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Google Engineer Decries Complexity of Java, C++

warriorpostman Re:We all know the ideal language has two function (878 comments)

That's sign of a great OO programmer! If your code base is not super-metaphorical, you're clearly not using enough design patterns.

more than 4 years ago

Dell Says 90% of Recorded Business Data Is Never Read

warriorpostman Re:Which 90% ? (224 comments)

Back in the '70s and '80s I worked at many sites where mainframe ops used to clear tonnes of fanfold paper every day. This is why we had separate printer rooms: a bank of 6 or 8 barrel-printers belting out 132 columns of text at 1800 lines/minute created sacksful of dust. Most of that rubbish was never read in any depth - it was physically impossible to do so before it became out of date, so most of that paper went straight to the shredders, which often shared space with the printers that created the stuff in the first place. I used to have fantasies about lining up the shredders directly behind the printers to save everybody the trouble of distributing the printouts.

"They give birth astride a grave, the light gleams an instant, then its night once more." -- "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett

(The connection between office papers and the quote is not mine; I heard it as a paraphrase somewhere.)

"There you go again, blaming on your printers the faults of your business processes".

more than 4 years ago

University of Wyoming Studies Video Games

warriorpostman White Noise (81 comments)

"I understand the music, I understand the movies, I even see how comic books can tell us things. But there are full professors in this place who read nothing but cereal boxes."

Delillo, White Noise

more than 4 years ago

T-Mobile's First HSPA+ Modem Goes On Sale Sunday

warriorpostman Re:Canada (74 comments)

I have a friend who went to Canada to have laser corrective surgery done on her eyes back in the early 90's, because there were no reasonable choices for this procedure available here in the US (well at least within a reasonable distance in Pennsylvania).

I was completely baffled by her story, because I was brainwashed to believe that socialized medicine necessarily lags behind when it comes to new medical technology and procedures.

more than 4 years ago

Mining EXIF Data From Camera Phones

warriorpostman Re:Off-Topic: Good EXIF editing library? (175 comments)

Any machine where you can install the ImageMagick library should have the utilities you need to strip that info.

more than 4 years ago

Brain Surgery Linked To Sensation of Spirituality

warriorpostman Re:Backward... (380 comments)

I would argue that "functionally disabling this portion of the brain" is analogous to mental discipline.

I would also argue that being able to do this, allows humans to engage in actions based on long-term goals. Unless you're capable of making a connection between abstract meaning and a series of short-term unrelated activities, you may not be able to build Cathedrals, henges, Mayan pyramids, great works of art, (and war machines?).

Answering how/why though, is above my paygrade. ;)

more than 4 years ago

Brain Surgery Linked To Sensation of Spirituality

warriorpostman Re:Not a new idea (380 comments)

The temporal lobe is in control of 'meaning', it is the part of your brain that recognizes objects for their significance.

The idea is that they were seeing meaning and importance in everything down to individual blades of grass. One of his patients refused any support since he believed he was a prophet and that it was his link to god. (I since have read that many prophets historically have been epileptics such as Ezekiel and Mohamed).

Great poets and other artists have always seen radical importance (or sometimes radical unimportance) in everything "down to individual blades of grass". William Blake for one:

To see a world in a grain of sand / And a heaven in a wild flower, / Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, / And eternity in an hour.

more than 4 years ago

Windows 7 Under Fire For Patent Infringement

warriorpostman Wordplay? (241 comments)

Does anyone else find it comical that the alleged patent troll's company name is "Implicit"?

more than 5 years ago

Hands-On Look At the BlackBerry Storm 2

warriorpostman Re:LOL (213 comments)

Amen. You just nailed some really important points there.

more than 5 years ago

IBM "Invents" 40-Minute Meetings

warriorpostman Re:Could IBM Engineers be trolling for Slashdotter (161 comments)

I agree, there's something incredibly fishy about the way the patent was written. It seems as if the writer was TRYING to be absurdly funny. I was seriously choking back laughter.

more than 5 years ago

Election Dirty Tricks About To Begin

warriorpostman Re:Plague, not pox (942 comments)

"A plague on both your houses" is the correct line (from Romeo and Juliet)

"Do you bite your thumb at me?"

more than 6 years ago


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