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Trek Prop Collecting

whizzird Star Trek Not Geeky (219 comments)

Star Trek is not geeky it's Nerdy.
The old one is cheesy. They *all* have bad acting (with a few exceptions like Patrick Stewart). They all have bad writing.
In Star Trek if somebody has a bump on his nose, or slightly different ears, but otherwise looks human, he's an alien. What's that about?
I saw one episode of DS9 (the first), where Cisco had to teach an entity that lived outside of our time stream. If the thing is simultaneously at all points on our timeline, how can it learn? It should know now, what it knew 100000000 years ago, and will know 1000000000 year from now, because to it all three points are the same.
(Not a troll, I just *really* don't like Star Trek, or people assuming I do, cuz I like Star Wars, anime, etc.).

more than 12 years ago


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