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Why iOS 7 Is Making Some Users Feel "Sick"

x1n933k Could have something to do with a Visual Designer (1 comments)

This is merely an opinion based on what I know about Jony Ives, Apple has handed the reins to a man who is used to visual appeal. Unfortunately we all have to be the beta testers. This kind of thing is also being seen in the free-to-play MMO realm.

about a year ago

GE Canada struggling to find PDP-11 programmers for its nuclear control systems

x1n933k Re:PDP-11 is easy--they must not be paying enough (5 comments)

I wonder if they'll take my DCPU-16 experience. Seems like a good way to walk into a nice middle-class job since I've been laid off.

about a year ago

Astronauts Could Get Lazier As Mars Mission Progresses

x1n933k Re:Experiment probably worse than the real thing (145 comments)

On a simulated mission, you're just guinea pigs. Staying motivated must very difficult.

I certainly agree to some extent. If you check out the links this goes beyond simple will-power and excitement. It is more biological. This isn't the first time this has been talked about either and even Sci-fi writers though about this issue for long trips in our era (Earth room in Danny Boyles 'Sunshine' comes to mind).

Mood lighting in over-seas flights help with sleeping on modern aircraft too, regardless of the excitement of passengers arriving in a time-zone much different from the one they left in. This is just a silly example that seems to fit with their findings. Yes, long-haul flights are 7 to 20 hours long but it is the closest most of us come to that kind of scenario.

about a year and a half ago

What Turned VR Pioneer Jaron Lanier Against the Web

x1n933k Re:Anonymity (212 comments)

Lots of, um, words about disjointed stuff that I couldn't tie together. Maybe someone else can be so helpful as to sum it up in a way that makes sense?

Unfortunately there isn't much to the article. It started off like it had a real purpose but it is barely an introduction to Jaron Lanier.

However, what's important to his arguments and a lot of us who feel 'anonymity' is important is this: Anonymity isn't about hiding. It's about being safe to be yourself.

Your BBS example is important because reasonable parties involved resolving an act that isn't called for. Services like Facebook can do whatever they please the data you provide them with, especially since they can make a penny with marketing it. It gets worse when corporate or government interest moves in to collect this data. It isn't that -you- have anything to hide, but you don't have control where that data goes, or even knowledge to whether it is being protected with the civil-liberties you're supposed to have.

The only thing I can think to compare it to is speeding on the highway. You might be the type who goes 110 in a 100 zone. You might be the type to follow the guy in front of you who is going 130 and hope he gets the ticket. Either way, it's your choice and you know that you're not breaking a terrible law. You can do your best to spot a cop, and adjust accordingly. You're still you, your car, your plates...Your choice. Lets say now that your car is speeding down the highway and you're late, so you speed up a bit. But nope, 80$ warning ticket for 10km/h over the limit. On top of that, you're on your way to an interview and you drive a Toyota Tercel, unfortunately the job is a sale position for a company that makes steering wheels for Honda. The staff see that you like to speed, drive a Toyota and dont plan ahead as not to be late.

Okay, I really reached on the analogy. I don't like the idea of companies getting involved with my personal life. Neither do I want the government and it's fluxing ideals to collect every opinion I've had and judge me for it. This is a real possibility today.

about a year and a half ago

Are Commercial Games Finally Going To Make It To Linux?

x1n933k Re:Linux has no advantage over windows.... (242 comments)

I think the biggest issue is Direct X. It is what continues to lock developers and big studios to the Window's platform.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What Tech For a Sailing Ship?

x1n933k MOD Parent Down (340 comments)

Seriously? The keyword is 'planning' and it is early in construction. He didn't say he was leaving this week and is headed to his local boat shop. His problem is one that fits this community: plenty of radio nerds, seamen and a good amount of engineers floating around the comments. I for one am interested in what kind of equipment comes up.

about 2 years ago

Study Finds Unvaccinated Students Putting Other Students At Risk

x1n933k Re:SCAREMONGERING. (1025 comments)

I'm looking at a quick list of vaccinations for from my local clinic that range between 20$ and 120$. 5 millions kids in California seems like a nice chunk of change.

about 2 years ago

RIM Gives Up After Losing Initial Battle Over BBX Trademark

x1n933k Re:Should have called it BBQ (90 comments)

I'm pretty sure that was part of their initial brainstorming of names, but business people respond better to edgy sounding names like 'X', and 'RR' when it comes to products. Scientific fact.

BBQ would have just made them more of a laughing stock,"Hey did you try Black Berry's new OS BBQ? No? Well I hear it's 'well-done!'"

Can you imagine?

more than 2 years ago

2nd Edition of Learn Python the Hard Way Released

x1n933k Forget that, go OCW and GPL book (167 comments)

Check out MIT's OCW. Free lectures with a GPL Python programming book that does an excellent job at explaining programming and the Python language. The lectures are bad quality but the projects are good for practice.

more than 3 years ago

Just Months After Jeopardy!, Watson Wows Doctors

x1n933k Interesting but... (291 comments)

" the coming years Watson will lend doctors a helping hand as they perform their daily rounds."

So basically, between the nurses and the computer, the doctors will now just have to smile and nod?

I am kidding of course, the more tools that medical professionals have the better.


more than 3 years ago

MeeGo 1.2 Released

x1n933k Version confusion? (76 comments)

I am a little confused. I have a netbook with version 1.4. Have they decided to just call all versions 1.2 or just the core, especially since the netbook page no longer lists 1.4 updates?

I really liked MeeGo's interface on my netbook but the styling is kind of childish. The other downside is the lack of applications offered and 3rd party audio support.


more than 3 years ago

Google Launching Music Service Without Labels

x1n933k Re:Not sure about the point (406 comments)

That's great and all but it is still dependant on your device(s). You loose one, and you have to do it all over again. Add a new CD? It can be sync'd between the 3 devices consumers tend to have, phone, tablet and Desktop/Laptop. So instead of copying them one by one, or when you buy music online, having to dump it and back it up, the library is there.

A lot of people will really appreciate this service. I'm one. As a DJ I have a lot of backups of important music files and hard drives, records etc etc. Now I just keep the Analogue copies and one place for my digital copies. Instead of in CDs, phones, iPods, USBs, Extern-HDs. I'm tried of E-Waste too, it's cloud services that will keep my data accessible in a connected world. Google Docs has changed the way I handle a lot of my files, having this extended to music will be excellent.

more than 3 years ago

Intel To Build Next Gen Processor For iOS Devices

x1n933k Re:Compatible? (255 comments)

Thank you parent for clearing up that nonsense so I didn't have to RTFA. However, by switching to Intel won't that also drive the cost up considerably?

more than 3 years ago

iPad 2 Forces Samsung To Reevaluate Galaxy Tab

x1n933k Re:Anyone know... (520 comments)

The simple answer is iTunes. Billions and Billions of downloads since its inception. Combine the App store sales and music sales and it easily covers any cost of making the device. This is something the competition doesn't have. Nobody has the user-base of iPods and iPhones in their back-pocket and nobody can offer that experience yet. iTunes is popular even without the iPod and Apple says nobody's devices can play nice with iTunes, the only exception was Palm's Pre.

I don't like Apple much but they have the users and that's all that matters.


more than 3 years ago

Upgrading From Windows 1.0 To Windows 7

x1n933k Re:Compatibility beats a Mac (499 comments)

Mac users live in a post-PC world. Ever since the Intel Switch the hardware game is basically done. Apple seems bent on showing consumers that they're not even in the debate anymore. The argument is redundant. It's about the experience. Apple product design is what matters as a brand and as an experience. Unfortunately developers will have to play nice or get out of their post-pc world.

more than 3 years ago

Shareholders Push Hard For Apple Succession Plan

x1n933k John Sculley (233 comments)

Maybe they should bring him back? Unfortunately, like was mentioned before Steve Jobs is Apple's leader. What I think is important is for them not to get sidetracked on a search for a new face but instead keep their products innovative and in the spotlight.

more than 3 years ago

Google Unveils Beta Chrome OS Notebook

x1n933k Re:Will it be as hard to update as Android? (140 comments)

The release of a new version in Chrome OS is every 6 weeks. That is the OS alone, not the kernel. Unfortunately, like Android there is too much hardware out there and too many companies playing for standards. It will be up to the company you bought the laptop from to make sure the essentials work properly--in the end it is still up to them to screw your system as well. Acer loads a lot of crap-ware on their PCs, laptops and Notebooks. I expect them to do exactly the same thing with Chrome.

more than 3 years ago

Digging Into the WikiLeaks Cables

x1n933k Going back to reading slashdot. (810 comments)

I'd really like to comment on this but I afraid of the consequences. I'd like to work someday and possibly travel to the US. I'd rather just pretend I don't know what's happening. Besides, none of this really affects me. It's about the past and from where I stand today nothing from any of the actions they have taken has changed my life in any way. At least now yet.


more than 3 years ago



Quake Live is Packed - Public Beta goes Live

x1n933k x1n933k writes  |  more than 5 years ago

x1n933k (966581) writes "For anybody who was sitting on top of Quake Live's website today clicking refresh and waiting for it to open, you can now browse over and join the fun. Unfortunately you'll have to hold in a queue:

"Here we are all dressed up and nowhere to go. Don't worry, to make sure everyone can enjoy the game we have activated our super secret Queue system, which keeps the server from being overloaded and affecting the website."

I've been waiting 40 minutes and now up to 591, after starting from 9982 but have been playing Quake 3 to kill time."


x1n933k has no journal entries.

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