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E-Books On a $20 Cell Phone

wren337 Re:sponsered phones. (116 comments)

You can pick up a CDMA smartphone with a bad ESN for next to nothing on ebay, and with wifi it's a pocket-size game and internet platform for kids. No need to activate a call plan.

about two weeks ago

Scientists Boost the "Will To Persevere" With Current To the Brain

wren337 Re:Could turn our lives into a dystopia... (127 comments)

Or, more likely, soldiers. Imagine all of your troops experiencing this at once just before battle.

Current to the anterior midcingulate cortex gave both patients an increased heart rate, physical sensation in the chest or neck, and “anticipation of challenge coupled with strong motivation to overcome it”

about 9 months ago

Never Underestimate the Bandwidth of a Suburban Filled With MicroSD Cards

wren337 A padded envelope full of flash drives (208 comments)

We can overnight a padded envelope full of 32GB drives anywhere in the country. That's hard to beat when you need to send a few dozen gigabytes in 12 hours.

about a year ago

Computer Trading and Dark Pools

wren337 Re:"have to be the same or better" (222 comments)

My problem with this is, you can't say what the "market" price is when so much of the bidding is in dark pools. You can't look at a 1/8 or smaller sliver and say "that's the market price" - your participation in that market would have changed the price.

about a year ago

The Amish Are Getting Fracked

wren337 Re:lawsuit by proxy? (367 comments)

They need to set up a trust that can negotiate and sue on their behalf, that would be required by law to act in their best interests. They could grant the oil rights to the trust for 5-20 years and get periodic payments back out.

about a year ago

UC Davis Study Concludes H-1B Workers Neither Best Nor Brightest

wren337 Re:Supply and demand (353 comments)

What if H1B workers became free agents after 6 months? No paperwork on the part of the hiring company, they just accept a new offer and file something to say they are switching employers. If the problem is that there are not enough qualified people in the "hiring pool" then this shouldn't matter, right? After all they will tell you that they're paying a competitive salary already.

This whole artificially depressed salary thing could blow over if they weren't indentured servants, unable to move. You could normalize salaries pretty quickly. And the sponsoring company would have to become competitive enough to keep people.

about a year and a half ago

Human Rights Watch: Petition Against Robots On the Battle Field

wren337 Re:These are not the droids you're looking for (275 comments)

Landmines are the perfect example of existing autonomous technology. Next steps would be, I imagine, drones that fly themselves home if jammed. Still pretty innocuous but a step into automation.

Also imagine a first generation turret. Automated target acquisition based on stereo imaging and stereo microphones. The first models would require an operator to approve the target. But the systems are so much faster than us - soon you'd want to be able to approve a target area, hold down the "OK" button and have it keep firing. We're not talking spray and pray here - this thing could be single round fully automated sniper, catching someone who only sticks their head up for a fraction of a second. How long until you'd designate an area as a no-go hostile zone and leave it on all night to guard the perimeter?

about a year and a half ago

Google Patents Staple of '70s Mainframe Computing

wren337 Re:I'm Sorry, but... (333 comments)

This is a case of the USPTO saying "We don't understand this fully, we'll let the courts figure it out".

And the courts say "We don't understand this fully, we'll defer to the experts at the USPTO".

about a year and a half ago

When Google Got Flu Wrong

wren337 Re:Because everyone thinks they have the flu (72 comments)

I had the flu this season, I was laid out in bed for 4 days. Didn't eat anything, drank a little orange juice. Bundled up in a wool hat under a pile of blankets, drenched in cold sweat. I haven't been that sick since I was a kid.

about a year and a half ago

Worldwide Shortage of Barium

wren337 Re:What the what what? (270 comments)

Topologically you are homeomorphic to a doughnut

about a year and a half ago

Algorithmic Trading Glitch Costs Firm $440 Million

wren337 Moral Hazard (377 comments)

No way any of these trades should be unwound. You want to give an algorithm your wallet and let it make lightning trades on your behalf? Fine, but learn to live with the consequences.

more than 2 years ago

NSA Building US's Biggest Spy Center

wren337 Re:One Time DVD or SD anyone? (279 comments)

This. Your OTP can't have any pattern to it. You'd have to remove the entropy first, maybe by applying tight lossless compression and then XOR'ing a set of images together.

more than 2 years ago

NSA Building US's Biggest Spy Center

wren337 Re:a thought (279 comments)

You're assuming that you're chaining the new AES key into the preceding message. Better to increase the frequency of the PKI handshake and periodically exchange new, clean AES keys.

As for the parent's question about a new key for each message - you could exchange one-time keypads securely and then use a new keypad with each message. Bulky, but guaranteed to be as secure as your exchange and storage mechanisms.

more than 2 years ago

After Legal Fight, NCI Researchers Publish Study Linking Diesel Exhaust, Cancer

wren337 Re:Sue the lawyers (196 comments)

The biggest liability the tobacco companies had was that they KNEW what was happening and actively covered it up. I hope these groups have bought themselves a ton of liability from anyone who was injured AFTER they suppressed publication.

more than 2 years ago

OLPC Project To Air-Drop Laptops

wren337 Like pixie dust (130 comments)

We just sprinkle them over the poor, and POOF! All better.

more than 2 years ago

How X-Ray Scanners Became Mandatory In US Airports

wren337 Re:Just say you can't raise your arms over your he (264 comments)

When they passed seat belt laws in Michigan it was a "secondary offense" - you couldn't be pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt. Until they changed the law after about 10 years, once everyone had gotten used to it.

more than 2 years ago

How To Rob a Bank: One Social Engineer's Story

wren337 Re:And I call (111 comments)

Try carrying a big costco sheet cake that says "Happy Birthday!". Easier than carrying all those tools, and you can go business casual.

more than 2 years ago

Shady Reshipping Centers Exposed

wren337 Hmm... (143 comments)

1) Set up in a foreclosed house somewhere
2) Answer ad on Craigslist for reshipping job
3) Keep merchandise, send out packages weighted with bricks
4) Disappear before 1st package arrives in Russia
5) Profit???

more than 2 years ago


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