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My toy collection is ...

wordisms Money now to buy the toys I didn't have then (396 comments)

I did have awesome Legos and a fair bit of video games, so I can't complain... but RPG-type goods were always so expensive if you really got into it. Now that I have the luxury of expendable income, I have rediscovered Magic the Gathering (and have some old cards as well), D&D 4E books with some miniatures too (adding to the few dice I had before), and in recent years I found Heroscape which I've really enjoyed as well.

I've kept up video games since childhood, and while I wish I had more of my childhood toys (especially the Legos and old consoles) they went to good homes as hand-me-downs to siblings and relatives.

With any luck, my kids may find these toys enjoyable as well, and then I can pass the toys on to them.

I hope I never stop enjoying games and toys, and I look forward to what may come to gaming and toys in the years ahead.

more than 5 years ago

Beginning Lua Programming

wordisms Try out lua - on Nmap (173 comments)

Great example of how lua can extend the functionality of a program. Check out the Nmap Scripting Engine.

With lua and NSE, nmap can now do things like vulnerability testing. Why not download nmap now and give it a try?

more than 7 years ago


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