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In an arcade with only the following games ...

wezelboy What pinball? (283 comments)

Depends on the pinball machine. Pinbot? Definitely.

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Recommendations For Non-US Based Email Providers?

wezelboy Re: Roll your own... (410 comments)

That might by you some time at best. You can wipe the server drives, but then you will be charged with contempt or worse obstruction of justice. The first you may hear of it is your front door smashed in and cops with guns (and a warrant) in your house.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Recommendations For Non-US Based Email Providers?

wezelboy Re:Roll your own... (410 comments)

Let's get hypothetical...

One of your nephews or cousins that uses your e-mail server decides to purchase a pressure cooker online. He also has some friends in Europe that he e-mails once in a while. What do you do when the NSA asks you for all the e-mails stored on your server?

about 8 months ago

Door-To-Door Mail Delivery To End Under New Plan

wezelboy Make the USPS a branch of Homeland Security (867 comments)

They have agents in every neighborhood in the US that are perfectly capable of spying on Americans under the pretext of "delivering mail".

You think I'm joking?

about 9 months ago

Are Amazon Vine Reviews of Technical Books a Joke?

wezelboy Guilty as charged (126 comments)

I've totally written crappy vine reviews. Quite a few in fact. I'm sorry.

The bottom line is when I get my Vine newsletter, most of the time all of the stuff that I might consider buying/reading is already gone. I don't know if Vine has 'favorites' program where certain people get access to items before others, but most of the time Vine is a bust for me. I'm left with the items/books that are leftover- which often means technical books. I'll get these things if I have an interest in the topic, but I just don't have the time to delve into the finer points of signal processing. It will sit on my shelf and gather dust until I find something I want on Vine that is actually available, then I have to write a review to be able to get that thing.

I've pretty much given up on Vine. It's a waste of time, and not worth the guilt of writing a crappy review. Even if you write a heartfelt review, people will mark it as unhelpful anyway. Call me jaded.

about 9 months ago

The DNA Data Deluge

wezelboy Re:Digital DNA storage anyone ? (138 comments)

When I had to get the first draft of the human genome onto CD, I used 2 bit substitution and run length encoding on repeats. gzip definitely did not cut it.

about 10 months ago

Ancient Roman Concrete Is About To Revolutionize Modern Architecture

wezelboy Re:Prior art (322 comments)

BTW, I don't mean to make Davidovits (That's his name) out to be a crackpot. I don't think he is.

about 10 months ago

Ancient Roman Concrete Is About To Revolutionize Modern Architecture

wezelboy Re:Prior art (322 comments)

I believe that patents in this area have been held by a French chemist for quite some time. (So long ago, they have probably expired) If you do a google search on "Geopolymer" you will find some fascinating stuff. One of his theories is that the blocks of the Great Pyramids were not quarried, but rather cast like concrete.

about 10 months ago

Apple Updates MacBooks and Mac Pro Desktop With Haswell, "Unified Thermal Core"

wezelboy I kinda like it. Sorta. (464 comments)

Disclaimer... while I have been an Apple user for a long time, I do get a lot of milage from other hardware and operating systems. I wouldn't call myself a fan boi.

I bought the G5 Power Mac within a month of its release. This is pretty much the same case that is the current Mac Pro. I was totally disappointed. It had a lot of great features, but it was freakin' HUGE.

Over the years, I've hoped that Apple would get their desktop case down around a Micro-ATX form factor, but they never did. An obvious design flaw was ignored by The Steve for umpteen years. This new case seems like an extreme reaction to the size issue- which is great. It's tiny. There's some great engineering in there. But unless this new soda can is priced to sell, this is a play straight out of Apple's 1992 playbook. It isn't 1992, and that play didn't work so well the first time around. If they want to pull that shit, they need to fit 4-6 of them in a 2U form factor and get back into the server market.

In today's economy, is it feasible to price your products out of reach for an average consumer? Maybe I'm just envious because I know I will never be able to afford one of these things. It's not like I have the same job I had when I bought that monstrous G5.

about 10 months ago

Does Antimatter Fall Up?

wezelboy Hoverboard! (255 comments)


about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: What Planks Would You Want In a Platform of a Political Party?

wezelboy Re:Off the top of my head (694 comments)

Outlawing lobbyists does not infringe on the right to peaceably assemble any more than enforcing "free speech" zones at political conventions.

As for petitioning the government for a redress of grievances... that's what courts are for.

about a year ago

U.S. Senate's Big Immigration Bill Seeks Centralized Database For H-1B Jobs

wezelboy Re:So this H1B database of job openings... (251 comments)

Just like the current system, this one will be wide open for abuse. They can just list a plethora of impossible qualifications that no available american worker will be able to meet. Once the 30 days have gone by, they will open the job up to foreign workers with the implicit agreement that nothing on the applicants CV or resume will actually be checked for veracity.

Nothing will change. It will only make things worse.

1 year,2 days

Senator Feinstein: We Need Video Game Control

wezelboy Re:I'm surprised... (424 comments)

Not surprising at all. Her husband owns a defense contracting firm.

1 year,13 days

Boeing 787s To Create Half a Terabyte of Data Per Flight

wezelboy Re:internet-connected plane (213 comments)

Oh great

My safety at 30,000 ft. is dependent on a mib file.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Monitor Setup For Programmers

wezelboy Re:telephone books (312 comments)

This works just fine. If you can't find phone books, just go to mouser.com and request a catalog.

Or you can use your copy of Programming $framework_name for $obsolete_version_of_windows

about a year ago

Summer Programming Courses Before Heading Off To College?

wezelboy Re:Get an internship. See if he likes it. (183 comments)

Haha! At my university, they had "Information Systems Management" instead of "Tech Writing". Same thing though.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Undoing an Internet Smear Campaign?

wezelboy Score:6 Fricking Awesome (338 comments)

That is a brilliant solution.

about a year ago

Congressman Warns FTC: Leave Google Alone

wezelboy I'm with the congressperson (303 comments)

I can choose what ever search engine I want. Bing, Wolfram, Yahoo, whatever. It takes me all of 5 seconds.

Yet when I go to buy my generic prescription medication whose patent expired years ago, it costs twice as much as the harder to synthesize, but still patent protected, specific stereoenantiomer of the same drug.

When is the FTC going after obvious anti-trust violations like that?

about a year and a half ago


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