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The Future of Indie MMOGs

www.mafiaclassic.com Re:Quality (69 comments)

The games popularity should depend on the quality of the game and not the market hype. With a good idea and the urge to follow through it should not matter if the game was made in a studio or a garage

i agree !!! i have spent countless hours , over 2500 on my game at http://www.mafiaclassic.com/ trying to infuse elements that make it more of a addicting yet fun game. one of my key elements was coding in a floating weapon script where there is only one of each of the weapons and the only way to get it to use this is to steal it off another player. it gives the game a nice little twist to it. baz http://www.mafiaclassic.com/

more than 5 years ago

Obesity May Accelerate Brain Aging

www.mafiaclassic.com Re:I also noticed a link (289 comments)

Between Obesity and the loss of food in my kitchen.

But seriously - this seems like its leading to a "Overweight people aren't smart enough to care about their health" kind of thing.

isnt all food poisonous anyway ? lol

more than 5 years ago



testing new type of a referral system $1.50

www.mafiaclassic.com www.mafiaclassic.com writes  |  more than 5 years ago

www.mafiaclassic.com writes "today i thought i could use some valuable feedback on a new type of referral system i have implemented and designed into my game. Alot of thought was put into this project and is still on going today. Im a owner of a browser based game. http://www.mafiaclassic.com/ what i have coded in is a referral system where it pays a player $1.50 per referral. there is vast differences thou to the existing referral system found in all mafia and pimp type browser games. My one is submitted within the actual game login. Other mafia and pimp games is done outside the game. This helps to stop a mass of fake profiles. Because it is built IN the game and not OUTSIDE , i then coded in a check user to make sure the new referrer is active. I then coded in a script to make sure a user can only be referred once and never again. the last and final value is manual , me actually checking it before approving. The thought that consistently arises is that i feel this approach may be much more effective then PTC services , google adwords and other forms of marketing and advertising on the internet which can be very costly and give very little results. To sum up the conclusion , its like $150 for 100 players , i personal feel is a better fee to pay , even in the event 50% leave and i gain 50% , thats still 50 new users. any thoughts about this ? your feedback would be highly appreciated and the game can be view here at http://www.mafiaclassic.com/"
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mafia game

www.mafiaclassic.com www.mafiaclassic.com writes  |  more than 5 years ago

www.mafiaclassic.com writes "a mafia game with a twist. after many moons , sleepless nights , ashtray looking like a volcano and god knows how many cups of coffee i finally completed a mafia turn based game that's unique. So whats the scoop here ? Ability to chose over 60 different types of attacks including using snipers , throwing petrol at your victim and setting them on fire , or stealing one of the many weapons and using it on them minutes after they were using it on you. there is alot of laughs in this game , fun things to do to get even. you can start a crew and be a boss or just join a crew and help them to rank... or be disloyal and run of with the crews entire bank.. but be carefull , paybacks a bitch. A fun game for all ages. http://www.mafiaclassic.com/"
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