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New IE 8 Zero Day Discovered

wulper Re:why are they taking so long? (134 comments)

surely anybody who hasn't updated ie8 until now probably won't install a patch when it comes out either. I didn't think about that.

about 4 months ago

New IE 8 Zero Day Discovered

wulper Re:why are they taking so long? (134 comments)

that's was a rethorical question, btw. I suppose incompetence of an almost petrified juggernaut. or maybe fixing it would break some obscure feature someone pays for.

about 4 months ago

New IE 8 Zero Day Discovered

wulper why are they taking so long? (134 comments)

this IS a critical bug... onehundredandeighty days... 180 zero days. why? MS wants to drive up marketshare of competing browsers incompetence? MS employees acitvely exploiting the bug?

about 4 months ago

The Linux Foundation and edX Team Up for Intoduction to Linux Class

wulper Re:Oh, Computers! You so crazy! (74 comments)

well, maybe he wants to do such a course. OR maybe the LinuxFoundation needs money and thought a course taught by some celebrity will provide more of it. whatever, I think it's cool. ..but I'd rather have Bill Gates explaining how to set up an home network on Windows 95. Just for my private, perverse enjoyment.

about 4 months ago

Efforts To Turn Elephants Into Woolly Mammoths Are Already Underway

wulper Re:so... (147 comments)

because they can?

about 4 months ago

Boot Sector Virus Shipped on German Laptops

wulper Where do you get such an old virus? (79 comments)

I mean, without voluntarily looking for it? And how do you get it accidentally on a new PC? Have they stored the bios on infected floppies, or what? Installed DOS first, because the Windows Vista upgrade is cheaper than an OEM version? Tsk, tsk.

about 7 years ago


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