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FCC Warned Not To Take Actions a Republican-Led FCC Would Dislike

whistlingtony Re:Correction: (290 comments)

How do you fight a corporation? I'm very curious... :D

I'm very involved in local politics. I've met my state reps, several times. You CAN fight city hall, you just need enough people.

I'm pretty sure that if you posted nasty things about your local government, the cops would not actually beat you and put you in jail. That's a big bit of hyperbole you have there. Corps don't have armies? Ever heard of the Pinkertons? They did a LOT of head busting back in the day. Well, union busting. :D

I guess the point here is that you CAN change an organization if you get enough people, if you organize, and hurt them (either votes or money) until they do what you want. At the heart of it both my city government and a corporation are just large organizations.... But the corporation's bottom line is Profit, and the Government's bottom line is Services Delivered. Both have all the benefits of large organizations (economy of scale, etc) and the drawbacks (corruption, slowness, etc)


FCC Warned Not To Take Actions a Republican-Led FCC Would Dislike

whistlingtony Re:chutzpah, meet hypocrisy! (290 comments)

Eh. Your statement is ignoring the very real difference between national and state level politics. Many people believe that more power should to go the states and cities, because those representatives are closer and hence more respondent to their constituents. I've met with my state reps several times. They're nice folks doing a hard job. They listened to me, and there's a very real possibility that my resolution will pass in 2015. National level? Not a chance in hell.


Dramatic Shifts In Manufacturing Costs Are Driving Companies To US, Mexico

whistlingtony Re:Is this really good news? (217 comments)

I've driven a forklift... I made 5cents over minimum wage. I know It's a logical fallacy to disregard your post just because one little bit is wrong, but... I'd like to know what plants you've seen where someone driving a forklift was making $30-50 an hour... I don't think you've seen that at all. I'm sitting in the middle of Intel, as a technician, and I don't make that much. Perhaps I need to quit my job and go drive a forklift?


Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

whistlingtony Linus does not understand the size of the effort (670 comments)

And yet, no one's really complaining about device drivers. Linux device drivers are fine. You don't see it happening? Uh. It already happened. It is happening. It will continue to happen. I plug stuff in, it works. Except for some printers, because those companies are just dead nasty evil.

We're talking about the desktop here....

2 days ago

Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

whistlingtony Linux could own the desktop... (670 comments)

Ew... you NEED the .deb repositories, because we don't HAVE a unified ecosystem. I need the debian apt system to grab all my dependencies for me! a more git like approach? What? How? You want a more android app like system?

So... an app system full of useless trivial apps that have really stupid permissions to my box.. And on top of that nightmare, you want to drop .deb dependency checking... on a linux desktop?

No Sir. Just.... No. Ew.

If you're concerned that it's hard to get code into the official debian repositories, that's a conversation we can have. But no, we can't go away from dependency checking toward an app store model. I don't WANT any old stupid app to be in the offical repositories.

2 days ago

Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook Released

whistlingtony Re:Flaws? (195 comments)

As a DM, I don't CARE if my PCs are balanced. I care if they're interesting. If my players start min/maxing, I slap 'em back to the stone age. We're here to roleplay, Damnit. Talking to the innkeeper is just as important as stabbing the orc.

It's my job to keep the players entertained by co-creating a story WITH the players.

2 days ago

Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook Released

whistlingtony Checking it out (195 comments)

Well, I'm about a third through the provided free PDFs, and I have to say that I like the tone so far.

Like many others, I thought 4E turned my beloved Roleplaying game into a Rollplaying game. I thought it lost all flavor or character. Ok, and I wigged out over the refresh times for abilities and spells.... It smelled like an MMORPG, which usually doesn't have much actual RP in it. I moved to pathfinder.

I'm finding this PDF to be an easy read though. (Hey Shadowrun 5th edition guys, you could learn something here.) It's full of flavor text, the rules seem easy and intuitive.... I'd play it.

The rules changes seem nice too. I hate rules. I want to focus on the story and the character interactions. I don't want to spend my time looking up bonuses in a chart. I have NEVER used a grenade scatter table in my life. :D

After 4E and Piazo doing such a good job with Pathfinder, I.... might actually give D&D 5E a fresh look. Ew. I said it.

2 days ago

EFF's Cell Phone Guide For US Protesters

whistlingtony Re:Best (82 comments)

isn't hating knowledge, and the people who try to seek it, so much fun....

5 days ago

Berlin Bans Car Service Uber

whistlingtony Re:There's more to EU transport than cheapness (340 comments)

SOME government regulation is in place to support entrenched businesses. On the other hand, I'm rewiring my house right now. In 5 years, you might buy it... Do you REALLY want me to be able to do any old thing I want? :D

about a week ago

Berlin Bans Car Service Uber

whistlingtony in defense of Hipsters (340 comments)

Disclaimer: I live in Portland OR. :D

Ya know, I'm sick of people bashing on hipsters. We live in an overly commercialized society. Why bash on some kids that are trying to find a little authenticity?

Why is it a bad thing to show disdain for Justin Bieber and people who think he actually makes good music. Why is it a bad thing to actively seek out good music by local artists? Why is it a bad thing to show an appreciation for a small show or a small band over the commercialized stuff we're all force fed today?

I get what you're saying, I do. But lay off. Let they that never had a mullet or acid washed jeans cast the first stone. Let they that never listened to New Kids On The Block because all the other kids said they were good, cast the first stone....

We all did it (Looking at you Punks and Goths). Hipsters just want to find a little authenticity in our fake commercialized world. Lay off 'em. In a few years their entire clique will be available for sale at Hot Topic and they can cry about the good old days like we all do.

I hope they find it. Don't sell out Hipsters! The more they hate you, the more you're winning!

about a week ago

Apple's App Store Needs a Radical Revamp; How Would You Go About It?

whistlingtony ap store vs. repositories (249 comments)

I love Apt. I love the whole Debian package system. I look at App Stores as a hard to search and uninformative version of the Debian package system, that's filled to the brim with Really Stupid Apps.

There are over 1 million apps in the Apple App Store! Most of which are utterly useless....

I don't think it CAN be done better. The App store is viewed as a get rich quick scheme, and hence is flooded with CRAP. Everyone reinvents the wheel. There are probably 10,000 flashlight apps, and most of them are just harvesting your data.

Garbage in, garbage out.... I suppose they could make the ratings based on how LONG you keep the app. Removing the ratings from the hands of Humans and making it based on how often an app is uninstalled, that'd be a good step.

about a week ago

3 Congressmen Trying To Tie Up SpaceX

whistlingtony Re:It's about PorkBarrel (393 comments)

There's one more issue. None of the nearby planets (yes, this includes mars) has a magnetosphere, and hence they have no protection from radiation stripping off their atmosphere.

There will be no terraforming of mars. If we ever live on mars, it will be in underground bunkers...

Also, why would we spend that much on prisoners? The only part of your post that was accurate was the fucking and the massive extinction. (even the overpopulation was wrong. Food abundance, not fucking, leads to overpopulation.)

about two weeks ago

3 Congressmen Trying To Tie Up SpaceX

whistlingtony Re:Term Limits for Congress (393 comments)

I used to be all about term limits too. Then, really, I came upon this mode of thought. They're interchangable robots, for the most part. It's rare to get one with a spine. It's hard to get elected without buckets of money to buy grassroots organizing (ha! grassroots my !@#$). Anyway...

What we NEED to do is get money out of politics.

about two weeks ago

3 Congressmen Trying To Tie Up SpaceX

whistlingtony Re:So do something (393 comments)

OMG that's so fun... the poor schlubs answering the phone get so flummoxed. :D

about two weeks ago

3 Congressmen Trying To Tie Up SpaceX

whistlingtony So do something (393 comments)

Don't complain about it here. Don't argue about Republicans vs. Democrats on a forum. That's useless. Reach out. Make yourself heard. If you're a constituent of these guys, ruin their names a little bit.... Talk to your neighbors about them, and then TELL THEM YOU'RE DOING IT. Representative democracy only works if you make the representatives listen to you.

Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) : Phone: 202.225.7882

Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) : Phone: 202.225.4801 Snicker. That's the War on Whites guy. :D

Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) : Phone: (202) 225-4676

I listed the DC phone numbers, but you can go to the bottom of their web pages and call their home offices too. Ask them why they're trying to bury one of America's leading space companies in red tape. Ask them why they appear to be using big government against a private company. Ask them how they justify that as Republicans. Ask them if they were paid to do so by large companies. :D

about two weeks ago

Hack an Oscilloscope, Get a DMCA Take-Down Notice From Tektronix

whistlingtony Re:A comment from the linked site: (273 comments)

You can quote text. Copyright protects the work as a whole, not snippets of the work. I can quote you a sentence from a popular novel and the author can't do shit about it. Fair Use does still exist.

about two weeks ago

Hack an Oscilloscope, Get a DMCA Take-Down Notice From Tektronix

whistlingtony Re:A comment from the linked site: (273 comments)

If they had posted, verbatim, Tektronics documents showing how to do this hack.... that would be a copyright abuse. If I write up some notes on how to hack their scope, that document is MINE, and it is protected by copyright the moment I wrote it.

I get that the DMCA makes it illegal to circumvent the protections on a copyrighted work.... How is an oscilloscope a protected work?

Do I get to slap a DMCA notice on a burglar to my house?

about two weeks ago

40% Of People On Terror Watch List Have No Terrorist Ties

whistlingtony 40% of 680,000 is useless (256 comments)

Let's face it.... a group of 20 people could do major damage to the U.S. If I had cells of 5 people in a few states.... I could cause wide spread chaos and fear. If they were watching 100 people, I'd think the list was excellent. If they were watching 500 people, I'd think the list was almost prudent. That they are watching 680,000 people? That list is USELESS. Needle in a haystack useless.

If there ARE plots to hurt Americans, we need much better, much TIGHTER scrutiny of specific individuals... A Terrorist Watch List, to be effective, should have the top 50 suspects, and their closest associates. 500 people at the most.

That list didn't catch the Boston Bomber..... even though Russia TOLD US he might be a problem. Needle in a haystack.... Forget the 40%. The sheer number of people on that list makes it useless. Lets face it, there are probably a few hundred people out of 300 million that really need watching.

I honestly doubt there are more than a handfull of people inside the US that have: actual terrorist desires, actual terrorist connections, an actual plan to hurt people, and enough fanaticism to overcome the fear of Gitmo or Death. There might be more with one or two of these, but look around you... if we're in so much danger, where's the actual DANGER? Since Sept. 11th, we've had ONE guy, the boston bomber... ok, and a bunch of right wing soverign citizen types.

Actually, I'm much more afraid of a crazy american trying to topple the government (all by himself, of course) than an actual terrorist.

about two weeks ago

US Army To Transport American Ebola Victim To Atlanta Hospital From Liberia

whistlingtony Re:Yes, let's do this. (409 comments)

Sigh. I shouldn't answer this kind of post. I know I can't reach you, but perhaps I can inform someone else.

1. Foreigners being dirty and diseases is just moronic xenophobia.

2. Their countries turned into 3rd world hellholes because the CIA overthrew their democratically elected leaders and put puppet dictators in power. The drug problem has two sides, they're the supply, WE'RE the demand... American noses and veins drive the drug crime in their countries.

3. As someone else stated, the best way to keep people out would be to destroy the demand for cheap labor... but that would shatter our economy. Your strawberries would be stupid expensive, but that's the only way.

4. Caste... ugh.

about three weeks ago

AP Computer Science Test Takers Up 8,000; Pass Rate Down 6.8%

whistlingtony Re:No surprises here (119 comments)

You failed... 40,000 test takers. 8,000 of them were new. extra 7% fail rate. Ahem. More people passed than before. The new students more than make up for the increased fail rate.

But you didn't even look did you? You had your conclusion all ready to go, why bother looking to see if it was correct?

about a month ago



How to get a project coded?

whistlingtony whistlingtony writes  |  more than 4 years ago

whistlingtony (691548) writes "Hello world!

Heh. Sorry.

So, I had an idea for a piece of software that I wanted coded. Unfortunately, it's been years since I touched that stuff. I'm beyond rusty. I'd really like for the thing to see the light of day, but...

How can one go about hiring a programmer? A quick google search turned up a couple of websites, but they seemed... sketchy. I find it ironic that a programmer might know of such a website, but a non programmer who would want to use it probably would not.

My Idea:
I hate facebook. I hate it with a passion. Still, I'd like to put up an online journal website for friends and family to check up on me. I'd prefer to run it myself. I don't want to deal with huge config files. I don't want to write HTML. I'm 31 now. I just want my software to work.

I'd like to have a web server written for me in Python. I enjoy python and once the thing is written, then I could tinker and poke at it.

I'd like for me to have some folders. In the "Front Page" folder would text files. The web server would put those up as updates to the main page. Other folders would have text and pictures in them, and those would be links from the main page. I'd like to keep it simple, no flash or moving objects or anything.

Eventually I'd like to move it to HTML5 so videos could be posted in the same manner.

That's it really. A simple web server that creates pages based on the text and picture content of folders and organized by folders. A bare minimum configuration file, preferably none at all. I want it programmed in Python. Preferably, I'd want everything served up in HTML5. I'd also want the rights to open source the thing.

I have money. How do I give it to someone to do this?

-Tony Diethelm
Hater of Facebook"

I need a language agnostic book on pseudocoding

whistlingtony whistlingtony writes  |  more than 6 years ago

whistlingtony (691548) writes "Hi all,

I am not a programmer, but have a smattering of programming knacks in various languages picked up over the years. One of the best things I learned was that going through and doing pseudocode makes everything so much easer and cleaner. Once that's written down everything else is just language specifics. I'm looking for a good book that is language agnostic and deals strictly with the practice of pseudocoding. I can't find one that seems good. Can anyone recommend one to me?




whistlingtony has no journal entries.

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