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Judge Overrules Samsung Objection To Jury Instructional Video

wildstoo Re:Which is why Apple does product placement (232 comments)

Samsung do it too. The show "Suits" on USA being the most obvious example. The characters basically do product demonstrations and even drop Samsung's name as part of the plot of one of the episodes.

Not blatant at all.

about three weeks ago

TSA Missed Boston Bomber Because His Name Was Misspelled In a Database

wildstoo Re:More lies from the Republicans (275 comments)

So, I guess only people who blindly agree with every policy and excuse every stupid mistake made by every Conservative administration are allowed to call themselves Conservatives?

No true Scotsman, indeed.

about a month ago

Retail Radeon R9 290X Graphics Cards Slower Than AMD's Press Samples

wildstoo Re:FPS TOO LOW!! (111 comments)

I still play Quake1 from time to time. It's still my favourite FPS of all time.

As for Carmageddon, if you have a decent Android or iPhone, you'll definitely want to pick this up: http://www.carmageddon.com/funsize/carmageddon

about 5 months ago

Most Drivers Would Hand Keys Over To Computer If It Meant Lower Insurance Rates

wildstoo Re:What's surprising about this? (449 comments)

the convenience of not having to drive yourself or pay attention to the road, coupled with the convenience of because able to go directly from point A to point B at your convenience. I too would opt for this convenience if it was a mature enough technology.

This post needs more convenience.

about 5 months ago

Microsoft Admits Windows 8.1 Update May Bork Your Mouse, Promises a Fix

wildstoo Re:You have to test the mouse for OS updates now? (326 comments)

This is purely anecdotal (as are all the other comments on here, tbh) but I've been gaming on 8.1 since it came out and have had absolutely no issues whatsoever. If anything it's better than before.

Maybe the fact that I have a Logitech gaming mouse with its own special software and drivers helps? I always turn off Windows' control of the mouse drivers in the Logitech panel and set it up in there, which means I get a consistent feel, even across reinstalls.

about 6 months ago

Firefox 24 Arrives: WebRTC Support and NFC Sharing On Android

wildstoo Re:Pale Moon FTW (152 comments)

Yep, I've used Pale Moon for quite a while now. It's great to have a properly optimized 64-bit Firefox build on Windows. Moonchild (the dev) is generally very responsive on the forums and quick to fix bugs.

I use 13 popular Firefox Add-ons and they all work absolutely fine in Pale Moon. I'd recommend it.

about 7 months ago

Sent To Jail Because of a Software Bug

wildstoo Re:helpdesk india or helpdesk must use script fail (239 comments)

Dude, you're Australian. You're lucky to have some pretty strong consumer protection law on the books.

According to my Aussie friend if you have a problem with Telstra, or any other Aussie telecoms company, you contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and your problem will almost always get sorted quickly. He's had to call them when Telstra have dragged their feet fixing his Internet connection. After he complained to the Ombudsman, Telstra were calling HIM back and apologising, and had a team out in his neighbourhood fixing the problem the next day.

about 9 months ago

Buy the WarGames IMSAI 8080 and Possibly Impress Ally Sheedy

wildstoo Re:How much for Ally Sheedy? (103 comments)

You still would though. You know you would.

about 10 months ago

iFixit Giving Away 1,776 "iPhone Liberation Kits"

wildstoo Re:Why 1776? (260 comments)

This is just a guess.. but might they not have been playing on a association with a certain historical event.

"Liberation kits", after all.

about 10 months ago

2 Men Accused of Trying To Make X-Ray Weapon

wildstoo Re: A conspiracy... proving you wrong (470 comments)

Of course white people can still be called terrorists, but only if they've DDoSed a corporate website or similar... simply add the "cyber-" prefix and you're ready to go (to court).

Yes, it's ridiculous.

about 10 months ago

Beer Fridge Caught Interfering With Cellular Network

wildstoo Re:G'DAY MATE (231 comments)

An Aussie friend tells me that he and his mates refer to VB as "Vaginal Backwash".

Whether that's better or worse than cat-piss...

about a year ago

Windows Blue Is Officially Windows 8.1, Free For Existing Users

wildstoo Re:Wow... (491 comments)

I'll just leave this here.

about a year ago

Video Poker Firmware Bug Yields Big Money, Federal Charges

wildstoo Re:After RTFA (312 comments)

In my experience, they WERE almost always caused by buggy device drivers, and Windows' poor handling of buggy device drivers, rather than the hardware.

Windows' handling of device driver failures has greatly improved over time, so now when a (for example) display driver has a shit-fit, Windows can successfully recover, rather than just barfing a blue screen, so maybe NOW your point is more valid, but it certainly wasn't prior to the introduction of Windows Driver Foundation.

about a year ago

Electronics Arts CEO Ousted In Wake of SimCity Launch Disaster

wildstoo Re:It wasn't the DRM (427 comments)

Next, the whole RCI balance mechanic has been the core of SimCity forever, and that's completely gone. Residential areas are supposed to need Commercial areas so people have a place to buy things (or work). Commercial needs shoppers, workers, and goods. Industry provides jobs for residents and goods for Commerce. They broke all of that, because sims, it seems, can live on love. All they need to not move out of their homes is "happiness," which can be obtained from shopping (commerce) but can also be obtained from city parks. So people have made 400k+ population cities that are absolutely nothing but residential high rises and parks. The people have no jobs and no money and no food, but they can still live in gleaming skyscrapers because I guess they're urban foraging in the parks.

Sounds like they were trying to create a game where cities could be genuinely different and still successful and functional. With the strong emphasis on multiplayer and shared maps, a game where people didn't have to follow the same rigid template as everybody else to create a viable city was probably considered a vital feature.

Older SC games really only had a single "optimal" strategy. I think this was what they were trying to avoid.

Unfortunately, it seems that in trying to make it more free-form and less rigid, they inadvertently weakened the "Sim" part of "SimCity".

It's a different game. People used to RCI balance as the core mechanic are going to find it different to what they expected. Whether that's better or worse is probably a matter of opinion.

about a year ago

Galaxy S 4 Dominates In Early Benchmark Testing

wildstoo Re:Cyanogenmod not on Galaxy S4 (276 comments)

Personally, I find the stock Samsung roms to be perfectly good. I've rooted my S3 and disabled a lot of the built-in Samsung apps, but apart from that, it's still running the latest official Samsung firmware. It does everything I want, so I see no reason to change for the sake of it. (In other areas/devices I'm an incorrigible modder, so this isn't just apathy, this is the 3rd party roms not being compelling enough to change).

If I still have my S3 in a year or so when Samsung have stopped releasing updates for it, then I *might* consider flashing a 3rd party rom, but by that time I'll probably have upgraded to the Galaxy S4 or S5 or whatever the new hotness is anyway.

So, no it won't affect my decision, and I doubt I'm a unique case in this regard.

about a year ago

Samsung Unveils the Galaxy S4

wildstoo Re:Eh, that's it? (619 comments)

Run out of space on your iPhone? Too bad, delete stuff.

Run out of space on your GS3? Shift stuff to the external microSD card. If that gets full, pull the back cover off and swap in another microSD card.

Run out of battery on your iPhone? Too bad, find a power socket to plug your charger into. You brought your charger, right? Hope you weren't planning to go anywhere for the next hour or so!

Run out of battery on your GS3? Pull back cover off, take dead battery out, put charged battery in.

THESE were the features that sold me on the GS3 instead of the iPhone.

about a year ago

Is the Wii U Already Dead?

wildstoo Re:Nintendo needs to rethink its place in the worl (403 comments)

Distribute the games on a medium that isn't designed to be easily created with ordinary consumer hardware. Back in the day that meant cartridges. These days it would probably look more like a USB flash drive (or maybe like a memory card), except instead of flash memory inside it would have a ROM chip. The device is designed to read the game software from that medium -- not from a CD, DVD, or hard drive.

There's no way we could go back to that now. Why go to all the cost of producing multi-gigabyte ROM chips when they can pump the games out on BluRay for a few cents per copy, and particularly when the games would still get illegally dumped and distributed anyway! They'd just be going to great expense to put a small bump in the road for the pirates.

In the long term people will figure out how to read and make images of the games that anyone can use in an emulator on a PC -- if you know where to look, you can easily find ROM images and emulators on the internet for all the old eight-bit consoles -- but that only becomes really practical once the console hardware is sufficiently obsolete to be easily emulated, i.e., after you're already selling at least the subsequent generation of console if not the one after that.

You don't have to wait 10+ years if the console was already obsolete when it was released. Case in point: Dolphin was emulating Wii games with a high degree of accuracy and compatibility for a large part of the Wii's active lifespan. Yes, the hardware requirements were a bit steep (though not so much now) to run games perfectly, but it shows how weak the Wii's hardware was (i.e. barely a step beyond the Gamecube) that a very playable emulator was available while Wii games and consoles still sat on store shelves.

about a year ago


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