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Ask Slashdot: It's 2014 -- Which New Technologies Should I Learn?

wings Re:Stick to what you know (387 comments)

The real disadvantage Americans have is that we have no time portals which allow you to get 10 years of experience with a 5 year old technology.

Sometimes I wonder if they're simply looking for someone who was willing to put in in 5 years of 80hr weeks and expecting the same going forward.

1 year,8 days

Moon Mining Race Under Way

wings Re:Doesn't seem realistic (150 comments)

$20M might be enough to get an HD video camera added to an already planned mission.

about 2 years ago

Microsoft Restores Transfer Rights To Office 2013

wings Re:I'm not a car person... (130 comments)

...can someone explain that post using a computer analogy?

It's like the original Office 2013 licensing.

about 2 years ago

UK ISP PlusNet Testing Carrier-Grade NAT Instead of IPv6

wings Re:Really instead of ? (445 comments)

If we had started transitioning seriously a few years ago

Some of us did. All the computers and network equipment at my house has been ready for IPv6 for years. I am just waiting for my ISP to get with the program.

I'm still waiting for my ISP too, but I'm working around that limitation by getting IPv6 from a tunnel broker. I've had dual stack IPv4 and IPV6 access for my home network for about 2 years now and I'm not experiencing any real problems. My IPv6 access is fully routed and suitably firewalled and IPv4 is through NAT.
With applications that support both IPv6 and IPv4 it isn't always apparent which protocol was used for a connection. Everything just seems to work.

about 2 years ago

Datagram Recovers From 'Apocalyptic' Flooding During Sandy

wings Re:Just the tanks? (114 comments)

It would seem to me that a better idea would be to put pumps inside the tanks, similar to the way it's done in cars. The technology for this is well tested and should not require highly trained personnel to operate it. This would avoid all the potential problems you highlight with pressurizing a tank to pushing fuel up to an elevated pump.

more than 2 years ago

Cutting the Power Cable: How Advantageous Is Wireless Charging?

wings What's the Efficiency? (284 comments)

My concern would be the charging efficiency compared to a wired charger.
Now, I don't know about the efficiency of this kind of wireless charger or of wired chargers for that matter, but I'd expect a consumer grade wireless charger to be less efficient than a wired one. If we're going to put a few hundred million of these things in service I'd like to know what the energy penalty will be.

more than 2 years ago

New Bacterium Lives On Caffeine

wings Re:Great (121 comments)

Also a lot less EPA problems.

Well... maybe until the EPA classifies CO2 as a regulatable pollutant.

more than 3 years ago

Samsung Unveils New 10" Retina Display

wings Re:maybe.. (155 comments)

My 3 year old budget laptop has a 1280*800 screen
current laptops in the same price range are 1366*768

Those are the 'wide screen' adaptations of older standard sizes that are being pushed now.
You might not mind, or even think it's great if you watch movies all the time on your laptop, but that's not what I do with one.

more than 3 years ago

FTP Is 40 Years Old

wings Re:Too bad (253 comments)

RIP wsmr-simtel20.army.mil

I'll second that.

more than 3 years ago

Broadcasters Accuse Telecom Companies of Hoarding Spectrum

wings Re:Sounds a lot like the IPv4 crisis (102 comments)

There's a second and very important limitation: Signal to Noise Ratio. Noise has a physical minimum, so to increase SNR more power is needed.


See Shannon's Law: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shannon%E2%80%93Hartley_theorem

Shannon's Law contains nothing about current limits in technology.

Basically, for a given Signal to Noise ratio at the receiver (specifically at the detector), when the noise power approaches the power of the smallest bit division, you cannot reliably recover those bits and further subdivision is pointless.

Even in a lab, Signal to Noise is never infinite, and put a finite limit on the number of bits you can send in a channel. In the real world, the Signal to Noise at the receiver only gets worse the greater the distance between the transmitter and the receiver (inverse square), and this excludes other sources of 'noise' such as interference from other signals, multipath, propagation or other degradation effects such as holding your iPhone incorrectly.

IAARE (I Am A Radio Engineer)

more than 3 years ago

Common Traits of the Veteran Unix Admin

wings Re:We don't use sudo? (592 comments)

Well, there are thousands of ways to really muck up a system.
Do NOT try these at home

fdformat /dev/hda1

more than 3 years ago

Do Tools Ever 'Die?'

wings Re:Very easy answer (615 comments)

discontinued after employees experienced radiation burns from the constant exposure.

and sterility.

more than 3 years ago

Drug Catapult Found At US-Mexico Border

wings Re:It's a trebuchet (225 comments)

Not to mention that catapults are all but medieval.

I'd say that launching rotten tomatoes in a catapult would be mid-evil. Launching pillows would be low-evil, and launching nails and rocks hi-evil. But that's just me.

I guess then if you launch bad music it would be midi-evil?

about 4 years ago

Comcast Accused of Congestion By Choice

wings Re:The text in a readable format (434 comments)

Comcast claims that a good network maintains a 1:1 with them, but that's simply not possible unless you had Comcast and another broadband access network talking to each other. In the attached graphs you can see the ratio is more along the lines of 5:1, which Comcast was complaining about with Level (3). The reality is that the ratio argument is bogus. Broadband access networks are naturally pull-heavy and it's being used as an excuse to call foul of Level (3) and other content heavy networks. But this shoulnd't surprise anyone, the ratio argument has been used for over a decade by many of the large telephone companies as an excuse to deny peering requests.

I'm suprised the ratio is that good considering most broadband service providers force their customers into highly asymetric connections (8:1?, 10:1?, higher?) and not allow them to run servers. It's disingenious to expect the Level 3 to be a 'good network' and maintain a 1:1 ratio with them while they force their customers into a highly asymmetric traffic pattern. It appears to me that it's in the ISP's financial interest to force high assymetry.
If Comcast want's Level 3 to pay up for traffic ratios higher than 5:1, and Comcast forces their customers into still higher ratios, shouldn't Comcast be paying (refunding) their customers for the 'excess' traffic?

more than 4 years ago

Operation Payback and Hactivism 101

wings Re:It is Not DDoS (423 comments)

Nobody is breaking into the systems, they are simply utilized beyond their capacity to serve, and that happens because enough people band together to cause the disruption... Witch is in turn caused by company's actions.

Sounds just like a slashdotting. :-)

1) Website posts online article. (Company action)
2) Article gets posted to Slashdot. (Organization of people)
3) Disruption of service!

more than 4 years ago

Voting Machines Selecting Default Candidates

wings Re:Explanation? (794 comments)

I can see it now, this being marketed as a speed voting 'feature':

Announcer: Tired of voting taking so much of your time? All that tedious 'select a candidate for a race and hit Next'? With new the new Vote-0-Matic 'Speed Voting (tm)' feature just press and hold and the 'best' candidate for your language will automatically be selected and proceed to the next screen. Voting for the whole ballot is fast, easy, and just one-click!

more than 4 years ago

Apple Deprecates Their JVM

wings Re:What about servers? (451 comments)

I logged out and logged back in and the changes took effect immediately.

more than 4 years ago

Proving 0.999... Is Equal To 1

wings Re:This is just faulty math (1260 comments)

Actually, if you define 0.999... as having an infinite number of decimal points, then it is true. And that's how that ellipsis is defined! It means exactly infinite repeating decimals.

So the difference between 1 and 0.999... is an infinite number of zeros followed by a 1

1.0 - 0.999... = 0.000...1

more than 4 years ago


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