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Service Promises To Leak Your Documents If the Government Murders You

wonkey_monkey Re:"Publish and be damned." (84 comments)

There's a theory that, in Doyle's Sherlock universe, it was also Holmes who pulled the trigger. Watson was being discreet about it when he wrote it up. I forget the details, but I think there wasn't a very good reason for the shooter to have been present at that time.

5 hours ago

SkyOrbiter UAVs Could Fly For Years and Provide Global Internet Access

wonkey_monkey Re:Quarkson (48 comments)

This could be the best internet... in the world.

Also, ah-so karate chop.


Nvidia Sinks Moon Landing Hoax Using Virtual Light

wonkey_monkey Re:It proves the conspiracy theorists right (sort (247 comments)

I'm not sure conspiracy theorists ever got that far in their reasoning. It's always seemed to be enough for them that Aldrin is lit at all, because as we all know, light doesn't reflect in a vacuum. Or it only reflects once. Or something.


Nvidia Sinks Moon Landing Hoax Using Virtual Light

wonkey_monkey Re:Star Trek: TNG Identity Crisis (247 comments)

Almost. He discovers the shadow which is in the recording, then has the computer extrapolate the shape of the object that cast the shadow.


Nvidia Sinks Moon Landing Hoax Using Virtual Light

wonkey_monkey Re:There are numerous other obvious flaws (247 comments)

It's why you can't see stars in the daylight here on Earth.

Is it? I thought it was because the daylight completely drowns out the miniscule amount of light from the stars, not that the exposure is way off.

You could have opened the shutter or extended the exposure on the Moon and seen some stars, but you couldn't do that during daytime on Earth.


SpaceX Launches Supplies to ISS, Including Its First 3D Printer

wonkey_monkey Re: "without gravity"??? (128 comments)

While yes, there is a gravity field nearby

There's a gravity field everywhere.

2 days ago

NY Magistrate: Legal Papers Can Be Served Via Facebook

wonkey_monkey Re:What? (184 comments)

Try, otherwise it's not much of a contribution to discussion.

Why is it any more absurd than passing around pieces of mashed up tree peppered with black gunk?

2 days ago

Video Released, Crowdfunding Underway For Axiom Open Source Cinema Camera

wonkey_monkey Re: Editors, could you at least pretend to care? (50 comments)

It should read "world's first," and "videocam" isn't used in English ("cam" has connotations of "camcorder," implying low resolution). I assumed that this was because English is perhaps not your first language - and it's great to see someone taking the trouble to write their own summary, instead of just copying and pasting a couple of paragraphs - but if I was en editor I'd have tidied those bits up.

2 days ago

Washington DC To Return To Automatic Metro Trains

wonkey_monkey Are you asking or telling? (175 comments)

That never happens on the London underground with human operators?

Are you asking a question or making a statement? Hello, editors?

Now however replacement of 'faulty' modules

Is that what they call human drivers now?

2 days ago

Star Wars Producers Want a 'DroneShield' To Prevent Leaks On Set

wonkey_monkey Re:Surely (137 comments)

Just declaring a no fly zone not something a movie company can just do when it feels like it.

an amplifier strong enough to interupt all radio frequencies [...] would be

Illegal, yes.

2 days ago

Star Wars Producers Want a 'DroneShield' To Prevent Leaks On Set

wonkey_monkey Re:Obvious solution ... (137 comments)

It's not hard to flood those frequencies with plenty of noise

It may not be hard, but it is illegal.

2 days ago

Star Wars Producers Want a 'DroneShield' To Prevent Leaks On Set

wonkey_monkey Re:I love Star Wars! (137 comments)

He didn't hit it that hard. It must have had a self-destruct.

(and it was Han)

2 days ago

KDE's UI To Bend Toward Simplicity

wonkey_monkey Simplicity itself (184 comments)

KDE's UI To Bend Toward Simplicity

"Bend toward simplicity"? Couldn't you have just said "to be simplified"? That seems... simpler.

3 days ago

Google's Doubleclick Ad Servers Exposed Millions of Computers To Malware

wonkey_monkey Re:And there's the reason why... (223 comments)


Or, actually, right, given that the GP was expressing his own personal opinion. But, hey, if you know his mind better than he does...

You will reconsider

Also you can see into the future. Neat!

3 days ago

Amazon Purchases .buy TLD For $4.6 Million

wonkey_monkey Sounds like no-one has faith in these new TLDs (64 comments)

Google was also reportedly outbid for the .tech domain, which went for around $6.7 million.

Outbid at a paltry $6.7m? Sounds to me like Google had zero real interest.

3 days ago

Mystery Signal Could Be Dark Matter Hint In ISS Detector

wonkey_monkey Annihilating the Milky Way's halo? (55 comments)

the telltale sign of dark matter annihilating the Milky Way's halo

Is that supposed to be "annihilating in the Milky Way's halo"?

4 days ago

Australian Police Arrest 15, Charge 2, For Alleged Islamic State Beheading Plot

wonkey_monkey Re:An Insightful Quote (165 comments)


It's a quote from the brother of one of the arrested men:

Raban Alou said police were targeting his brother Kawa because he hung around a "bunch of hotheads" who were being investigated by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

He said police were searching for any material that could link his family to al-Qaeda or Islamic State.

"I dunno, I got a lot of anger," he said. "It's a war on Islam just because we grow our beards. They want to label us as a terrorist, or supporters of IS, whatever, that's up to you."

I'm not sure it's all that insightful, though.

4 days ago

Torvalds: No Opinion On Systemd

wonkey_monkey Re:well said! (380 comments)

I have no opinion on it.

about a week ago


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