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Beware of Using Google Or OpenDNS For iTunes

windex Re:Opposite Experience with Adobe Download (348 comments)

I have not read a more ignorant comment on how DNS works on slashdot in my entire history of reading slashdot.

Akamai is doing DNS geolocation. The solution is to use a combination of DNS geolocation combined with http redirects (also based on client IP geolocation) to attempt to find a good close server. If an end-user is using a remote DNS server. This can even be mostly invisible with a CDN like Akamai. DNS servers do not decide which 'Akamai' IP to give anyone. Akamai's forward resolving DNS servers return a response they have crafted as 'close' to the requesting DNS caching server (e.g. Google DNS, OpenDNS, your ISP, etc). The caching server caches the result and sends it to the DNS client on your local system. End of story. DNS does not forward or proxy the DNS client's address through the caching server to the forward resolving server. Ever.

For the record, using Akamai DNS *without* their CDN service (e.g. load balance/geolocate only) when redundant sites, AnyCast, and BGP should be standard operating procedure in enterprise network deployments is fucking stupid.

about 4 years ago

Hacking Asus EEE

windex Re:damn. That was quick. (150 comments)

An exception to the above, I have an eee running XP and I did a bluetooth hack, which was totally worth it in my case because I can use my blackberry as a bluetooth modem.

Bluetooth is pretty easy as the extra express card pin out has an integrated USB port and works well, it's actually a little easier in the eee's they removed the express card socket from, since you no longer have to build an adapter and can instead just solder it right to the board.

It's also not odd that it boots XP (or linux, or anything) fast, because it's got a solid state drive. No seek time leads to fast I/O responses, and 90% of booting windows is I/O.

more than 6 years ago


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