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Economist: File Sharing's Impact On Movies Is Modest At Most

x0 Re:Already been done. (214 comments)

The logic is that if all of those things cost $50 (in reality KC's book was like $30 signed and everything and Dark Souls was $40 with a bunch of pre-order discounts) each, whichever one I pick wins the competition for my money. At that point, I no longer have the money to spend, and thus can't buy either of the other things. Even if I pirate KC's book and the film, they still haven't lost a sale because I wouldn't have been able to buy it anyway. ,That was more or less how I remember the study's logic going.

Wait... What?

I'm not sure about your final sentence saying that you paid KC back later. Are you saying you DLd KCs book, then later purchased it, or you purchased the book, then DLd one of the other two items on your list?

If it's the latter, your logic is that you bought one item due to budget constraints, and being short of cash, you pirated^W downloaded a copy of something else you wanted. Since you didn't have any additional cash (after the first purchase), the other folks haven't lost a sale. No harm, no foul.

If that is what you are saying, then I have to call BS on that. The original artist/producer/manufacturer provides a product with the expectation that people who want to enjoy that product should pay a fee. You are saying that, since you don't have the 'fee' available, downloading harms no-one as there wouldn't have been a sale anyway.

However, you benefited from the product without paying the fee, so you got something for nothing. How is that not theft?


NOTE: If you want to argue that data wants to be free and that you should have to right to DL anything, from anywhere, at any time, the line for limitless free shit forms over there --->

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Unattended Maintenance Windows?

x0 Re:Puppet. (265 comments)

I NEVER do late at night or weekend maintenance anymore. Servers are dirt fricking cheap to not have redundants always running and ready to drop in.

Sure, hardware is cheap - software licenses, not so much. (An no, I don't have the option to use free/oss replacements.) When it costs my company $25,000 per license, deploying a primary and two 'backup' servers is not really an option.


about two weeks ago

$3000 GeForce GTX TITAN Z Tested, Less Performance Than $1500 R9 295X2

x0 Re:So glad it's over (151 comments)

I doubt there exists or will ever exist more than a couple of hundred Titan-Zs IN THE WORLD.

Am I the only one who read that in Jeremy Clarkson's voice?


about a month and a half ago

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Buys the LA Clippers For $2 Billion

x0 Re:You forgot one (270 comments)

Go to the first team meeting and start yelling: "Defenders, defenders, defenders!"

I would think it would be: "Dribble! Dribble! Dribble!"


about 2 months ago

To Save the Internet We Need To Own the Means of Distribution

x0 So far, no lessons learned... (338 comments)

After all of the revelations by Snowden, I find it incredulous that people still think the government should have greater access and ownership over our data.



about 3 months ago

Japanese and Swiss Watchmakers Scoff At Smartwatches

x0 Bad assumption... (399 comments)

For those who like Swiss watches - or even high end Japanese watches (Seiko Spring drives..), a smart watch is not necessarily an 'upgrade'. I choose to wear a mechanical watch because I like mechanical watches.

Sure, I have a G-Shock for when I'm going somewhere a Swiss timepiece isn't a good idea, but for the most part, I wear a Swiss automatic - usually a stainless Rolex GMT Master II. (pepsi bezel, baybee!) Why? Because I like the way it looks, and it's about as close to jewelry as I'll ever get.

A smart watch with an LCD/OLED display just isn't going to rival the look of a decent mechanical watch...

If I want a smart device, that is why I have a Galaxy S4.

about 3 months ago

Will the Nissan Leaf Take On the Tesla Model S At Half the Price?

x0 Re:Redesign the body too... (398 comments)

It's an odd looking car because every design decision was made to decrease drag, which has a huge impact on range at highway speeds. The most notable feature on the front is the big bug eye headlight covers. They push air out of the way and create low pressure bubbles around the rear view mirrors- decreasing drag.

No doubt the design was done that way for a purpose. It's still a highly unattractive car. The tesla, on the other hand has a CD of .30 compared to the Leaf's .28.

I'll give up the .02 for a better looking car.


about 3 months ago

Will the Nissan Leaf Take On the Tesla Model S At Half the Price?

x0 Redesign the body too... (398 comments)

Because, honestly, the leaf is *not* a good looking car.


about 3 months ago

Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

x0 Re:Militia, then vs now (1633 comments)

And a well-armed citizenry has prevented precisely none of those abuses.

Not precisely the point you were responding to, but you should search for 'The Battle for Athens'. American citizens have risen up against a corrupt government.


about 3 months ago

Is the Tesla Model S Pedal Placement A Safety Hazard?

x0 Re:Don't blame others for user error. (394 comments)

There is absolutely no point in using your left foot to brake in a road car.

As a guy with a prosthetic right leg, I can attest that there is at least one point to left foot braking.


about 4 months ago

Interviews: Ask J. Michael Straczynski What You Will

x0 What ever happened to Mr. Lennier? (276 comments)

Many on here are no doubt wanting a sequel of some sort. Honestly, I'd like to know where Lennier ended up, and did he ever redeem himself?


about 4 months ago

$30K Worth of Multimeters Must Be Destroyed Because They're Yellow

x0 Re:Grey meters inferior? (653 comments)

I've owned multimeters but never heard the Fluke name before today. It sounds like their main feature is the color of the case rather than the gizmos inside. I think I'll go out of my way never to buy their products.

Not sure if serious...

about 4 months ago

Ukraine May Have To Rearm With Nuclear Weapons Says Ukrainian MP

x0 Re:Just start the war already! (498 comments)


Obama will go on TV stating that everything is ok, and he will talk to Putin. within 30 days we will be living in caves, eating our neighbors, and fighting in thunderdome for gasoline.

Don't forget the strongly worded letter! He'll firmly community organize their asses.


about 4 months ago

Why Nissan Is Talking To Tesla Model S Owners

x0 Re:Here's some feedback, Toyota (335 comments)

This might have worked better had I typed in the correct Manufacturer. Doh!

about 4 months ago

Why Nissan Is Talking To Tesla Model S Owners

x0 Here's some feedback, Toyota (335 comments)

If you want a car to sell, don't start off with a car that looks like ass.


about 4 months ago

Schneier: Break Up the NSA

x0 Physically? (324 comments)

Can we do so physically? With big bulldozers?

Killdozer may still be in a evidence locker somewhere, maybe we can rent out time on it. I know more than a few guys that would love to drive big construction equipment for fun.

Heck we may even be able to recoup some of our national debt. You know, do our part to support Hope and Change!


about 5 months ago

Federal Judge Rules Chicago's Ban On Licensed Gun Dealers Unconstitutional

x0 Re:"News for nerds??" (934 comments)

i.r.id10t (595143)

user@darkstar:~$ links -dump [] | grep "the people" or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. or to the people. Why is it that one of these "the peoples" isn't considered to be The People?

Because, for a most non-gun people (and a few Fudds), 'feelings', 'social justice', and 'transferrence' are more important than law.

Also; they are smarter than you, so you should just do what they say. And like it.


about 7 months ago

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear EPIC Challenge To NSA Surveillance

x0 Re:No surprise (227 comments)

Re:No surprise (Score:5, Funny)

Also: Congress is working on this issue.

That's good to hear. I was afraid the issue may otherwise be left to a group of incompetent, self-serving asshats.

It's a shame this is moderated 'Funny', becuase really, it should be moderated 'Insightful'...


about 8 months ago

Why Can't Big Government Launch a Website?

x0 Re:Assumes we still could do that moon thing (786 comments)

People don't think anymore...I was amazed when I heard people saying they wanted GM to go bankrupt. So, wipe out millions of jobs, and kill the last domestic manufacturing capacity the country has.

I'm amazed people don't know what the difference is between a business shutting down and what a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy actually does...

Chapter 11 affords the debtor in possession a number of mechanisms to restructure its business. A debtor in possession can acquire financing and loans on favorable terms by giving new lenders first priority on the business's earnings. The court may also permit the debtor in possession to reject and cancel contracts. Debtors are also protected from other litigation against the business through the imposition of an automatic stay. While the automatic stay is in place, most litigation against the debtor is stayed, or put on hold, until it can be resolved in bankruptcy court, or resumed in its original venue. An example of proceedings that are not necessarily stayed automatically are family law proceedings against a spouse or parent. Further, creditors may file with the court seeking relief from the automatic stay.

By short circuiting the process, we likely prolonged the pain and the end result will less optimal. But hey, the community organizer said it was the way to go, so fsck the process.


about 9 months ago

I use spinning-drive storage media ...

x0 Both more or less equally (232 comments)

I moved all of my media (photos, video, files...) over to an NFS array (RAIDz2), and back that up to an ioSafe SoloPro. I boot and install apps on SSD.

about 10 months ago



Is it still a submarine if it can't surface

x0 x0 writes  |  about a year ago

x0 (32926) writes "Naval engineers at the State owned Navantia shipyards have apparently forgotten the buoyancy calculations required when designing a submersible:

Spanish engineers, who already spent some $680 million on designing the new generation S-80 class submarine, say it is a major “technical innovation.” There is just one problem the calculations show – if submerged into water, it may never come up again.

Apparently, 100 tons of excess mass do matter... if you want your submarine to have the ability to re-surface."
Link to Original Source


US Secretary of Defense Reopens Tanker Bidding

x0 x0 writes  |  about 6 years ago

x0 (32926) writes "The New York Times reports:
"The decision comes in the wake of a report by the Government Accountability Office that found flaws in the process that initially awarded the contract to a partnership of Northrop Grumman and the European parent of Airbus over a competing bid by Boeing, which filed a protest."
The original award for the $35B to $100B contract to Northrop-EADS is being considered so flawed and mis-managed that the contact will be handled by the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Boeing protested the award as soon as the original contract was awarded, and the GAO backed that protest."


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