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Bell Canada To Collect User Data For Advertising

webmosher Re:Can't opt out of data collection? (127 comments)

Perhaps Teksavvy won't themselves, but knowing Bell, it would not surprise me to see them collecting data on their wholesale DSL lines that they lease to Teksavvy.

With all the BS they were pulling with capping the wholesale lines, it would actually be more of a surprise if they weren't... "Oh we had to install the monitoring appliances in our core. We just happen to monitor everyone now."


about a year ago

Apple Seeks To Block 8 Samsung Products After Court Win

webmosher Re:What's really funny... (396 comments)

Breaking the manufacturing contract would probably cost Samsung a lot more than the $1 billion they lost here. Apparently Apple has already started moving away from Samsung's components in newer/upcoming devices. So, the writing was already on the wall for both parties.

more than 2 years ago

Oracle and the End of Programming As We Know It

webmosher Licensing? (577 comments)

Would this also possibly imply that a programmer needs to get a license to code in a specific language or to utilize a specific API? What is stopping Oracle from adding that to the JDK terms of use?

more than 2 years ago

Library.nu and Ifile.it Shut Down

webmosher Re:MegaUpload bust was highly successful (336 comments)

Many libraries do have ebook lending programs. They have a set number of licensed copies they can "lend". You must wait for people to "return" the ebook before you can get a copy. Yes... you have to wait. The main advantage I see is that I never have to pay overdue fees to the library since my book just expires when its "returned".

more than 2 years ago

Flu + La Nina = Pandemic?

webmosher Re:pandemic == marketing hype (105 comments)

There is also the possibility that the flu will kill you. The chances of that happening vs. side effects killing you are probably greater, but that's just a guess.

about 3 years ago

Elderly Georgian Woman Cuts Armenian Internet

webmosher Re:All I see is (282 comments)

Basing this solely on GDP is a bit presumptive. A good deal of income is Newfoundland is subsidized (both corporate and government) in order to give people incentives to come and work in high risk jobs (offshore oil, fishing). Think Alaska... same idea... high pay, high risk. Permanent population sticks around to service these guys, but when the resources bust or dry up, entire towns get deserted.

more than 3 years ago

New PS3 Firmware Contains Backdoor

webmosher Re:IRC (491 comments)

I cannot attest to the current quality of Sony products, as I have refused to even look at their products for 15 years (well before all this rootkit business).

I was bilked by their shoddy products many years ago, and discovered then that Sony has very distinct lines of products: 1) High end... which are probably worth it, but which I will not touch simply because I think other companies provide better products for the same price point and 2) everything else, which is at various price points. While the external style of these various products is quite good, I personally feel the internal electronics are no better than buying bargain electronics brands like Emerson, RCA, etc.

Just my opinion though.

about 4 years ago

Abusing HTTP Status Codes To Expose Private Info

webmosher Re:No, I am not (133 comments)

I suspect this method has a "bug" or its not working as expected in Chrome:
1) I am logged into Google apps, but it says I am not.
2) I do not have a twitter account, but it says I am logged in (and its blocked by Websense).

Something odd is afoot.

about 4 years ago

1928 Time Traveler Caught On Film?

webmosher Re:Verizon's Network Was So Terrible in 1928 (685 comments)

Any future society capable of devising the technology required to time travel into the past is not going to bother with anything as quaint as a cell phone. There are sufficiently capable in-ear devices in use even today that are capable of audio based communication and are much less conspicuous than holding a box to your head. Are we to think that we'll still be slugging around cell phones in our distant future, when sci-fi writers would have us believe that in-eye HUDs will be supplementing our realities? What is the point of toting around technology, when its built right into us?

Now, I know what you're thinking: BUT Doctor Who replaces the SIM card for each of his companions so they have a time-travelling cell phone. Yes, that's right, but its also because that's what that person's time is comfortable using. Heck, the form of the TARDIS itself is a throwback to this same idea. It was a comfortable icon at the time the series was actually created.

Now, yes, maybe this time traveler is "lost" and is improvising a makeshift communicator with readily available materials. I mean, that's what Data would do.

more than 4 years ago

One Man's Fight Against Forum Spam

webmosher Re:Example "advanced" spam (245 comments)

Mmm... you know, after browsing forums long enough, all the spammer has to do is add a caption at the beginning or end "Sorry my English is so bad, but... " and this might pass through quite a few more eyes before its caught. Kinda surprising they haven't caught on to that yet.

more than 4 years ago

Hunters Shot Down Google Fiber

webmosher Re:Immature and Gun Happy (1141 comments)

On the serious side, though: The way the US government is trending I think it's a really good idea to have a large number of weapons in the populace.

The general population may not figure into these comments, but there is some parallel thought among Americans. This is evident by the firearms shortage in the US. It started shortly after Obama was elected. This was primarily due to fears that the new administration would crack down with legislation on firearms, and to a lesser extent the extremists on right that believed that he was the anti-christ. In particular, ammo was in very short supply. It has abated to some extent in the last couple of years.

From what I understand, pure shortages are no longer much of an issue, but price of ammo in particular is considerably higher (basically doubled) than it was 2 years ago. This of course depends on the specific local market, etc, but on average the firearms market in the US is basically in a big... ummm... boom.

more than 4 years ago

Google Struggles To Give Away $10 Million

webmosher Just the FAQs ma'am (145 comments)

This isn't exactly a "prize". No one who submitted any of the ideas is the intended recipient of any of this money. Google's corporate board (re:advisory committee) will decide what to do with the money, and its going to places where the ideas can be implemented.

Just a couple of notes from the FAQ:

How many ideas are you funding?
We have committed $10 million to fund up to five ideas selected by our advisory board.

How will Google implement these ideas?
Once we've announced up to five ideas for funding, we'll begin the process of identifying the organization(s) that are in the best position to help implement the selected ideas.

How involved will Google be in the implementation of the ideas?
We didn't focus on ideas that Google would implement alone; instead, we looked for ideas whose implementation will required another organization's expertise or resources. These organizations will be the recipients of the funding grants.

more than 4 years ago

Requiem for Usenet

webmosher Big deal? (498 comments)

Well, this is interesting since Rogers actually sub-contracted their Usenet to Giganews last year. That must have cost them quite a bit, and there will be no recompense back to users? Hrmm...

While Giganews was nice for grabbing alt.bin* type stuff (57 day binary retention), they nicely capped the connection to 2 connections at 256kbits each. Not exactly flying down the pipe if you're on the extreme 5000kbit end of their service offering.

I expect out of the article's reported 3% of users that did use Usenet, only 3% of those actually use it for non-binary/legitimate type discussions. The noise level these guys are making is not going to make a dent in Rogers' bottom line.

Ahh well, I've been using Usenet for quite sometime. I will probably miss it in a sentimental way, but I really don't find it as useful as mailing lists for the type of discussions it used to be famous/useful for.

Farewell my Usenet... I shall miss thee.

more than 9 years ago


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