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Hunters Shoot Down Drone of Animal Rights Group

wangahrah Re:Legality (1127 comments)

I don't think those laws would apply. They were filming it, not impeding or obstructing. The hunters could have simply ignored the drone and gone about their business.

more than 2 years ago

How the Pirate Bay Will Be Legalized

wangahrah Must appease... (265 comments)

I, for one, welcome our new commercialized pirate overlords.

more than 5 years ago

The Mindset of the Incoming College Freshmen

wangahrah Re:I must be young at heart (383 comments)

It's not that RSVP is out of the lexicon, it's that its out of the mindset. As one entering freshman year of college a mere 7 years ago...kids THESE days almost never respond to invitations to social events, and on the rare occasions they solidify their plans by texting back "lulz i will c u thar", they skip out anyway when a perceived "better" opportunity with a hotter guy comes along. I'm not bitter.

more than 5 years ago

Scientists Turn Used LCDs Into Medicine

wangahrah No need to RTFA. (30 comments)

I'll tell you right now. They turn them with SCIENCE!!!

more than 5 years ago

New Service Converts Torrents Into PNG Images

wangahrah IE6 FTW! (297 comments)

Lack of transparency support for your PNGs won't let those bastards see through the image to your thinly veiled P2P activity! Looks like IE6 just won the browser war.

more than 5 years ago

Suggestions For Learning FPGA Development At Home?

wangahrah a n00b's FPGA advice (185 comments)

As many have stated, both Xilinx are Altera can be good routes. Note that while they Altera tools support Linux, their freebie Web edition does not, and the full kit is more than you'd want to spend. Any Xilinx starter kit should be fine for tooling around. I'm not sure your experience level, so I'll go with the basics...

I'm a young n00b in the FPGA world (two years design experience out of college now), so my experiences are pretty recent. I've got an EE degree, and would say first of all, get a firm grasp of logic design. Do you know what a flip flop actually is? Are you familiar with things like setup and hold time? If not, start out with a lot of reading. Horowitz and Hill's "The Art of Electronics" is a good standard...there's a lot of analog stuff that's "less relevant" to you, but there's a good section on digital design that's a great start.

One of my young programmer colleagues was looking over some of my code, and seemed to think it was pretty easy...the syntax seemed pretty straightforward, he liked the idea of combinatorial logic being so easy to implement, etc. He started tinkering himself, and VERY quickly realized that it was much more complex than he thought when issues of timing were thrown in. A fundamental knowledge of how signals are propagating through the device is key. It's not just PROGRAMMING, you're programming the actual hardware (or making fancy lookup tables, whatever. Get off my back!).

As designs get more complicated, you'll need to learn how to use some tools to analyze timings. Altera has Timequest, not sure what Xilinx uses. In college, I managed to get away with the bare minimum of analysis, but I consider this to be a flaw in my education...to do things right, you should do proper timing analysis.

I have an Altera starter kit I dink around with myself when I'm not at work, and it's definitely worth the time to learn the basics if you're an eternal tinkerer. Finally, the best advice I can give you...don't forget to use VIM as your editor, or you're just setting yourself up for failure.

more than 5 years ago


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