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Google Chrome OEM Strategy To Take On IE

wan-fu Re:Will it really matter ? (290 comments)

Using numbers that close to each other is pretty meaningless as the number of results returned by Google is an estimate on the number of documents it has in its index.

Those estimates can easily be off by a factor of 10.

more than 5 years ago



Will a computer win your March Madness pool?

wan-fu wan-fu writes  |  more than 4 years ago

wan-fu (746576) writes "More and more often, computers are making predictions. In some cases, computers are better at predicting things than humans are, as in the case of spam. Other times, computers perform far worse such as detecting objects within images. This year, algorithms will be participating in a contest to see just how well computers can predict the winners of this year's NCAA tournament games. Contest submissions are still open until 3/18 at 1am. Has the time come when algorithms will outperform the sports analysts?"
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