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Fluke Donates Multimeters To SparkFun As Goodwill Gesture

xdancergirlx Win-win-win except for the environment (250 comments)

The environmental, material, and human costs that went into making and then destroying 2000 of these things matters too. What a waste!

about 10 months ago

The Last GUADEC?

xdancergirlx But QT is still butt-ugly (376 comments)

There are problems with Gnome and GTK+, but what surprises me is that KDE and QT have managed to remain consistently, in the words of RMS, butt-ugly throughout the years. It's like a requirement for each new release to be at least as ugly as the last one. Even with plasma and fancy 3D effects, still that same ugly-mugly, kinda-boxy, badly spaced, wierdly rendered fonts, dumb controls, QT look. My love for gnome has dissipated markedly in the last few years with the gnome 3 disaster, but it is hard to imaging replacing it with, ugh, butt-ugly kde.

about a year and a half ago

Razer Hydra Brings Motion Control To PC Gamers

xdancergirlx Wii Controllers and Bluetooth (111 comments)

Or you could just use your Wii controllers with your pc using bluetooth. I love playing Assasin's Creed on the big tv, with surround sound, and my wii-controllers so I can jump around instead of being hunched over in front of the computer screen. Also works great for controlling your pc's media player like a remote control.

more than 3 years ago

The Struggle To Keep Java Relevant

xdancergirlx If you have to struggle to keep it relevant... (667 comments)

maybe it's not worth the fight. Why not just use a language that IS relevant rather than "struggling" to make relevant people use one that isn't?

more than 4 years ago

Joachim De Posada Talks About Delayed Gratification

xdancergirlx Sacrifice to prevent future pain (105 comments)

For someone like me, who hated marshmallows, the experiment would have ended up being a bit different. I would have asked myself: Can I bear to eat one marshmallow now so that I don't have to eat two later on?

more than 5 years ago

Quebec Says 'Non' To English-Only Video Games

xdancergirlx Language is a part of culture (554 comments)

First of all, as the update to the article says, this doesn't make it illegal to sell english versions of video games, only that if there is a french version available it must be sold along side of it. This does not lead to delays of games and will not make companies stop selling French versions. Actually, since 2007, the opposite has been true with most new titles having french options which broadens the game market, not shrinks it (ie. there are lots of people in quebec who don't speak english).

Remember that the *only* official language in Quebec is French. Moreover, 80% of the population speaks French as their mother tongue, vs. 8% english.

Finally, language is important part of culture. Language protection laws have been really successful in Quebec and are part of what makes it such an amazing place with a really vibrant, rich, cosmopolitan, and arts-rich province. If you live in Quebec and have seen the rest of Canada (I mean for more than your 3 or 4 year university degree), I think you will agree that Quebec is a unique and special place, due mostly to it's french background. Canada is so huge and has a huge amount of diversity, Vancouver, the BC. mountains, the praries, the badlands, Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes, Northwest, Northeast, Canadian Sheild, the north praries... and many more, each distinct for different reasons.

Why are all these anglophones so upset about a bill that promotes french culture in Quebec without affecting them nor preventing any gamers in Quebec from getting english games on the same schedule they would have without the law?

more than 5 years ago

Paid Support Not Critical For Linux Adoption

xdancergirlx People supporting Redhat supports community distro (199 comments)

Don't forget though that the ability of bigger enterprise-driven companies like Redhat and Novell to pay full-time linux programmers has had a tremendously postive effect on community distros.

It is hard to imagine what the linux desktop would look like today without the contribution of Redhat and Novell programmers during the last 5 years.

more than 6 years ago



Fedora 9 Released

xdancergirlx xdancergirlx writes  |  more than 6 years ago

xdancergirlx (872890) writes "Following their release schedule, Fedora 9, codenamed Sulpher has been released today. Notable features include the PackageKit package manager, Gnome 2.22, KDE 4.0.3, improved NetworkManager, Firefox 3 (beta), OpenJDK, 2.6.25 Kernel, new upgrade and installation options, and experimental ext4 support. User-friendly release notes available here. Download it here."


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