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Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge With Liquid Nitrogen

webmistressrachel Re:fuck you and the bucket challenge (182 comments)

I would mod you up, but my recent post count isn't good enough, and I'm not being allocated any mod points. This should solve the problem; though not for you, unfortunately! ;-)

about two weeks ago

New Battery Tech From Japan Could Supercharge EVs

webmistressrachel Re:Intense skepticism. Fraud? (81 comments)

PHP and most other server-side preprocessors can process html on the way out, too. Simple setting.

Means script kiddies like you won't look too hard at hacking... after all not much there to hack if you think it's all just straight html...

about 4 months ago

Whatever happened to Netscape?

webmistressrachel Seamonkey... (1 comments)

Which I browse with religiously, my everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-written-by-us-for-us, browser.

about 4 months ago

Sony Warns Demand For Blu-Ray Diminishing Faster Than Expected

webmistressrachel Re:Like downloads *don't* have DRM?! (477 comments)

What gives here - downloadable media most certainly does not have DRM, my torrent client says otherwise! Please go and read about "prohibition" and "designed obsolescence". Thank you.

about 4 months ago

Sony Warns Demand For Blu-Ray Diminishing Faster Than Expected

webmistressrachel Re:Blank Media (477 comments)

If you have a good product, with fixed costs,that is too expensive, that nobody is buying, you are losing money. Sony et al. know this only too well, it's why the DVD industry followed the pattern it did.

If you reduce the price and get SOME customers, and they tell other people "Hey this works, it's good." you'll get MORE sales, with LESS margin - but this is much better than no sales at all!

Also, drives aren't proper backup, unless they're offsite, and these discs pack 50GB each, more than enough for most discrete items on your 3TB drive (what do you need that for anyway, HD porn?)

about 4 months ago

Sony Warns Demand For Blu-Ray Diminishing Faster Than Expected

webmistressrachel Re:Contracting? (477 comments)

Physical media most definitely did not, does not fail. You sound like a shill for the cloud industry.

I'll leave everyone else to regail you with their tales of what media they use, but physical media most definitely is alive and kicking. When blank DVD's were a pound each, and hardly anywhere had them, seeing them in 100 packs in the main 24/7 supermarkets wasn't even a twinkle in my eye...

Roll forward 10 years, I look over at my media shelf... ASDA 100 DVD+R - about a tenner! If blank media were dead, nobody would be making it and nobody would be buying it, and ASDA wouldn't have it! Copyright Shill Begone!

about 4 months ago

Sony Warns Demand For Blu-Ray Diminishing Faster Than Expected

webmistressrachel Re:Contracting? (477 comments)

The problem has always been the price of burners and discs. Blu Ray seemed awesome when I first saw it, but I never could justify the cost, what with these cheap generic +R's and WinRAR to split stuff... oh not to mention cheap almost-disposable drives.

about 4 months ago

Sony Warns Demand For Blu-Ray Diminishing Faster Than Expected

webmistressrachel Blank Media (477 comments)

They should re-tool all of their factories, embrace the inevitable, and minimize (or prevent) losses by marketing it for storage and reducing the price of the discs and drives. The only thing that can save Blu-Ray now is to re-purpose it.

about 4 months ago

Computer Game Reveals 'Space-Time' Neurons In the Eye

webmistressrachel Re:Worst Video Ever (105 comments)

As much as it's a rubbish summary and so forth, the game itself ( is actually quite compelling, at least on a par with those silly bubble saga things - and it gets human "mice" to map neurons for us science types!

Please be more positive, the more we know about such things, the sooner I'll have my network socket... ;-)

about 4 months ago

UK Government Pays Microsoft £5.5M For Extended Support of Windows XP

webmistressrachel Re:Re:well then! (341 comments)

Hi, apk!

about 5 months ago

How Far Will You Go For Highest Speed Internet?

webmistressrachel Re:Time to show what you really are troll (142 comments)

I love you, too, apk, we make quite the pair. I'd be offended by all this if I hadn't anticipated it when I posted my GP troll...

about 5 months ago

DARPA Embraces Nature With Establishment of Biological Technologies Office

webmistressrachel Re:Am I the only one... (40 comments)

When I saw the headline, I thought, "DARPA doesn't embrace nature, it maims and kills it!" So, close...

about 6 months ago

Darth Vader Runs For President of Ukraine

webmistressrachel Re:It won't help if he wins (114 comments)

Why, thank you... I think. You have a script?

about 6 months ago

Neovim: Rebuilding Vim For the 21st Century

webmistressrachel Re:Obligatory xkcd, and rirst post (248 comments)

Hey, it's not that bad, it's strapline does include "sarcasm", after all. This is an ancient debate and deserves a smile or two on this auspicious occasion - modernising vi / vim is a laudable goal.

Think about the comfort and ease of use, if one could use Alt-Gr for the shortcuts in Vim, and ALT-TAB etc. to switch instantly for other GUI apps (SSH, Seamonkey, etc.). A long-awaited blend of the old and the new.

about 6 months ago

Microsoft's Attempt To Convert Users From Windows XP Backfires

webmistressrachel Windows 7 (860 comments)

They should just roll back to Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and start from there. It's bloody good, and all this is a bloody shame. They were just getting good and learning from the UNIX crowd about security and user space. Aero is gorgeous and efficient. And they threw all the best bits I got excited about in the bin - and no I didn't get excited about Vista - 7 runs better on anything that runs Vista.

I've posted before about this calamity that is removing Windows 7 from the shelves for this 8 nonsense.

about 6 months ago


webmistressrachel hasn't submitted any stories.



Moderator Access

webmistressrachel webmistressrachel writes  |  more than 8 years ago Well, I've been allocated my first 5 moderator points.

Quite boring, actually, considering I looked forward to this.

I have 4 mod points left...



webmistressrachel webmistressrachel writes  |  more than 8 years ago Well, here I am in reciept of my first "troll" mod. I think the comment was "insightful". Can anybody who can moderate and reads this please just look at that post, just once, and read the replies (such as "mod parent up - not a troll it's the truth").

It might be short and to the point, but it's also true. We rage against countries who support censorship and spying, including the US, but short snappy comments like this always seem to get modded down.

I suppose I could just accept that short, snappy posts like this get modded down and write long boring ones about US policies, but then they might never get read!

At least all of my positive comments outweigh it and leave my Karma "positive".

P.S. The Anonymous Coward poster was not me rotfl!

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