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Ask Slashdot: Is It Worth Being Grandfathered On Verizon's Unlimited Data Plan?

xobyte I kept my unlimited plan and bought a subsidized (209 comments)

I purchased online through BestBuy.com and just switched my SIM out of my GS3... kept my unlimited and got cheap phone... also do wifi with FoxFi...

about 4 months ago

Mark Zuckerberg Gives $990 Million To Charity

xobyte Re:oh boy... (230 comments)

The Gates Foundation does WAY more than tech to schools and stuff... They have given hundreds of millions of dollars to Rotary in their push to eradicate polio.

about a year ago

Streaming and Cord-Cutting Take a Toll On the Pay-TV Industry

xobyte Re:costs (261 comments)

3 dvrs...

about a year ago

Streaming and Cord-Cutting Take a Toll On the Pay-TV Industry

xobyte costs (261 comments)

140 bucks per month for Dish... I'm really thinking about going to just streaming and getting the Tivo with 4 ota tuners.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Who Has Been Sued By the RIAA?

xobyte Re:Not sued, but "contacted. (407 comments)

My buddy at UT Martin wrote ZBserver. I was one of the first to use it :)

more than 2 years ago

Telecommuters May Owe Extra State Taxes

xobyte Re:Tiger Woods, et al (617 comments)

Actually yes, when pro sports teams visit a city with a state/city income tax they have to pay there. Here is a quote from an article I googled.

"Because not only do the players have to send in a federal return to the IRS and a state-of-residence return -- as well as home country returns for the foreigners -- but they also generally need to file in whatever states they have visited on road trips. Even several cities demand a piece of the lucrative pie. "

Whole article

Everyone has their hands out. chuck

more than 9 years ago


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