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Ask Slashdot: Good, Forgotten Fantasy & Science Fiction Novels?

wllf Cyteen (1244 comments)

Cyteen by C. J. Cherryh: the first 100 pages or so are tough, you get dumped into the story without any explanation what is going on. But when you get through that it is difficult to stop reading. One of the best I have read.

Also great: Lyonesse by Jack Vance, the Amber series by Roger Zelazny, Hyperion series by Dan Simmons, Asimov's Foundation.

more than 2 years ago

Hacking Canon Point-and-Shoot Cameras

wllf Re:I own an A630, this really is a neat hack (242 comments)

The RAW files from chdk are not in any standard format and contain no exif information. You can convert them easily to DNG with this tool. It even copies the exif information from the jpg if it is available.

more than 6 years ago


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