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UK Government Department Still Runs VME Operating System Installed In 1974

www.sorehands.com It is called good coding. (189 comments)

Many people are shocked that computers/systems for 20 years still run, but is says a few things:

1. That people are used to crap code that can't keep running.
2. That people are used to crap products that can't last for more than a couple of years.

If it ain't broke, why fix it? They sent man to the moon on less CPU horsepower than my Nexus 6. Voyager has been running for more than 35 years in the harshness of space.

about two weeks ago

"Infrared Curtain" Brings Touchscreen Technology To Cheap Cars

www.sorehands.com Re:This is So old... (123 comments)

I was at Carroll Touch back in the 90s. It did not support multi-touch.

I think it is news because nobody, until now, came up with the obvious idea is to add a IR touch panel over the display in the car.....DUH!

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: Good Hosting Service For a Parody Site?

www.sorehands.com I can host (115 comments)

I can provide hosting. I am not a big host like some others, but am located in USA and I do not cave to threats.

The last guy, Robert Smolely, who threatened me with a libel claim for posting my lawsuit accusing him of illegal spamming spent 40 months in prison. I had an ex employer threaten me with a libel claim which when we went to court, they wrote me a 6 figure check.

Contact me through my web site.

about 3 months ago

iOS Trojan Targets Hong Kong Protestors

www.sorehands.com It is called IOS 8.0.1 (72 comments)

IOS 8.0.1 will disrupt cellular communications on an iPhone without the need to root the phone.

It's not a bug, it is a feature.

about 4 months ago

What Would You Do With the World's Most Powerful Laser?

www.sorehands.com Re:I would.. - solution (143 comments)

Electric eels with lasers, they have their own power source.

about a year ago

Laser Headlights Promise More Intense, Controllable Beams

www.sorehands.com Re:Side benefit (376 comments)

Hack the lights, fry the next guy who cuts me off or goes to slow.

Driving in Boston is a contact sport.

about a year ago

Is Computer Science Education Racist and Sexist?

www.sorehands.com Re:Yes it is rascist, and a little sexist (612 comments)

I have a friend who I met during my junior year in high school and her junior year of college. She was a EE and chemistry major. She ended up doing microprocessor optimization code, and was definitely female. She was working on her masters in physical electronics while married.
  I didn't see her in these courses to get a husband.

about a year ago

Chicago Public Schools Promoting Computer Science to Core Subject

www.sorehands.com Nothing new here, sort of. (236 comments)

Offering computer as a major course is not new, this goes back to 1978. As part of a partnership with MIT and the Boston Public Schools, they implemented a Computer Science curriculum in the Mario Umana Harbor School of Science and Technology.

about a year ago

The Academy For Software Engineering: a High School For Developers

www.sorehands.com Nothing new! (56 comments)

This is not a new thing. In the 1976 the Mario Umana Harbor School of Science and technology was formed as a partnership between MIT and the Boston Public Schools. We never got tours of Facebook or Google, but that might be because they didn't exist at the time. We got tours of the MIT museums and labs.

Of course, who doesn't know about the Bronx High School of Science.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: When Is It OK To Not Give Notice?

www.sorehands.com alumni reunion BBQ (892 comments)

I worked (on contract) for a company in Round Rock that had that. It was a great group of people to work for. Sometimes Tim would draw a mustache on me, which could be a bit annoying.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: When Is It OK To Not Give Notice?

www.sorehands.com Where do thay say that? (892 comments)

What law prohibits employers from giving information? In the USA, I don't believe there is a law against giving any information. In fact, there is a limited privilege for giving references. However, most companies will give out very little information so as to avoid being sued.

about a year and a half ago

Iron In Egyptian Relics Came From Space

www.sorehands.com Re:Obligatory (119 comments)

It was the giant aliens.

about a year and a half ago

School Board Considers Copyright Ownership of Student and Teacher Works

www.sorehands.com Unintended Consquence (351 comments)

If work done by a teacher at home because property of the school, then that work would become work for the school Then, any injury at home tangentially related to the work would become a work related injury.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Collect Payments From a Multinational Company?

www.sorehands.com Talk to a lawyer. (341 comments)

This is not legal advice until: I go to law school, graduate law school, become licensed in your jurisdiction, and confirm your retainer check had cleared.

Talk to a lawyer to determine where they can be sued. If you provided code to them, revoke the license to use/distribute that code and inform them of that. File a copyright on that code. Then sue them for piracy, breach of contract, fraud, promissory estoppel, unjust enrichment, etc. Once you get a judgement, seize assets, have the court find the corporation in contempt, lock up the officers. Have a blue police box wait for a few people who can help. Essentially, go to war.

more than 2 years ago

Reiser4 File System Still In Development

www.sorehands.com What about performance? (317 comments)

It has killer performance.

It kills the other filesystems in the benchmarks.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Fight Copyright Violations With DMCA?

www.sorehands.com Forget injunction against google. (455 comments)

Get a declaratory judgment. Once a Court rules it is yours, then Google will listen. How much would Google spend to fight when it has no dog in the fight.

more than 2 years ago

Flexible Robot Can Change Colors

www.sorehands.com Does it turn blue? (42 comments)

Does it turn blue and look like a police call box?

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Do With a Math Degree?

www.sorehands.com Vegas, Baby! (416 comments)

1. Head to Vegas.
2. Count Cards.
3. Profit.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Shop For a Laptop?

www.sorehands.com There is an easy fix. (732 comments)

Reinstall windows.

Or at least that is what they tried to tell me when the battery went to crap after 10 months.

more than 2 years ago

Is a "Net Zero" Data Center Possible?

www.sorehands.com No! (160 comments)

As a net 0, No. It can't work from solar. The amount of electrical storage would make it impracticable.

However, this is a good idea, not as a net 0, but for cost and sustainability. Having solar during the day would reduce cost and cut down the backup generator requirement. If there is a brown-out/black-out on the power grid, during the day, you have solar. At night you'd still need diesel.

more than 2 years ago



California Appeals Court Rules that Anonymous Domain Name Service Is Illegal.

www.sorehands.com www.sorehands.com writes  |  more than 2 years ago

www.sorehands.com writes "Last week, a California Court of Appeals upheld the trial court decision awarding Dan Balsam $7,000.00 in damages and $81,900 in attorney fees and costs.

The court found that the Defendants use of Godaddy's Domains by Proxy service for the domain names in the headers was sufficient to make the headers deceptive where there was no other identifier in the from lines to identify Trancos as the sender was illegal as a matter of law. In a past case, I successfully argued that these types of domain name anonymity service makes the provider of the service liable as the owner of the domain name.

This case also endorsed the ruling in Hypertouch v. Valueclick, which found that the California law is not preempted by the I-CAN-SPAM Act."

Link to Original Source

Spamhaus loses to E360 and David Linhardt.

www.sorehands.com www.sorehands.com writes  |  more than 3 years ago

www.sorehands.com writes "Back in 2006, e360Insight and David Linhardt obtained an $11.7M against Spamhaus. (See http://slashdot.org/story/06/10/22/0339211/Judge-Rules-In-Favor-Of-Spamhaus)

Since then the judgment had been appealed, and reduced to $27,002. This judgment was appealed, again. The appeals court entered a judgment against Spamhaus, in the amount of $3.

If oral arguments for the latest appeal did not go well for e360Insight, see http://slashdot.org/story/06/10/22/0339211/Judge-Rules-In-Favor-Of-Spamhaus .

The appeals court found in e360's favor, in the amount of $3.00. See http://blog.ericgoldman.org/

Link to Original Source

A spamming attorney gets sentenced to 40 months.

www.sorehands.com www.sorehands.com writes  |  more than 3 years ago

www.sorehands.com writes "While one spammer, Robert Soloway, gets released on probation, the Feds send another, Robert Smoley, to the slammer for 40 months.

I know about Smoley because I tracked him down, and beat him in court. Not only was he an attorney, he still has not lost his license, yet. The IRS contacted me as a result of seeing my web site, and I gladly assisted the IRS in tracking his business.

He not only bounced a check on me, but stiffed his local counsel and one of his ISPs."

Link to Original Source

California Spam Law Upheld by Appeals Court.

www.sorehands.com www.sorehands.com writes  |  about 4 years ago

www.sorehands.com (142825) writes "In the first California appeals court ruling, in Hypertouch v. Valueclick, it is ruled that the I-CAN-SPAM Act does not preempt California Business & Professions Code Section 17529.5. California Business & Professions Code Section 17529.5 prohibits the use of falsified headers and subject lines that are likely to mislead recipients.

Spammers have been claiming, and some courts have been ruling, that to survive preemption, a Plaintiff has to show all the elements of fraud (false representation, knowledge, reliance, and damage from the reliance.) The reliance and damage from the reliance is difficult as it would essentially require the recipient to buy the penis enlargement pills and show that they don't work, or to send the money to the Nigerian prince. An ISP could never show reliance and harm, as they are not the recipient and would not be responding to e-mails traversing their systems.

Spammers, and Courts have been claiming that the rulings in Gordon v. Virtumundo, 575 F.3d 1040, and Omega World Travel, Inc. v. Mummagraphics (4th Cir. 2006)
469 F.3d 348 rules that state laws are preempted, but this is dispelled in Hypertouch. In both Gordon and Omega, there was no false information inserted, just not complete (the spammer could be identified using a whois lookup.) In Hypertouch, it is alleged that there were false names in the headers. The Court's seem not to get, or it has not been argued, that a from line is supposed to say who/what an e-mail is from, not from the "Free 50 inch plasma TV." What legitimate business hides their identity when sending an e-mail?

While most of the federal courts have been ruling that it is not required, those rulings do not bind the state courts. This ruling binds all California courts.

The ruling also made it clear that the advertiser is responsible for the acts of their agents, even if their agents promise not to spam. This is very important, as in most, and my own litigation, the Defendants' David Szpak and Emmanuel Gurtler have their affiliates agree not to spam, but had hired Yamboo Financials, (See http://www.spamhaus.org/rokso/evidence.lasso?rokso_id=ROK3095 ) which had 17 different affiliate ids, and ignored multiple lawsuits for spamming.

A copy of the ruling is at http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/opinions/documents/B218603.PDF"

David Linhardt and e360Insight wins?

www.sorehands.com www.sorehands.com writes  |  more than 4 years ago

www.sorehands.com (142825) writes "In his ruling (http://www.scribd.com/doc/33079676/e360-Insight-LLC-v-The-Spamhaus-Project-N-D-Ill-June-11-2010) today, Judge Kocoras cut the $11MM Award Against Spamhaus to $27,002.

Today, the Court in e360Insight v. Spamhaus ruled in favor of 3e360Insight and David Linhardt in the amount of $27,002. After three years of litigation, and several other related lawsuits.

Linhardt crowed about his $11M win against Spamhaus, but when it came to providing any damages, he failed. But for a procedural failure of the original Spamhaus counsel, the case could have quickly been disposed of.

The fact that Linhardt crowed about his Spamhaus judgment and filed lawsuits against people who brought him to the attention of myself and others who initiated proceedings against him. He had been sued by myself, some details at http://www.barbieslapp.com/spam, John Ferron, some details at http://spamsuite.com/node/333.

He sued newsgroup participants for calling him a spammer, claiming that they are part of the great Spamhaus conspiracy against him. Those suits were dismissed, then filed again, and dismissed, and then finally dismissed again. I don't know how much Linhardt paid to be allowed to dismiss those cases.

Linahardt sued Comcast for blocking his spam, more information at http://spamsuite.com/node/352 . Not only did the judge make a quick dismissal of Linhardt's claims, while calling him a spammer, but Comcast filed a counter-suit against Linhardt. When the judgment started with "Plaintiff e360Insight, LLC is a marketer. It refers to itself as an Internet marketing company. Some, perhaps even a majority of people in this country, would call it a spammer." you know the ruling would not go well for Linhardt.
The counter-claim was settled leaving Linhardt subject to $250,000 penalty if he sends spam to another Comcast customer.

Linhardt also sued Choicepoint for selling him e-mail addresses, claiming that is why he he was sued by Silverstein, Ferron, and had to settle with Mark Ferguson. Choicepoint's initial response is that he was sued for sending deceptive spam, not for sending spam. Of course, Linhardt's claims that he does not spam is directly contradicted by this lawsuit, if they had opted in with Linhardt, why would he be buying lists from these list brokers? If Ferron, Ferguson, or myself signed up with Linhardt, why would he sue Choicepoint for providing these e-mail addresses?

Of course, a group of spammers could have been funding the litigation against Spamhaus and anti-spammers and just using Linhardt as a front."

1st Trial on California Spam Law Slams Spammer

www.sorehands.com www.sorehands.com writes  |  more than 4 years ago

www.sorehands.com (142825) writes "In the first case brought by a ½Âoespam½Â recipient to actually go to trial in California, the Superior Court of California held that people who receive false and deceptive spam emails are entitled to liquidated damages of $1,000 per email under California Business & Professions Code Section 17529.5. http://danhatesspam.com/california.html
  In the the California Superior Court ruling, Judge Weiner made many references to the fact that Defendants used anonymous domain name registration and used unregistered business names in her ruling. This is different from the Gordon case where in Gordon, one only had to perform a simple whois lookup to identify the sender, here Defendants used from lines of "Paid Survey" and "Your Promotion" with anonymously registered domain names.

Judge Weiner's decision makes it clear that the California law is not preempted by the I CAN-SPAM Act. This has been determined in a few prior cases, including my own. See http://www.barbieslapp.com/spam for some of those cases."

Link to Original Source

Spammers E360Inight and Linhard has a bad day

www.sorehands.com www.sorehands.com writes  |  more than 7 years ago

www.sorehands.com writes "The infamous spammers, e360insight and David Linhardt, had a very bad day in Court today.

The 7th Circuit Court of appeals ruled against Linhardt. The appeals Court vacated, the $11M in damages and the injunction against Spamhaus, but left the default judgment in place. Not a complete win, but significant. Linhardt will have a difficult time on damages where Linhardt in the Spamhaus case said "e360 and I lost ..." but in my case against e360Insight and Linhardt Linhardt said, I personally didn't lose business but suffered those losses in my position as president and director.

Linhardt stuck his tail between his legs and ran in e360Insight and Linhardt v. Ferguson et al.. At the hearing on two of the motions to dismiss and motion for change of venue, Linhardt asked the Court to dismiss the case. Instead of facing the judge and being ordered to pay attorney fees and costs, Linhardt ran."

www.sorehands.com www.sorehands.com writes  |  more than 7 years ago

www.sorehands.com writes "E360Insight, LLC and David Linhardt sues more anti-spammers. E360Insight and Lindhardt is known for their $11.7M Default Judgement against Spamhaus.

This time, suit was filed against Mark Ferguson (of Ferguson v. Friendfinder fame), Susan Wilson, Kelly Chien, and Tim Skirvin along with a couple of undientified people for posting on usenet saying that E360Insight and Linhardt are spammers.

This is a disturbing trend. I have had spammer's attorney threaten libel actions, but never followed through. Prior to e360Insight, EmarketersAmerica.org filed a lawsuit lawsuit against Spamhaus. When Spamhaus appeared in the EmarketersAmerica.org case, EmarketersAmerica.org ran with its tail between its legs by filing request dismissal with prejudice. We need to stand up to these spammers and show them that filing suits against people complaining of spam is not in their best interest. These are SLAPP lawsuits brought solely to intimidate and silence — not because the suit has merit."


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