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Supermarket Loyalty Cards Vs National ID Cards

xdfgf Interesting (480 comments)

I have a Kroger Plus card. It has a magnetic stripe on the back that when you check out or get gas it adds points to your acct which then get traded for discounts, cash back, etc..

So one day a friend of mine who a few years ago paid off some debts selling Credit card info he got from customers in a restaraunt let me use his reader. Its a small black piece of plastic with a mag reader and basic electronics that dump the info to a Compact flash card. You had to manually enter the 3 digit SFF number on the back of the card with a keypad on the bottom. ANYWAY...

I used it to read my Kroger Card... I was shocked at the discovery..

It had name, address, phone, and gender.

That was it. Frankly I was confused that there was no Unique ID#, but whatever...

I have a screen capture of the video here: Capture

I'd be okay with the idea of a National ID card for the US if it was proven that It was safe and helped catch the terrorists.

more than 10 years ago


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Gifts for a girl

xdfgf xdfgf writes  |  more than 12 years ago

(a) Anal Beads

(b) Ben-wa balls

(c) Strap on

(d) Sex with a mare



Please touch my penis...

xdfgf xdfgf writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Its really pretty. In fact I have a wonderful penis. Please touch it

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