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Sony To Release the Interview Online Today; Apple Won't Play Ball

wassomeyob Re:PSN? (227 comments)

Because they can't deliberately divert eyeballs from their for-pay content.

about 1 month ago

Is a "Wikipedia For News" Feasible?

wassomeyob I'm on board, except.... (167 comments)

As Taleb Nassim says (I'm probably mis-quoting), we spend too much time reading the little bits and pieces of news. (Ref Black Swan). We should be looking at the bigger picture, everything day-to-day is just noise. Oil is up! Oil is down! Still, hard to break the habit.

about 2 months ago



Woman confirmed able to trigger 'out of body' experiences at will

wassomeyob wassomeyob writes  |  about 10 months ago

wassomeyob (3554531) writes "A University of Ottawa Professor of Psychology has been studying a woman able to elicit extra corporeal activities at will. Though he acknowledges that this is an hallucination on her part, study of her brain activity confirms that this is more than wild imaginings. She reportedly came to be adept at the practice at an early age in her efforts to fall asleep."
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Quebec language police target store owner's Facebook page

wassomeyob wassomeyob writes  |  about a year ago

wassomeyob (3554531) writes "In Canada, the province of Quebec has their Official Language Act of 1974 (aka Bill 22) which makes French their sole official language. It has famously been used to force business owners to modify signage to give French pre-eminance over other languages. Now, the Quebec language police seem to be extending their reach to Facebook.

Eva Cooper owns Delilah in the Parc — a shop in Chelsea, Quebec near the Quebec/Ontario border. She received a letter from the language office telling her to translate everything posted on her store's Facebook page into French."

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