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Experience the New Slashdot Mobile Site

wiresquire New windows and back button (384 comments)

Apologies if mentioned above. Using android default browser. Couple of use cases that looks like haven't been considered.

1. Opening stories in new tab. I like to open the main slashdot page, browse down the stories, then as I see a story I like long press on the story and choose to open it in a new tab. This preserves my place on the main page, and I can reviews the story/comments in a new tab. Then close it when I am finished. Currently cannot long press on anything. Appears that each story summary on the main page has no 'links' as understood by the Android browser, rather some sort of screen area that cannot be opened as a separate tab.

2. Back button does not work. Seeing as I couldn't open stories in a new tab, I pressed to open a story. Naturally as with any browser based application, when I had finished, I used the Back button to return to the main Slashdot page. This resulted in slashdot disappearing altogether! I guess you are using dynamic loading of content. If you don't want this to work in a browser, then create your own client side application with it's own functionality. If you expect this to work in a browser, then for god's(gods,noodly) sake RESPECT THE WAY THAT BROWSERS WORK!

about 2 years ago

Global Bacon Shortage 'Unavoidable'

wiresquire Greedy fucks... (293 comments)

I knew those fuckers at Epic Meal Time were going too far with the bacon.

more than 2 years ago

Controlling Linux Using an Android Phone As Mouse, Keyboard, and Gamepad

wiresquire BluePutDroid? (93 comments)

BluePutDroid will do the same thing. It works by turning your android device into a bluetooth Human Inteface Device (HID). So, it will work with pretty much any device that has bluetooth. Don't have bluetooth? I'm sure you can find a cheap bluetooth USB dongle.

I use it for my PS3. It also has mouse control and has a screen for the PS buttons. I can't handle the 'typing' using PS3 gamepads...

I guess I could use it as a keyboard for my laptop which has bluetooth, but i dunno why, they already built one in!

more than 2 years ago

Visualizing Behavior-Tracking Cookies With Firefox

wiresquire Adblock and noscript close, except.... (85 comments)

...the problem I find a lot nowadays, is that a lot of sites require you to allow scripts from 3rd party domains, eg, googleapis, for the site to actually work.

So, naturally by allowing this you can be tracked.

more than 3 years ago

Bionic Leg Undergoing Clinical Trials

wiresquire Rappers Delight! (86 comments)

I said a hip, a hop, the hippity-hop
To the hip hip hop, and you dont stop!

more than 3 years ago

Google Will Save Videos After All

wiresquire of course! (69 comments)

Of course they will!

They saved all your wifi traffic, why not save your videos too!

more than 3 years ago

Why People Should Stop Being Duped By the 3D Scam

wiresquire Re:*sigh* (394 comments)

There had to be one post that was modded up to 5 to provide a 'fair and balanced' view.

It's just a shame that is is such a trollish post. "Anti-geek", "anti-apple", "anti-beer", "anti-car", "anti-environment", "anti-everything"

How could it NOT be modded up?

It's a sad reflection of the current slashdot users that this type of comment is now regarded as 'insightful'.

more than 3 years ago

Linux Kernel Suffering Power Management Regression?

wiresquire Re:2.6.38 has a power management problem indeed (186 comments)

Measuring heat may not be a fair comparison. Perhaps the 2.6.38 performs >20% better at that higher temp? How many loops are you getting in that period?

I have a general perception that running fast for a short time and idling at low power for longer is generally better for low power consumption.

Also heat may not necessarily be a good indication of performance directly. Just as battery life is not necessarily a direct indication of performance.

Correlation != causation.


more than 3 years ago

Texas Student Attends School As a Robot

wiresquire AWESOMO! (218 comments)

Cartman, that's is a really cruel joke to play on Butters.

I'm amazed that he fell for it again.

more than 3 years ago

Google Adds To Mozilla's Push For 'Do Not Track'

wiresquire Pot meet kettle? (128 comments)

Does this plug-in/add-on also stop all tracking of Google properties?

Not just the google ads, but also all those other google sites like oh, I don't know, googleapis, youtube etc?

Just because they're not serving ads doesn't mean that they don't or can't track you.

about 4 years ago

UN Considering Control of the Internet

wiresquire Those US ideals... (402 comments)

...has anyone considered that those ideals that are contained or implied in the US constitution only apply to USians?

Think about it. It makes sense.

more than 4 years ago

Amazon Building Its Own Android App Market?

wiresquire Google == goggle (165 comments)

Google has really had their goggles (or blinders) on about the whole app market.

While they've managed to create a lot of market momentum behind what is fundamentally a hardware platform, they have been unable to tie that to their software based platform.

Is this because of their 'open' stance? Perhaps, but that's only going to be able to be discerned over time.

As hardware has become 'commodotized', so has software, and so too will the 'great' web services like google.

It's only a matter of time.

more than 4 years ago

Gartner Predicts Android Most Popular Mobile OS By 2014

wiresquire Deja vu? (180 comments)

Google will be (or already is?) the new Microsoft.

Just as Microsoft was the new IBM.

more than 4 years ago

AU Government Censors Document On Planned Web Snooping

wiresquire Of course they did! (169 comments)

Of course they censored it.
This falls under the realm of a threat to national security.


more than 4 years ago

Ubuntu's "Lucid Lynx" Enters Beta

wiresquire Harden the f*** up! (366 comments)

OK disclaimer first. I haven't seen it yet. I haven't seen a screen shot yet. I haven't read anything yet. I'm still running 9.04.

But I can absolutely see reasons to support this.

I recently enabled the Group and Tab Windows in Compiz.
I was staggered by the functionality and possibilities, but frustrated by the usability. Right click on title bar? Nothing. Anything in the Windowing menu (Top left under icon)? Err, nope. AFAICT, the only way to make any use of it is knowing the key stroke combos. It's like learning all over again! And this is the only way to control the GUI itself! No integration into the Windowing UI?

So, from my perspective, you need a way to control the newer MDI technologies, and if they stick it in the window bar where _/[]/X was, stick that same _/[]/X wherever you want.

Eye candy will definitely win some converts. If it's an opportunity for Ubuntu to lead and someone else to react, then what have you got to lose?


more than 4 years ago

Australian Govt. Proposes Internet "Panic Button" For Kids

wiresquire Re:WTF is wrong with Australia? (434 comments)

Sad, isnt it? You should just be thankful you only see the really best of the ideas our glorious leaders of business and politics come up with.

It's as if pure marketing has taken over the country. Everyone is on a desperate mission to do something that is "first", "best" or some other superlative to get their 15 minutes of fame. Whether it actually makes any sense, is logically feasible, or benefits Australians is irrelevant.


more than 5 years ago

Obama Kicks Off Massive Science Education Effort

wiresquire Excellent! More awards! (801 comments)

Now we can give Obama the Nobel prize for Chemistry and Physics as well!


more than 5 years ago

Do You Provide Tech Support To Friends and Family?

wiresquire Re:I dn't know which is worse (606 comments)

the number of poster who are selfish bastards, or how stupid their families seem to me.

I can't be the only one whose parents don't need to be told more then once how to take care of their computer.

My friend, you should be happy your parents are so young and have all their faculties.

I can tell my dad something now, tell him to write it down, and in 10 minutes, he's forgotten where he put the note that he wrote down.

There's a slight difference between being selfish and protecting yourself from going insane(r).

I kid you not, I went through a stage explaining to my Mum why her spreadsheets were not on her computer anymore because she had actually changed computers. Just she didn't remember that one small detail; same keyboard and screen; she had just replaced the box (of course with a different hdd in it).
It's worse when you get accused of deleting the files :-(

Alzheimer city is not a pleasant place. I'm pretty sure I'll be there shortly...


more than 5 years ago

Do You Provide Tech Support To Friends and Family?

wiresquire Changed over time....and depends on who it is... (606 comments)

I think I have been through most of the poll options above over time.

I started with "Yes, gladly", but have found that my best case nowadays is "Yes, but at great cost to my eternal soul". It does depend to some extent which member of family/friends I'm dealing with. My best friends and favorite family members DON'T ask for or get any tech help. Try that simple check for yourself. Doesn't mean I don't do anything for them, just not that dirty techy stuff ;-)

In most cases nowadays, it is actually "No" in one form or another. Let's not be dishonest with each other, "I feign ignorance" is a reflection that you can't say that word "No". In other words, you prefer to lie rather than offend friends or a family member.

I must say I was staggered by the huge vote for "Yes, but at great cost to me". Clearly, you want to say No, but can't or won't do it. I hope that the friends/family understand that it's a big favour you're doing for them; it's not something that is necessarily easy, nor that you want to do!

Anyways, as I get older...err, I mean more mature, I move further down the "No" tree. Goddam kids better stay off my lawn too!


more than 5 years ago


wiresquire hasn't submitted any stories.



wiresquire wiresquire writes  |  more than 10 years ago

...I don't know what you're doing here. There's nothing to see.

Go away and do something useful with your time.

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