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Acid3 Test Released

wheany Re:Firefox (309 comments)

Then again, if all the browsers perform the same according to any arbitary test, you can trust those features working the same way in your proprietary webapp.

more than 6 years ago


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Where's the 2006 I was promised?

wheany wheany writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Where is the 2006 I was promised? I have never ridden a flying car, my workplace is not on the Moon, not that it matters much, since I have no rocket pack. I have to wear these stupid clothes made out of cloth instead of foil. Oh yeah, and I had to eat my food off a plate using a fork and a knife, like some idiot, when I should be popping pills for lunch.

The third millennium has so far been a huge rip off.


How do you make an Xbox 360 fanboy from a PS3 fanboy?

wheany wheany writes  |  more than 8 years ago

PS3 fanboy + Sony's embarassing E3 press conference + PS3's price + GTA4 on the Xbox 360 in October = Xbox 360 fanboy.

I'm so there.

Edit: Seriously Sony, grow a pair. I would have respected you so much more if you hadn't caved to some-guys-on-the-internet's mockery of your "batarang" controller and if you hadn't tacked on those stupid gyros on the controller.

God damn, I'm getting internet rage because of your stupidity.

Another edit: Duh: 360, not 306. Thank you, anonymous.


Gameplay is a buzzword.

wheany wheany writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Gameplay is a buzzword. Any "true gamer" always values gameplay over graphics. Or rather: "True gamers" insist that modern and/or popular games games focus on graphics over gameplay. God forbid a popular game having really good graphics!

But what does good gameplay mean? Does it mean playability? If so, then the opposite of good gameplay is unplayability. What does an unplayable game mean? Does it mean something like "I really like the idea behind this game and it has nice presentation, but it just feels like I'm fighting against the interface trying to do things?" (Maybe more specifically "Wow, those aliens are cool and these guns are cool and boy does this game have good graphics, but man are these controls laggy", or "Why won't you jump into the direction i'm pointing the stick at? NO, DON'T JUMP INTO THE CHASM!")

Is there any game that has bad gameplay but still has millions of people just shrug and go "well, the graphics are so nice that I'll just keep on playing?" My guess is no.

Ah, so, a partial point emerges: If bad gameplay causes a game to sell poorly, why would a company release a game with bad gameplay? I think this is pretty well known and thus no "real" company releases games with bad gameplay.

Personally I can think of only one game that has had bad gameplay that I have liked. That game was Chicago 90 on the Amiga. It didn't even have that nice graphics. The mouse pointer moved really jerkily (yes, on an Amiga) around the screen, and the main gameplay window had a pretty poor framerate and if you crashed your car (as the bad guy) the game was over. Regardless, I just thought the game was fun. It was fun to try to outrun the cops, and as a police, it was fun to try to corner the bad guy. But that is just my personal opinion as I don't think the game was very popular.

And that is my main point. A game has to be fun. Bad gameplay often lessens the fun quite a bit, so it's not completely irrelevant, but if the game still manages to be fun, you can take you gameplay and shove it.


My pet peeve(s)

wheany wheany writes  |  about 9 years ago

One thing I hate is people using "optional" plurals in programs.

The reasoning must be in the lines of:

  • I'm a lazy bastard and don't want to create two different strings and use something like 'if($num_items != 1) print("you have $num_items items") else print("you have 1 item")'.
  • On the other hand, the user might have 0, 1 or several items.
  • So if I only print "item", the string looks stupid when there are 0 or several items
  • And if I only print "items", the string looks stupid when there is exactly 1 item
  • I know, I'll print "item(s)" that way the string looks stupid every time!

Personally I recommend writing just the plural form. That way the string looks stupid only when there is exactly 1 item. It will look perfectly fine when there are 0, 0.5, 1.25, 100 or 7.12E20 items.


So, what plans do you have for your vacation?

wheany wheany writes  |  about 9 years ago

Yeah, I'm on vacation for 1 week. My first in who knows how long.

Anyway, you know what I'm going to do on my vacation? Absolutely nothing! I'm going to sleep late and stay up playing Civ 4 and Metroid Prime 2 as long as I fucking want! You can keep your skiing holidays in Ass-pen or trips to spas. I do not want any stress during my vacation, especially from travel arrangements.

So a big neener neener to any of you who are reading this at work (hey, beats actually working).


Stupid comments in code!

wheany wheany writes  |  more than 9 years ago

So you have a method, say "getMessage()". Do you really think that writing a comment that says "gets message." adds any information?

Especially in languages like PHP where the parameters and return values can be fucking anything you decided to shit out of your fingers?


Aww, crap. (GTA: Liberty City Stories)

wheany wheany writes  |  more than 9 years ago

First of all: The game looks promising. I've played maybe 2 or 3 hours, and so far the game looks very GTA3-ish. This is a good thing if you liked GTA 3 and are not bored by the whole GTA game concept by now.

The game has at least one new side job: The car salesman. You have to take customers out for a spin in one of the four cars they have chosen. Then you have to impress the customer. So far I've seen four types of customers: "go really fast", "go really slow", "drive over pedestrians" and "make the car roll (but make sure you land on your tires)." Another "new" job is "noodle boy", which is just the same as pizza boy in Vice City.

Oh yeah, and the cops don't forget your wanted level if you go to your safe house to save. That's definitely a plus for me.

The "Aww, crap" -part of the game is that it only supports ad hoc mode for multiplayer. I only know two people who own a PSP. And neither of them can play the game. One needs the older firmware to code for the PSP and the other needs it to run warez. And by warez I of course mean homebrew games.


Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

wheany wheany writes  |  more than 9 years ago

It fucking rocks.

Finally a game worth buying for Nintendo DS. Yes, it has some touch screen gimmicks, like you can select stuff from menus using a stylus (where the choices are maybe 8 pixels high), drawing magical seals to finish off bosses and destroying some blocks after you get the appropriate skill, but the main gameplay is old-school.


If Slashdot looks a little off today

wheany wheany writes  |  more than 9 years ago

If you think Slashdot looks a little bit "off" today, check out the source. CSS, baby!

Welcome to the year 1998, Slashdot!


Delete temporary files in Windows using this script

wheany wheany writes  |  more than 9 years ago

I've made this handy script to delete the all kinds of unnecessary files from under each user's personal directory in Windows: http://koti.mbnet.fi/wheany/deltemp.cmd.

It deletes the caches of IE, Opera and Firefox, user-specific temp-folder, Windows's temp-folder and prefetch-folder and empties the recycling bins on the first four drives.

The script has been hardcoded to use C: as the system drive, so if your Documents and Settings -folder is on another drive, change the script. And you have to be some kind of super user to be able to access other users' personal folders.


I'm a big boy now

wheany wheany writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Now I'm a true "grown up" slashdotter. I got modbombed yesterday! Apparently someone didn't like the devoid-of-content posts I've been making lately.


The infinite joys of DVD region codes and "copy protection"

wheany wheany writes  |  about 10 years ago

I have a DVD drive on my computer and on my PS2. I watch region 2 DVDs using the (unmodded) PS2. Any other region I watch on my PC.

I bought Walt Disney: One the Front Lines, a region 1 DVD, from Amazon. If I had watched it alone, I would have wathced it on my computer monitor. But since I wanted my friends to see it as well, I hooked my PC to the TV. This is where the problems started.

I tried to use PowerDVD to watch to movie, like I normally do, but it wouldn't play the movie, because my TV-out doesn't support Macrovision. Then I tried using Media Player Classic, but it said that the DVD had the wrong region.

About half an hour of googling later, I found a solution that worked: VideoLAN. We wee finally able to watch the DVD that I paid money for.

All these problems were caused by me paying for a movie. If I had just downloaded an Xvid DVD-rip, or a DVD image from the internet, or even ripped the DVD to an image on my hard disk, I would have had no problem playing it on my TV.

That is the reason I don't like copy protection schemes. They always screw the paying customer but do very little to stop actual copying and distribution.


One solution to Slashdot splitting urls

wheany wheany writes  |  about 10 years ago

It's pretty annoying when Slashdot adds those spaces into long urls that people have written in their posts. Makes copy-pasting the url a pain. I have one solution to the problem: A privoxy filter.

The version that I use has been tested with urls that have one space in them, but should also work with very long urls that have two spaces inserted in them. This should take care of a large majority of cases. There may be a way to make it work with any number of spaces > 1, but I really don't have the energy to optimize the regular expression.

The filter consists of these two lines (the page-widening filter screwed with the "pure" code)

s|http://(.{42})<nobr>(.)<wbr></nobr> (.{49})<nobr>(.)<wbr></nobr> ([^\s]+)|$1$2$3|sig

s|http://(.{42})<nobr>(.)<wbr></nobr> ([^\s]+)|$1$2$3$4$5|sig

The remaining spaces are supposed to be there, but if you want, you can replace them with \s.


Three-year-olds are happy with any christmas present

wheany wheany writes  |  more than 10 years ago

My 3-year-old twin nieces were visiting me today with my sister. They borrowed some cartoon DVDs, like "We love Mickey Mouse." I showed my sister how to play it on a PS2, because she was not sure if could use it.

Since Christmas is nearing, I asked the nieces what they had asked Santa to bring them. The first answer was "presents." When I asked if there was anything specific they wanted, the answer was "Mickey Mouse."

That's when I decided just to ask their parents what toys are absolutely forbidden (Nooo, not another plushie!) and buy something based on that.


Voting in Finland

wheany wheany writes  |  more than 10 years ago

After reading about the problems with the election in the USA again, I wanted to tell you how voting works in Finland and what the ballots look like.

There are some images of the ballot, and the voting procedure here, but the text is in Finnish. Also, I found one photo here

Basicly, the procedure is this: 1) You prove your identity, get the ballot and get marked as having voted. 2) You go to the polling booth, write the number of your candidate (and nothing else!) inside the circle on the ballot and re-fold the ballot. 3) Go get your ballot stamped and drop it inside the ballot box.

If you are unable to cast your vote yourself, you can get a helper in the booth with you. You can either have your own helper, or you can use the official election helper present at the location. The helper you choose must not be a candidate in the election.

The numbers of all the candidates are on a poster in the polling booth. No canditate has the number "1", the first number is "2."

Well, now that I have already written that text, I noticed that there are English instructions on the site as well. Follow the links on that page for more info, if you're interested.

I'm still not going to delete the text now that I have written it, damn it.


Best research ever

wheany wheany writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Finnish Meteorological Institute finished a research recently that concluded that to have as many beautiful summer days during your vacation, you should have it between the beginning of June and the middle of August.

So basicly, if you want to have beautiful summer days during your vacation, you should have it in the summer.

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