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The Game Controllers That Shaped the Way We Play

xstonedogx Re:Best controller ever (103 comments)

I love the Power Glove. It's so bad.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Good Ideas For Creative Gaming With Girlfriend?

xstonedogx Re:Get busy living or get busy dying. (337 comments)

I am making three assumptions. The first is that the submitter is male. The second is that his significant other is female. The third is that they are human beings. My only real mistake is trying to have a conversation about relationships on /. :)

1 year,25 days

Ask Slashdot: Good Ideas For Creative Gaming With Girlfriend?

xstonedogx Re:Get busy living or get busy dying. (337 comments)

So your argument is that if she is ALSO a child they have a chance? Possibly. But somehow I doubt she's "into" trading her boyfriend moving 1000 miles away for some online video games unless she's just not that into him. Regardless of what she says, this will not be a substitute for the real thing.

1 year,25 days

Ask Slashdot: Good Ideas For Creative Gaming With Girlfriend?

xstonedogx Get busy living or get busy dying. (337 comments)

This isn't going to work. You're living in a fantasy world. Long distance relationships are difficult (and not even really that fun). If you want it to succeed in the long term, you've got to make an effort. Talking about what games you're going to play together online is what children do and your relationship is therefore doomed.

See, the mere fact that you're moving 1000 miles away from her speaks VOLUMES to her (and to me) about what you really think of her. Video games? What the fuck are you thinking?

If you are serious about maintaining this relationship, don't spend your time playing video games with her. Spend that time at a second job and use the money to visit her and (this is also important) fly her out to see you. This will not only show her you are *serious* about your relationship, but that you're a good provider.

She's looking for a committed man. What you're showing her right now is an uncommitted child. I'm not saying that's what you ARE, I'm saying that's what you are SAYING you are. If that's not what you are, start saying something else. Actions > Words.

1 year,25 days

NASA To Send Poems To Mars

xstonedogx Hurray! (106 comments)

slashdotter's lament:
modded to oblivion
for off-topic posts.

about a year ago

Star Wars City Doomed By Sand Dunes

xstonedogx Re:And then in a thousand years (166 comments)

Or it will lead them to discover Episode I and they will finally understand why the Second Dark Ages occurred.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Deliver a Print Magazine Online, While Avoiding Piracy?

xstonedogx Re:you can't (298 comments)

Don't I feel stupid. I was wondering what this word (seemingly from French) "ballache" meant. Then it dawned on me.

about a year ago

Research Suggests Mars Once Had a Thick Atmosphere

xstonedogx Re:Once again I'll say it (98 comments)

It's okay, Og. Come out of the cave. It's warm out here.

about a year ago

Sci-Fi Stories That Predicted the Surveillance State

xstonedogx Re:Nothing to predict (213 comments)

I think you greatly underestimate how difficult it is to wage war on your own populace. Imagine Iraq, but with everyone armed, your own troops defecting, and every person you kill potentially related in some way to people who are on your side. Oh, and any infrastructure you destroy is your own.

about a year ago

Bolivian President's Plane 'Rerouted Over Snowden Suspicions'

xstonedogx Re:What hasn't he revealed? (621 comments)

Isn't it obvious?!

He has evidence:

1. The moon landing was faked.
2. The U.S. is complicit in the alien abduction of its citizens.
3. The U.S. is reverse engineering alien technology at area 51.
4. Bigfoot is real and a consultant for the DEA.
5. JFK was killed by Jimmy Hoffa and Elvis.
6. The U.S. is run by lizard people of which George W. Bush is one. (Also Morena Baccarin.)
7. Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, and other supposedly dead musicians are alive, well, and immortal prisoners in an underwater city in the Atlantic for the rich and powerful.
8. (The truth about eight is too awful to print.)
9. Tater Tots are PEOPLE.

about a year ago

Firefox 23 Makes JavaScript Obligatory

xstonedogx Re:why? (778 comments)

My odds of being struck by lighting while playing golf are also very rare these days. Doesn't make it a good idea.

So... It's a bad idea to play golf?

I think that means it's a bad idea to play golf indoors even if you've previously destroyed most of the lighting.

about a year ago

More Details Emerge On How the US Is Bugging Its European Allies

xstonedogx Re:No Shit (442 comments)

As someone who posts as AC on a regular basis out of laziness, I can safely say I'm just as willing to make a fool of myself with my pseudonym as I am as an AC. Your argument is flawed.

about a year ago

UK Government Backs Three-Person IVF

xstonedogx Re:Midi-chlorians? (132 comments)

There are those who say life here began out there.

about a year ago

Sexism Still a Problem At E3

xstonedogx Re:This is stupid (737 comments)

You debased yourself by calling them whores and in your own defense you cite a morality which gains its authority through the denegration of others, because, hey, it doesn't distinguish between male and female.

Your morality is based on fear. It denegrates both the "booth babes" and you. Cling to it at your own peril.

about a year ago

U.S. District Judge: Forced Decryption of Hard Drives Violates Fifth Amendment

xstonedogx Re:My goodness (417 comments)

What's his name now?

about a year ago

80FFTs Per Second To Detect Whistles (and Switch On Lights)

xstonedogx Re:Voice-activated doors (156 comments)

The fictional future is always so much cooler than the real future.

about a year ago

80FFTs Per Second To Detect Whistles (and Switch On Lights)

xstonedogx Re:Multiple rooms (156 comments)

The real danger is watching Star Wars with these in the room. *R2 sad whistle*

about a year ago

"Terrorist" Lyrics Land High Schooler In Jail

xstonedogx Re:Kids buy into rap music whole heartedly (573 comments)

You're kidding, right? Please tell me you are kidding.

They said the same shit about rock and roll. And it was bullshit then and it's bullshit now.

And there IS rap that has a positive message. What's the "listen to rap" equivalent of "read a fucking book"?

about a year ago


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