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MIT Researchers Create Platform To Build Secure Web Apps That Never Leak Data

xombo I've implemented something similar (90 comments)

I've implemented a similar solution for one of my web apps.
It encrypts the data in the client with a password that they provide before it gets sent to the server. The client also decrypts the value when it receives it from the server.
The password is kept in LocalStorage (a feature of HTML5) so that it is never transmitted to the server.
Assuming the client application is not compromised, this is a great way to keep data secret even from the service operator.

Unfortunately, you won't see this scheme implemented in many apps because almost everyone's business model these days is all about scraping your data for use by advertisers.

about 4 months ago

Linux May Succeed Windows XP As OS of Choice For ATMs

xombo Re:How I've been taught to do it (367 comments)

Yes, but how will Diebold's Visual Basic programmers deal with this kludge of non-MS technology?

about 4 months ago

Sony's Favorite Gadget Is Kinect

xombo Re:Not going to happen (222 comments)

The PS4 has a system similar to the Kinect on the PS4; the difference being that Sony's peripheral is optional.

about 5 months ago

Chrome Bugs Lets Sites Listen To Your Private Conversations

xombo Re: 2014 (109 comments)

One advantage of Microsoft standardizing on the metro interface is that popups and dialogues will become a thing of the past.

about 6 months ago

Chrome Bugs Lets Sites Listen To Your Private Conversations

xombo Re: 2014 (109 comments)

Technically, target="_blank" is deprecated as-of HTML 5.

about 6 months ago

OpenBSD Looking At Funding Shortfall In 2014

xombo Re:Wait, wait , WAIT a moment. (277 comments)

And why can't he put them on Wake on LAN and only power up and do builds on-demand?

about 6 months ago

OpenBSD Looking At Funding Shortfall In 2014

xombo Theo's request is pretty.... specific (277 comments)

He wants to find a Canadian company that will, on an annually recurring basis, shift all the hydro expenses from one utility account to said company's utility account.

This is such a specific ask that I doubt it will be successful.

He needs to do something like a Kickstarter campaign or just accept donations. It's not difficult to setup a not-for-profit in Canada such that your tax implications would be negligible (if anything). The whole thing is considered an R&D expense, anyway, if he wanted to go the for-profit route. If anything, he'd receive a tax credit for it if he booked it on his personal or small business expenses.

about 6 months ago

4K Is For Programmers

xombo where do I sign? (520 comments)

Must... reopen... Dell financing account.

about 6 months ago

NSA Drowns In Useless Data, Impeding Work, Former Employee Claims

xombo Re:The point is that they can target YOU (120 comments)

I wish I had points to mod up your MGS 2 reference.

I'm still waiting for remote controlled soldier's like in MGS 4.

about 7 months ago

Google Testing Smart Appliance, Would Compete With Nest Thermostat

xombo Predatory Monopoly (139 comments)

Just sayin'.

What's the point of trying to leverage Android or any of Google's products if they're going to try to compete against you in every market on their own turf?

about 7 months ago

AirPlay Alternative Mirrors and Streams To TVs and PCs

xombo Re:Video latency (62 comments)

AirPlay already does this. The standard seems open enough that there are many 3rd party apps that I use which can broadcast to the AppleTV. Plus, it has all the infrastructure, updates, and support of Apple.

$160,000 for this project? Am I missing something?

about 7 months ago

Firefox 26 Arrives With Click-To-Play For Java Plugins

xombo Re:Java should just die (208 comments)

Even if JavaScript now had an API for accessing folders on a user system/executing programs which I am quite sure it does not it would not work with half the systems I have to support.

<input type="file">

about 7 months ago

Firefox 26 Arrives With Click-To-Play For Java Plugins

xombo Re:Download Window Completely Removed? (208 comments)

I suspect that as apps are rewritten to improve support for "Metro" interfaces, most windowed dialogues will be phased out.

about 7 months ago

CyanogenMod Installer Removed From Google Play Store

xombo Re:Void warranties? How? (255 comments)

kimvette's comment so eloquently and thoroughly demonstrates why Google felt obligated to remove the app from their storefront.

about 8 months ago

Only 25% of Yahoo Staff "Eat Their Own Dog Food"

xombo Re:snooping (292 comments)

They already run their own Exchange servers to power Outlook. There's nothing stopping them from snooping on corporate e-mail, no matter how you go about accessing it.

about 8 months ago

User Alleges LG TVs Phone Home With Your Viewing Habits

xombo Re:egress filtering (286 comments)

Yes. Thank you. I don't understand why there is so little in the way of outbound port and IP control on home routers. You have to install one of the open source WRT packages and know how to maintain iptables to even run a wifi access point safely, these days.

about 8 months ago

"War Room" Notes Describe IT Chaos At

xombo Re:Furloughed workers (346 comments)

Correct. It's mostly Medicaid.

about 8 months ago

New Standard For Website Authentication Proposed: SQRL (Secure QR Login)

xombo Re:Smartphone required to browse? (234 comments)

*every time you clear your cookies


about 9 months ago


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