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Color Changes in Mac OS X for the Visually Impaired?

xcarroll Re:Solution (87 comments)

I thought Crayola were working a technology called colour-mixing? It's a bit like anti aliasing: you combine some of the 120 colours and suddenly it looks you've got new intermediate shades. There's probably an OpenGL function call for it.

more than 11 years ago



UK government pays to push electric cars

xcarroll xcarroll writes  |  more than 5 years ago

xcarroll writes "The UK government is to subsidise the purchase of electric cars. Presumably this is intended as a plan to save the planet rather than say, boost the revenue of electric car manufacturers. I'm still trying to understand how electric cars are an improvement. Electricity has to come from somewhere and mostly that means from fossil fuel power stations. Are power stations notably more efficient that internal combustion engines? What about the energy loss in sending electricity over hundreds of miles of power cables? If electric cars are more expensive to buy that's probably a sign that the energy cost of building them is higher. I think I need a car analogy to help me understand this."
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