch in the franchise's 17-year history and the latest sign of an improving outlook for the industry.
While this may be a sign of improving outlook for major players in the game industry, it somehow feels like it could be bad news for those of us who love gaming."

walnutmon walnutmon writes  |  more than 8 years ago

walnutmon (988223) writes "Bucky Phillips, who has been on the run from New York police since April, has now allegedly shot two more police officers.

Phillips is the prime suspect in the attack on troopers Joseph Longobardo, 32, and Donald Baker Jr., 38, who were shot in woods behind the isolated hilltop home of Phillips' ex-girlfriend, Kasey Crowe.
Phillips has evaded the police in close encounters multiple times. At one time he was chased on a motorcycle to a house, where the police waited at the front door for backup, Bucky escaped through the back window. Even Americas Most Wanted is in pursuit. Seems that the police are having a lot of trouble picking up this convict."


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