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Microsoft To Shut Down TechNet Subscription Service

xSauronx Re:This is mostly outdated service (280 comments)

im a uni student and get msdn-like access to microsoft software, and have even had access to vmware software (mainly workstation, but that was pretty handy)

i like to run servers in a whitebox vmware esxi server for testing things, sometimes just to learn, sometimes because the IT consulting company i work for doesnt have anything i can test in before i do things at a client, and there are times where i am looking to make a chance that might cause a lot of problems if i cant do some quick testing first. without that vmware/ms software i wouldnt have had the skills to get this job at home.

so my plan was to get technet after i graduated and keep it, id pay happily to keep getting server and desktop OSs that i can test with. meh. thanks, microsoft.

ill just have to hope the IT firm im at doesnt ever change their msdn login, as i dont want to be with them much longer....but i would like the software to play with :)

about a year ago

Health Care Providers Failing To Adopt e-Records, Says RAND

xSauronx Re:Upgrades aren't cheap (228 comments)

the medical group i worked with and sometimes consult for uses EPIC. not all of the clinics like it once they move to it, steep learning curve between systems apparently. never heard anyone bitch about the billing aspect, but they have been using it for several years now and are committed to it across 10 hospitals and dozens of clinics. I wasnt around when the main hospitals originally moved to it, so maybe it was something they had to deal with a while back. As it is now...nobody complains and the medical system is a non profit with revenues over expenses averaging 3 - 4 % annually and they continue to expand.

about 2 years ago

Health Care Providers Failing To Adopt e-Records, Says RAND

xSauronx Re:Upgrades aren't cheap (228 comments)

working with IT and ambulatory for a regional medical group the biggest thing ive heard complaints (and responses from the medical group):

your EMR system is not customized to suit our practice type, the one we use it (we will do some customization for you, we MIGHT do a lot)
your EMR system does not keep pictures? why? (too much data usage, per IT at the medical group, they are working on a testing group for emergency use)
your EMR system kicks me out after 15 minutes of inactivity, this is not convenient (sorry, HIPAA is not convenient, welcome to modern medical practice)
your screen saver locks my screen after 10 minutes of inactivity, this is no convenient (sorry, HIPAA is not convenient. still)
I have to change my password every 3 months (HIPAA: sorry)
i cant read the type on this laptop (we can change the resolution so it sucks, or you can get over it)
--shame IT doesnt test out a couple of other models, or support ANY tablet PCs
--- one manager has started to support iPad access to the system on a limited, request only basis. he wants to expand this.

about 2 years ago

Health Care Providers Failing To Adopt e-Records, Says RAND

xSauronx Re:We can trade fraud, waste, and abuse for ID the (228 comments)

There are a ridiculous number of emr systems out there, several with available 3rd party support to manage your IT setup, and some that will offer a VPN or secure citrix environment to work in.

I worked as an intern in IT for a large medical group a couple of years ago, and the consulting firm i work with now does a lot of support for just clinics/doctor offices and the IT aspect alone is expensive. In particular we help them upgrade IT infrastructure in a clinic so they can go live with their central EMR system.

there are workflow assessments to be done, and IT assessments to be done. We charge $95/hour per person, i can spend 3 - 8 hours doing an assessment and documentation for an office. They have staff to do the workflow assessments. We have assessed and rolled out 40+ offices in the last 12 months.

There are PCs to buy (Figure ~1 grand each, though they use thin clients now and again....just not often) and even a small clinic may need 6, a large one may need 30 or even more. Dont forget printers, patients are required to receive after visit summaries from their providers. and a couple of scanners for each clinic.

There is cabling to run...a lot of older buildings have zero cat5/6 wiring so that can be expensive.

there is networking equipment to buy (switches and wireless APs)

there is bandwidth to pay for (most clinics for this group have metro to get them to the main IT office)

there are laptops to buy (often with rolling carts for mobility/convenience)

sometimes we install mounts for the desktops in patient rooms.

there is labor required to image and prep the PCs and laptops, and labor required to roll them out and train the users on the very basic IT concepts they need.

There is training needed to prep users for the EMR system and massive training to get into details and customize the EMR system for a practice or provider.

I don't want to know what the average cost is to take a clinic live with EMR for this group. I know we billed out $300k in IT and cabling services last year, so thats several grand per clinic, minimum, in IT support. nevermind the emr staff and all of the equipment needed. Then the follow up IT support for misc PC issues, misc EMR issues, misc printing issues.

Some clinics already had a 3rd party supported EMR system that got replaced, but they have to keep it available for years. some of them were on their second system before we took them live on the new one...i have no idea how the very first one is supposed to get supported as legally required, but they were told to keep vendor support for anything they can as long as legally required because the medical group cant support anything but their own system.

for some clinics its a nice, welcome change. for some they equate to some level of hell. for everyone clinic there is a pretty serious cost to consider, and a lot of clinics had a very old or limited IT infrastructure to support what they already had.

about 2 years ago

Cox Comm. Injects Code Into Web Traffic To Announce Email Outage

xSauronx Re:Is this News? (271 comments)

come on...are you really trying to say that you dont love cox?

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Practices For Leaving an IT Admin Position?

xSauronx Re:Wiki (290 comments)

Im not in such a bad, or odd position, but I will say that getting time to document really isnt always on the to-do list at places. I was a work study student for a small community college (2000 students, 900 pcs, several server) and the admin had almost zero documentation because he never had time to do it between managing accounts, server and telephone issues.

Then i interned at a large health system. Some stuff is relatively well documented, some stuff has a little to go on, some stuff has zero and you cant even find who worked on it last. They are asked to document things, but they arent always allotted time.

I work for an IT consulting company now who services over 200 customers in eastern north carolina. In a given day I might go to 4 different customer sites. I try to document while Im on site, but then I have to clean that up, put it in the notes/visio that the company uses because another tech might go to that site in the very near future, and get that uploaded to the office so someone can get it.

It's tough, and while the techs generally do a good job of it, stuff gets missed because we NEVER get administrative time scheduled to do documentation.

more than 2 years ago

Peter Adekeye Freed, Judge Outraged At Cisco's Involvement

xSauronx Re:Screw 'em (271 comments)

tell it to businesses, but its not likely to happen

id like to see the US and Canada fine them or whatever the hell is appropriate for bullshitting two national governments in order to handle your private affairs for you.

more than 3 years ago

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Review

xSauronx Re:Right tool for the job... (136 comments)

Im honestly not sure why theyre bothering. Android is already a well-known product with lots of support, applications and users, and is itself based on linux. Id much rather see them implement controls and whatever else they think makes chrome special into android, along with a good browser with features. It bugs me that chrome is such a good browser, and that they have an OS based on it, but that the stock android browser is so mediocre.

Cant see myself ever wanting a chrome book. An android notebook like the transformer? Maybe, if the app support improved and a few key features im interested in got added. I love my android phone and rooted nook color.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft Launches Office 365 Cloud Suite

xSauronx Re:the ribbon still sucks (200 comments)

The only thing that still bugs me about it (and i use office 2007/2010 semi-regularly) is that icons change when i downsize the window. It kicks the familiarity i have with the interface in the balls almost every time, but Ive gotten used to it.

Sometimes I like the changes they have made, sometimes I still hate some of it. Ive used it so long, however, that looking for something in OOo or older versions of office is a waste of time. Ill never find what I want in those anymore. *snaps fingers* oh well.

more than 3 years ago

The Most Common iPhone Passcodes

xSauronx Re:Nitpick (192 comments)

If someone steals or finds a lost, working iPhone; he probably has a 80 - 90% chance of finding the device not secured with a passcode to begin with.

Jeebus. I lock my android phone, and my nook color which runs android, with the swipe lock. My friends and their ipad? Not so much, and they're nerds who should know better

more than 3 years ago

Appeals Court Affirms Warrantless Computer Searches

xSauronx Re:Sex offenders: the new jews? (390 comments)

"this guy was a registered jew" does have a bad ring to it, but afaik, sex offenders are required to be registered (when that is actually good idea is another debate) and jewish people are not. /its jewish, say the whole word!

more than 3 years ago

FBI Wants You To Solve Encrypted Notes From Murder

xSauronx Re:I've cracked it! (466 comments)

if it was a windows license key, wouldnt the cipher be cracked already? ;)

more than 3 years ago

Is the Business Card Dead?

xSauronx Re:Nonsense (370 comments)


We're getting there
The future is now
android (iphone)

Also, I dig cards and what not with QR codes.

more than 3 years ago

In Virginia, Delivering Broadband To the Customers Big Telecom Forgot

xSauronx Re:there are no monopolies (127 comments)

This. I did installs for a wisp for a while...we did $150 installs and $50 - 80 per month plans. That place barely made any money

more than 3 years ago

Does Syfy Really Love Sci-Fi?

xSauronx Re:Fantasy is now king (742 comments)

I dont read loads of sci fi...but i always liked reading it more than watching it, due to what is often meh acting and special effects (i understand this is due to budget and such, but i dont care for it)

also, id rather play a fun scifi video game. mass effect 2 was pretty good, imo. /not a sci fi snob, just like what i like //beer snob, however.

more than 3 years ago

Retro Browser War: IE6 Vs. Netscape In 2011

xSauronx Re:Or possibly... (211 comments)

Really. I work at corporate for a medical system with a few hospitals and clinics...only late last year was IE7 approved for deployment because (finally) a couple of key software vendors supported it. Deployment is still optional at this point in time, but theres talking of making it automatic soon.

more than 3 years ago

Why Dumbphones Still Dominate, For Now

xSauronx Re:Smart people (618 comments)

i call mine a book bag...and when i get out of school, ill call it a laptop bag. it has lots of stuff in it: cat5e patch cable (and coupler, and crossover adapter, and loopback adapter), phone patch cable, leatherman surge, flashlight, various bootable flash drives, digicam, 11.6" laptop w/ charger, 2 or 3 different usb cables, pens and pencils, tylenol/aspirin, school/work related folders.

  i usually keep it in the car, or take it in to work or class, but i dont actively carry it unless i need it, or expect to.

i always carry my android phone.i treat it like a PDA and a comm device mostly. calendar/agenda, emails, IMs, phone calls. sometimes pandora, navigation/gps, internet browsing or games to kill time here and there. also i used to carry a notepad...but its so hard to keep up with paper, to keep it in good shape, and to organize and search a notepad. its all on my phone now.

the laptop doesnt get used super often, but its so small and light that its always in my bag. i can use it for real work or media consumption, its got a core i3 1.2ghz, so its not super powerful, but i can get enough done on it for it to be worth having, and i use it in classes to take notes (again, i dont use paper)

digital lifestyle: i love it. /also loves being prepared for all sorts things at a moments notice. the trunk of my car is never empty.

more than 3 years ago

Should Colleges Ban Classroom Laptop Use?

xSauronx Re:College is a choice... (804 comments)

I liked how a professor handled this last semester. If you have a laptop, you are required to sit in the front 2 rows of the class. This gets you in a designated area so people who dont want to be around you dont have to, and it means that everything you do...everyone behind you can see, in an attempt to at least keep people from looking at porn.

I hate paper, I write poorly, I like to type my notes on a laptop so I can read them, edit them and back them up. I really, really dont want to see the privilege taken away from me but I understand why some people are annoyed at others. /keeps my wifi off during class so I can focus

more than 4 years ago

Amazon Web Services Launches DNS Service

xSauronx Re:really? (146 comments)

Well, comcast is going to be *all* over this one...

more than 4 years ago


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