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Tales From the Support Crypt

wheatwilliams Re:Why is it our job to teach? (855 comments)

I believe that it is ALWAYS our job to teach, and I always try to teach EVERY user that I help. I was a desktop support technician and now I work freelance and do home office work (with much more competence than GeekSquad). I'm not an admin. But for fifteen years I have always had the attitude that if I did not teach the user something new while fixing the problem, I have not done my job properly. It depends on the situation. Once the problem is fixed, I usually say something like, "Please sit down here with the keyboard and the mouse and let me walk you through how to fix this, so that you don't have to call us for help the next time this happens." Some users are oblivious, but I always try.

about 6 years ago

Any Suggestions For a Meaningful Geeky Wedding Band?

wheatwilliams Wedding Band? (755 comments)

Geeky wedding band? Hire Devo or They Might Be Giants. Oingo Boingo and Adam Sandler are no longer working.

more than 6 years ago


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