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How To Get Out of Developer's Block?

xmedar Get into a problem solving state of mind (601 comments)

A few things that have helped me-

1. Read something short but interesting, for example the book "What is your dangerous idea?" has ideas in a few short pages that will make you start thinking.

2. Watch something from HOPE, TED, a short Google Talk etc

3. Search Sourceforge for a project that does something similar to the code you are working on, look at the code and think how it is similar and different from what you are working on.

more than 5 years ago

Israel Moves Toward a National Biometric Database

xmedar Re:Not really surprising. (476 comments)

The US has supported terrorists in many countries, the IRA raised funds in the US for 30 years without being stopped, primarily through NORAID, and IRA terrorists used to be part of the New York St. Patricks Day parade until after 9/11, the US has even given political asylum to convicted IRA terrorists, in most of the world USA == terrorist, I think for the most part Americans have no idea how many billions of people all around the world thought that 9/11 was just a bit of payback for decades of US terrorism.

more than 6 years ago



FBI illegally tapped phone phreaks in 1969

xmedar xmedar writes  |  more than 6 years ago

xmedar (55856) writes "Woz recounts in many of his talks about the Esquire article "Secrets of the Little Blue Box" that set him on the road to phone phreaking, now under FOIA requests for the FBI file of one of those phreaks, Joe Engressia, it has been revealed that he was illegally wiretapped back in 1969."


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