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Top Botnets Control Some 1 Million Hijacked Computers

webmaster404 Re:How do I tell...? (250 comments)

Ok, tell me, where do most Linux users get their software? From binaries downloaded from various freeware sites or from repositories with carefully scanned open-source software and some reputable proprietary software. What browser do most Linux users use, is it the one filled with Active X security flaws?

While it is true some Linux boxes are bots, 99% are not and will not be, why? Because the average Windows user does generally insecure things to their machine (Surfs using IE, downloads untrusted binaries, uses Outlook for e-mail, is root, doesn't have a proper firewall...) while the average Linux user/newbie will usually do some rather secure things, (Firefox for browsing, nearly all software is from repositories, uses Thunderbird or similar for e-mail, isn't root) all of which put them at significantly less risk for becoming a bot. Its not impossible but the risks are FAR far less.

more than 6 years ago


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