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Paul Allen Files Patent Suit Against Apple, Google, Yahoo, Others

xclay Re:Want to stimulate the economy? (219 comments)

They would effectively kill their lucrative IP clauses in their CAFTA, NAFTA, FAFTA, WAFTA, AAFTA, BAFTA, DAFTA agreements.

more than 3 years ago

Justice Department Joins Fraud Lawsuit Against Oracle

xclay They also should be sued for ... (100 comments)

...making the open source landscape inferior by doing a piss poor job of merely maintaining java code and its community.

more than 3 years ago

Tribalism Is the Enemy Within, Says Shuttleworth

xclay Natural progression? (655 comments)

Where else would you find people deeply committed as people in free software community? I think this type of tribalism comes with territory, and one of consequential driving forces behind free software movement. We are talking about at least the sweat equity, and the investment of identity -- which are both valuable human assets. Just look at small, infrequent punches that Linux throws at others. We forgive him because he's been a part of significant history, but it becomes harder and louder as you deal with those who may not be as talented or fortunate.

more than 3 years ago

An Unprecedented Look At Apple's "Black Labs"

xclay Re:Considering the stink about iPhone4 (125 comments)

especially if you're sitting on a rotating chair while holding it right in front of your face all day in a sound chamber.... poor guy.

more than 3 years ago

Google Slams Apple Over iPhone Ad Ban

xclay Re:An early sign of creative deterioration... ? (562 comments)

It's just a nod to the attribute it blatantly discloses by being merely territorial, which is common characteristic of large corporations turning lackadaisical on creativity. This has been somewhat of a common, historical trend since mid 1800s, so I don't know where you're spotting ignorance. If you're nitpicking about G's contribution to mobile OS platform and whatnot, then I have nothing to argue with you.

more than 4 years ago

AT&T Leaks Emails Addresses of 114,000 iPad Users

xclay a trend with AT&T (284 comments)

Steve wants something, AT&T makes a quick response. Something bad happens, AT&T makes a quick reaction. Anything good happens, AT&T makes a claim.

more than 4 years ago

Google Slams Apple Over iPhone Ad Ban

xclay An early sign of creative deterioration... ? (562 comments)

It may be a hasty call, but it almost sounds like a complaint of someone starting to go down on a slope at the late maturation stage of one of our titans.

more than 4 years ago

Google PAC-MAN Cost 4.8M Person-Hours

xclay Perspective needed (332 comments)

I think you'd get a fresh perspective on how little time that was compare to the amount of time young minds are spending on online FPS/RPG/MMORG games across the world. I once tried to tabulate it only for Counter Strike 'bout a decade ago or so, and I was simply blown away by the "mind-waste" that was going on, I'm sure it's even bigger now.

more than 4 years ago

Why Online Privacy Is Broken

xclay Re:User generated content belongs to the user... (220 comments)

ditto. I've initiated my own two cents of effort... starting with OpenID, but then it almost feels like reinventing wheels when Google APIs offer so much through the cloud.. (slap myself on the face: SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!) wake up! This is a war. Yes, independent P2P independent, but social websites across the web. The new generation of social web will once again be decentralized, but then you still need a control server, and once again you have a cloud... no, no, no... yes, yes, yes... sorry, folks for a tidbit of stream of consciousness on this comment... it's indeed an arduous task to yourself rational while trying to stay up nights to create an independent/social website that can be easily packaged for average users...

more than 4 years ago

Quantum Teleportation Achieved Over 16 km In China

xclay Re:Progress.. (389 comments)

And I'd like to add that all this talk of "middle class," economics, and especially wealth are overtly subjective topics. Even the word freedom used by many here seems to jump around all over the place--losing its essential meaning. I don't want to get philosophical here, but "eating bitterness" has been going on for thousands of years for "regular" people, so that's nothing new. Even people in the upper echelon always complain about their "bitter" situations. And economic prosperity that is talked of here and elsewhere in the media seems to gauge against the decadent culture that American has created in abusing the same word, freedom, by making it a license to [fill in the blank]. I think Plato's warning on democracy is more relevant to the U.S. than Aristotle's praise of it. Truly, we sound like a fat pig squealing to the rest of the world when we talk of democratic freedom, when we have effectively lost the understanding of the words like great, legacy, or even the very word, democracy, because we are implicitly speaking of the Great American Legacy of Democracy even though we ourselves have lost our own [C. S. Lewis'] proverbial chest.

more than 4 years ago

HTML Web App Development Still Has a Ways To Go

xclay Re:The problem is with the serverside code, not ht (279 comments)

Upon reading the article more carefully, it looks like it was mostly administrative configuration problems. Take a look at what he's saying:

If I copied the site to a new server, it broke. If I moved it to a different directory, it broke. If I tried to tweak the primary navigation, the page layout blew up. If I disabled a JavaScript function, suddenly all the images stopped loading

Merely copying a site to another server won't do, you need to make sure you have correct extensions, and hopefully, the developer was conscientious enough to allow for easier relocation of the site so you can just change some settings on just one file rather than do a full-blown hunt throughout the code. Tweaking the primary navigation also heavily depends on the architectural design of the website. In summary, I think the developer just did a poor job of doing some basic designing prior to the creation of the website. Therefore, I think the article is just a big complaint to write something before the drop time for his article.

more than 4 years ago

Sprint's $199 HTC EVO 4G Gets Release Date of June 4

xclay Re:But then you have to use an andriod phone (182 comments)

I'm afraid you're comparing apples and oranges here. Educate yourself on hard facts such as specs on these phones and you will come away little more enlightened than you already are using Jobs' money machine.

more than 4 years ago

Sprint's $199 HTC EVO 4G Gets Release Date of June 4

xclay Re:No... (182 comments)

WiMax is supposedly much faster than what Sprint's infrastructure is capable of right now, so I think some decision makers at Sprint are being dimwits for thinking that masses of people are going to pay that much for a rather dim service that is only available in limited areas.

more than 4 years ago

US Needs Secure Coding Office

xclay Re:Where's the USDS/W? (236 comments)

They will be a source of knowledge, studies, research and tools in how to keep itself alive rather than be at the forefront of the technology. I don't understand why you would want more red tape and not less? I think this is a ludicrous idea, especially coming from a supposedly intellectual on the net. Progress has been made admittedly both by commercial, entrepreneurial efforts as well as cooperative efforts of people who are genuinely passionate about this stuff. You throw a government in there, and the hearts of all this highly idealized and motivated individuals will freeze over unless we have a reformed perception of the role of the government in this type of thing. Don't you remember the recent public reaction to gov't agencies having mere "access," albeit hidden, to our private information? And they (such as CIA/FBI) aren't even in the business of sharing information with others or selling our private information like Facebook is.

more than 4 years ago

Flash Is Not a Right

xclay It's THE social consciousness of today (850 comments)

The new popularism around entitlement for the betterment of one's own convenience or laziness has been around since they invented computers, it's no surprise.

more than 4 years ago

Independent Programmers' No-Win Scenario

xclay Re:yeah. its much better to be p0wned (552 comments)

Did anyone mention outsourcing yet? We have literally millions in India forging themselves to be the next in line for Infosys or for some outsourced programming job.

more than 4 years ago

What Objects To Focus On For School Astronomy?

xclay How about making it into a small math exercise? (377 comments)

Better yet, you could make them calculate the orbital plane of all celestial bodies. Just give them 6 orbital variables (aka elements/parameters), and let them have fun. And add to this, an old DOS machine, and a GW-BASIC interpreter, and simple equations for plotting 3D on computer screen, and they will have a blast. Hint: start with 10 RANDOMIZE TIMER:SCREEN 1 -- that will give you 320x200 screen, plenty to plot the whole solar system!

more than 4 years ago

Calling B.S. On Amazon's Taxation Arguments

xclay That's the idea (762 comments)

That's the idea--keep the government fat and happy at the expense of American companies.

more than 4 years ago



Does EMR undermine trust between doctor & pati

xclay xclay writes  |  more than 4 years ago

xclay (924789) writes "Sorry, but the full article sits behind a subscription. A scrap is available from here. Having worked in a frenzied health care industry for a year now, I have learned many issues surrounding EMR. VistA, as used by VA (Veterans' Affairs), has impressed me the most, and my work life currently centers around developing DMTs (disease management tools). For most part in health industry, EMR is still a nascent technology, but almost everyone I've spoken to agrees that it is something badly needed, including exchange of patient related data for what seems to be increasingly distributed care management. In fact, the government has just started to pour hundreds of millions of dollars setting up state-level centers for adoption of EMR and possibly repositories, maybe even akin to how Federal Reserve works in banking industry. Here is a quote from his last statement:

Part of the foundation on which good medical care is based is the trust patients have in their doctor to keep their most intimate medical information safe from prying eyes, the trust patients have in the accuracy of their records, and the special, trusting bond formed between patient and doctor. The EMR undermines trust.

This article tries to say adoption fo EMR is a bad idea, because of 1. poor documentation, 2. upcoding, and most importantly 3. easier intrusion of patient privacy due to flawed gov't policy. The author, Matt Anderson, is the President and CEO of William Osler Health System and seems to have a great track record in health care industry. His writing stuns me to some degree because he is very aware of flaws with HIPPA and real-life practices surrounding patient data, but he sounds like a blind patient privacy advocate, even at the cost of patient's health. His point is that EMR undermines trust, mostly due to legal, but flagrant violation of patient privacy by the government itself. It has been documented that EMRs do cause more errors in some cases, but looking at VA and few others who are starting to see the benefits of EMR, this article is a hard sell. What do you think?"
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