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Graphics Cards: the Future of Online Authentication?

whysanity Re:Linking ID to Hardware (178 comments)

Not necessarily. Think about the implication of the hardware acting as a "something you have" token in two-factor authentication. Today, a common implementation is to prompt for additional information or receive an email/text to confirm identity before setting a cookie to allow the particular device to be recognized.

Doing the same with a unique profile of the hardware would allow that device to permanently exist as one part of two-factor authentication, with a password being the other piece. This would--by far--be the most common use case. A friend borrowing your computer? They could log into their account with a simple email/text verification (a la Facebook) and their standard credentials. But since you've already tied that hardware to your account, you get to skip that step.

It needn't be all doom & gloom. There are practical applications.

more than 2 years ago

Graphics Cards: the Future of Online Authentication?

whysanity Re:Flawed (178 comments)

Why must the system that ties accounts to hardware be inherently insecure? Pessimism, perhaps?

more than 2 years ago

Bring Back the 40-Hour Work Week

whysanity One small problem... (969 comments)

I don't expect many people would disagree with the assessment, except those pesky "people" called corporations. For many companies, their workforce is paid a flat salary and any concept of "overtime" doesn't mean more money paid out, let alone time and a half.

To hire an extra worker for those extra hours means spending more money, something that does not align with the capitalistic goal of earning as much as possible.

more than 2 years ago

Security Flaw Bypasses AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Screen Lock

whysanity Flaw summary (49 comments)

FTA: "If you have a PIN or an unlock pattern set, all you have to do in order to bypass it is simply tap the lock button to wake the display and then let the screen time out and go black. Tap the lock button again and low and behold, the unlock screen is gone and the phone can be accessed with no PIN or pattern input whatsoever."

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Laptop + DSLR Backpacks

whysanity Re:Stick with two bags (282 comments)

Just because you can't see the argument for a single bag doesn't mean that there isn't one. For example, when I recently traveled to Peru, I rarely let my backpack out of sight—I didn't random hostels enough to leave thousands of dollars of equipment there, nor did I have a vehicle. That said, I did very well with a single piece of luggage, the Calumet BP1500 Large Backpack. It fit my 13" Macbook Air (with plenty of room for a larger laptop), my DSLR with a couple lenses and requisite accessories, in addition to clothes and whatever else I needed to survive for 10 days. All with enough space to bring back souvenirs.

The simplicity of a single bag was a boon when cramming myself into a taxi colectivo for 2 hours with a dozen strangers. Honestly, I'm not sure there would have been room for extra luggage.

As for the author's request, most details can be found on the product page, but in my opinion, the best part of that bag was having a hip belt to take the admittedly heavy load off my shoulders while hiking.

more than 3 years ago

Things To Look For In a Web Hosting Company?

whysanity VPS (456 comments)

You get what you pay for. If you want total control, man up and take it! Get a VPS from Linode or Slicehost and configure the server exactly how you want. They offer similar service for similar prices. To get you started, Linode has a LAMP StackScript available that can have you up and running in about 2 minutes. From there, configure Apache for multiple vhosts and you're all set.

The downside is that ultimately, yo're responsible. The upside is that they don't touch your stuff and are expandable nearly instantly

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Tag, Smartphone-Scannable Barcodes

whysanity Funny you should ask... (258 comments)

...because I outlined potential uses 5 days earlier.

Probably my favorite idea is a type of scavenger hunt with clues that are decoded from Free Text tags posted around the city. Find a tag, decode the clue, leading you to the next tag, etc.

The other great use would be integration of a tag into your address book, so that if you want to transfer your contact info, just let someone snap your vCard tag off your phone screen.

about 6 years ago

Recommendations for a 50" (or Larger) Display?

whysanity what abou LCOS? (98 comments)

another technology out there that you didn't mention was LCOS. it's similar to a DLP in size. sony is just about to release thier a2000 series which will sport 1080p resolution and 1080p inputs (thereby satisfying your request for more than 768 vertical resolution). there are tons of input types, so you shouldn't have to worry about getting the video to it.

the 50" should be available in the next week or so. they have a 55 and 60 inch projected to launch in the near future. there are a few reviews available with a quick google search, but for the most part, people are waiting (and anxious) to see this new model.

more than 8 years ago


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pc games

whysanity whysanity writes  |  more than 11 years ago

i just want to say, that if you're looking to try a new, cool game, battlefield 1942 is definately on my list of shizzle games right now. the combination of quasi-objective team play with the use of classes, multiple weapons, and multiple vehicles truly makes it a great game. it's damn close to reality for a lot of things too. i've never had an experience like i've had playing battlefield 1942. it's defo worth the $40. the good news is that if you've got a geforce 2 or better vid card, the game will run. once you get up to something like my radeon 9700 that can play at 1280 with 2x/8x aa/af, the game is pretty damn near cinematic. all i have to say, is WOW!


i've got the best blog!

whysanity whysanity writes  |  more than 11 years ago

why is it that we all feel the need to blog? is there something inherantly human about sharing our experinces with the world? what makes a blog a good blog? and what makes the world listen. more importantly, who cares?

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