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Mass. Supreme Court Says Defendant Can be Compelled to Decrypt Data

xyourfacekillerx We've seen this before, haven't we? (1 comments)

So you can be locked away indefinitely for contempt of court if you refuse. And they don't have to prove that you remember the password, or that the data isn't simply corrupted rather than encrypted. There is no due process that warrants your imprisonment.

about 3 months ago

What Was the Greatest Age For Indie Games?

xyourfacekillerx "Game as Art" (92 comments)

I'm interested in what was going on 2006-2010 when games were being released as art. Small indie games with floating glowing objects, very non traditional game play, beautiful surreal aesthetics. I can't think of a single reference. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Configuring Development Environment On a Shared Workstation?

xyourfacekillerx Re:New Hard Drive and Install (Solved) (158 comments)

Well, parent was about the best post I read. Confirmed my doubts about not splitting up the installations... I guess this is my best option at this moment in time, so here we go. Thanks Slashdot, thanks Zmobie.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Configuring Development Environment On a Shared Workstation?

xyourfacekillerx Re:Yawn (158 comments)

Not only that, he's asking the wrong forum. If you have questions about all these Microsoft technologies, why not go to the experts at Microsoft and ask them? That's what you're paying all that money for with that MSDN account. I'm sure they'll be happy to advise you on how to proceed.

If you can't afford an MSDN account, then you really have no business doing MS development work. If you're working with MS technologies at work, they're supposed to provide that stuff for you.

Well, they gave all that stuff away for free when I was in college. I had every thing I could ever want and fully functional software and immense support from MS reps and faculty, and now it's been a few years and I don't have all that.

I don't see the harm in asking how other people configure a development environment in their home. I couldn't make up my mind, so I couldn't act. Reading the responses will inevitably bias me to favor one option over another. This is the perfect forum to get that information, however ignorant or primitive or unprofessional my question is. I know I'm stupid. I know I should know how to do this and be able to do this. Hence ask Slashdot.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Configuring Development Environment On a Shared Workstation?

xyourfacekillerx Re:haha what? (158 comments)

The problem is that when you start installing dev tools, you end up with system services installed.

If you're using a computer for any significant music production you should probably make sure that it's only used for that. You don't want some bullshit printer driver or Java trying to run an update while you're recording & ruining the take.

Right. Getting the machine set up for music production was enough trouble the first time around.

about 8 months ago

Why Transitivity Violations Can Be Rational

xyourfacekillerx It's always rational (169 comments)

I don't know if this is a good application of the word "rationality".

about 8 months ago

Cartels Are Using Firetruck-Sized Drillers To Make Drug Pipelines

xyourfacekillerx Has this been done before? (323 comments)

Why does Slashdot marvel at this? The technology to create these tunnels is nothing new, in fact, Slashdot has featured all kinds of stories in the past concerning Mexican cartels involving no impressive technological acheivement, so... why does Slashdot keep running these stories? What is so worthy of news here? What are the cartels doing that hasn't already been done and why does slashdot pay them so much attention for doing it??

How about this: Run a story about the technology being developed to thwart these maniacs, eh? I only got spied on today. The cartels only just killed some innocent mother's young son, and two dozen more like him today. Murder is their technology. Surely the good guys deserve some press here as well, Slashdot?

about 8 months ago

Printable Smart Labels Tell You When the Milk's Gone Bad

xyourfacekillerx SO... (68 comments)

For 2,000 years the human nose (standard equipment on most humans) was not the correct way to detect foul and spoiled milk? We were drinking bad milk the whole time, or what? My bad milk detector? No production cost, and zero use cost.

about a year ago

How Science Goes Wrong

xyourfacekillerx And nobody is concerned with theoretical science? (316 comments)

You know, the field that verifies theories without experiments? How many experiment designs are published that conclude the only outcome of the experiment, hypothetically speaking, without real world results? Photons that split into alternate dimensions (carrying energy with them) and also send messages backwards in time, it's all on paper and considered fact, but no experiments have been done to prove it... does that now sound like craziness to anyone but me?

about a year ago

Visual Studio 2013 Released

xyourfacekillerx Re:Just downgraded something to .NET 2.0 (198 comments)

Sometimes our clients are mom and pop shops. Right now I'm working with the county whose budget for software alone is $800 this fiscal year, $4,000 for hardware. That's the budget for the county department I'm with. Fortunately the consulting budget is any dollars, so I can offset the cost of upgrading their software with that, but still.... Not everyone you work with understands the benefit of running an up to date setup.

about a year ago

New Standard For Website Authentication Proposed: SQRL (Secure QR Login)

xyourfacekillerx Re:I have a better idea (234 comments)

EOT right here everyone. Solutions already exist, these novel approaches are unnecessary.

about a year ago

Visual Studio 2013 Released

xyourfacekillerx Seems to be fine, but (198 comments)

1) Where the heck did they hide the option to set which version of .NET I want to target for my build? Argh.

2) what's a good free code editor or IDE for C# or F# that still does projects/solutions, source control (maybe), and let's me control the resource and assembly files on my own as well as regulate the build process too (i.e. command-line or integrated build tool)? cos I'm not liking 2013 or 2012 VS and MSbuild that MS offers right now is for 4.5.1x only. What if I want to compile a single source file and I don't want the stupid dev command line or MSbuild to do it for me?

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: F/FOSS Personal Information Tool "Captain's Log" for Windows?

xyourfacekillerx Re:Capt. Computer Log 0.01 (2 comments)

Thank you for the response and this is what I began to do. My notes are associated and categorized corresponding to my activities, so I began about setting up "activity environments" to help automate and manage the organized effort I'm after.

Your description is accurate of my problem and your advice at least got me started on a solution I'm comfortable implementing. Programming!

about a year ago

Student Arrested For Using Phone App To 'Shoot' Classmates

xyourfacekillerx Not a free speech issue (706 comments)

He can't interfere with the operation of a school. Those laws are applied hundreds of times each day by schools across the country. That's why you can get sent to the office for being disruptive. At the very least, that's what this is, it is disruptive. And also possibly intimidating. It's not much different when gangsters drive past you with the the trigger-finger gesture. Be honest. Would you feel threatened if your classmate were drawing pictures of you dead? Don't lie. Would you feel threatened if your classmate celebrated images of your fictional death by sharing them with others? Liar. Yes you would. That's why this kid is getting punished, and he should be.

Something else to think about: Some people respond to apparently credible threats to personal safety with preemptive violent strikes of their own. ...

1 year,8 days

How To Foil NSA Sabotage: Use a Dead Man's Switch

xyourfacekillerx That's not how it works (259 comments)

The method outlined by Doctorow in the linked article would not work, and here is why.

1) They (the government) consider not only the speech of disclosure, but the intent to disclose, and probably therefore the means of conveying the message that constitutes an act of disclosure. When an actual NSL is issued, I would bet the method described in this article could be regarded as an act of disclosure by way of clandestine communication. You would get in trouble for doing this if you were subject to a NSL gag order.

2) Doctorow's method is more particular than the Librarian's method. It actually does involve arrangement of a designee to receive information specifically related to government intel queries. It plainly establishes both intent and expressly indicates means to convey the state of intel inquiries to special parties. The DMS cannot be restrained from publishing anything, but those receiving the gag order conceivably could be prosecuted for communicating with the DMS service.

Finally, and most importantly, the agencies already note that disruption of electronic communication services (like account suspension, website shutdowns, and so on) can be regarded as signals to special parties that an investigation is under way. So, they (the NSA, FBI, whoever) forbid peculiar irregularities in habits of service when they issue nondisclosures. As far as Doctorow's method is concerned, you would likely be prohibited from failing to update your information to the dead-mans-switch in any way other than routine so as not to indicate you have been asked to provide intel information. See, you're providing a service to the DMS, disruption of which service might reveal a security investigation is underway: you can't do that, and they say so in their letters.

Look, I'm not writing about whether it is right or wrong for the NSA to do this, nor whether it is right or wrong for us to expose these situations. I'm just saying, it may seem like a cute little language game for solo citizens, but real companies can't afford to violate a NSL or any other gag order, and that's why they don't do it, plain and simple. The language of the law is pretty clear about why disclosure is prohibited, and violating that law looks to have some pretty severe consequences. Especially if the FBI or NSA or whoever is right when they say that disclosure is a threat to security, and then you're in a world of hurt because your unnecessary expression of speech actually did jeaopardize an investigation where intelligence of a credible threat was real. That's why currently it's up to the courts to remove a gag order, which they can do, if the NSL is BS. Your right to speech is intact; it just has to be reviewed and upheld before you can exercise it. Wait... that doesn't sound right...

However, while the article's method is dubious I think its underlying premise is worthy of further examination. You've tried to find a way to hide the fact of disclosure, or at least put it into legal safe zone. That won't work. Perhaps find a way to hide intent of disclosure?

1 year,12 days

Snowden Offered Asylum By Venezuelan President

xyourfacekillerx God, enough already. (380 comments)

Please, enough about this guy already. Everyone knows there are way worse violation of human rights in the world perpetrated by far worse governments than our own against people who will NEVER have a chance to escape, so why are we giving this guy so much attention? He wants to goto countries with civil rights abuse records so astonishing and atrocious, it makes America look like an oasis in a desert! Sure, but the NSA, etc. etc. Yea, well you have running water, clothes, a car, job or prospects, food, shelter, health, medicine, a family, a right to vote, and after all that upset over the NSA, hey, you didn't stop using the internet or your phone. So they must not be wrecking your human rights that much, and I'm led to believe you can't be that affected or distrubed by it, so maybe be quiet about it ok? Your actions speak louder than your words. If you are so paranoid and you feel like your rights are so infringed, what are you doing readling slashdot online on a saturday morning or afternoon? Shouldn't you be sweeping your house for bugs, building a bunker maybe, and calling all your representatives in washington?

Meanwhile, our fingers are not enough to count the list of real human rights tragedies occurring elsewhere in the world right now, but hey, this Snowden guy, yea, he's the person whose rights are in the utmost peril here.

about a year ago

D-Wave Large-Scale Quantum Chip Validated, Says USC Team

xyourfacekillerx I don't get it. (141 comments)

I don't want to pay $32 USD for the paper. Am I the only one who can't figure out what they proved and how? The paper's abstract doesn't help much to balance the media's interpretation.

about a year ago

Microsoft To Start Dumping Surface RT To Schools For $199

xyourfacekillerx Not new (251 comments)

This isn't news. It's been MS strategy for ages to give discounts to public and private organizations. It's a fine strategy. and it's not like Apple in the 80's because Apple software back then didn't run on a thousand different devices from a thousand different vendors, each potentially offering different features than the others, without breaking my existing software "ecosystem".

about a year ago



Ask Slashdot: 2014: The state of open CS or IT, CIS, DBA, GIS, etc courseware?

xyourfacekillerx xyourfacekillerx writes  |  about 6 months ago

xyourfacekillerx (939258) writes "Not long ago, /. readers answered a question for someone seeking to finish a BS in CS online. I am in a similar situation with a different question. I am a US citizen in Colorado, I have spent five years frivolously studying philosophy at a very expensive university, and now I want to start towards an Asssociates then perhaps Bachelor's in CS (I want to program for a living, I write code daily anyways). After four hours of combing through google ads, I turn to slashdot myself. Problem 1: I am out of money and I have an 8 to 5, so on campus enrollment somewhere is not an option. Problem 2: and I have *very* little to transfer due to the specificity of my prior studies: I don't even have my core English/Language or even math cores to transfer. After about four hours of searching, I can't answer the questions: 1) Just where *are* the open CS courseware? Who offers it in a way it's more than just lecture notes posts online? 2) Can any of it help or hinder me getting a degree (i.e. does any of it transfer, potentially? is it a waste of time? These two questions will help me understand the state of CS courseware that was supposed to be the next big thing, and inform me what to do with my summer. Additionally, any tips about accredited online universities (preferrably self-paced) where I can start to get my associates and/or bachelor's in CS at low cost would be useful. I intend to be enrolled to some online somewhere by Fall, and I am starting my own search among colorado junior colleges who don't demand on-campus presence like most 4 years do. Slashdot, please help me."

Ask Slashdot: Configuring Development Environment on a Shared Workstation?

xyourfacekillerx xyourfacekillerx writes  |  about 8 months ago

xyourfacekillerx (939258) writes "After a long hiatus of developing (ASP.NET), I decided to pick it up again. I need to learn .NET and SQL for my new job (GIS tech using ESRI software). Down the road they need a PHP website, tons of automation tasks, some serious data consolidation, they want mobile apps in theory. This is not my job description, but I'm sure I can do it. Long story short, I need to setup a development environment on my home desktop, so I can do all this in my spare time. Trouble is, I share the machine (Win 8.1, 2.7 dual core pentium something or other, with virtualization support.) I want to avoid affecting the other users profiles. I currently use my profile for music production (Reason) and photography (Photoshop, et al) so it's already resource intensive with ram, cpu and vmm. I'll be needing to install all of your basic Microsoft developer suites, IIS, SQl Server, ANdroid SDK, Java SDK, device emulators, etc. etc. Plus AMP and finally GIS software. There will obviously be a lot of services running, long build times, and so on. To wit, I wouldn't be able to use my desktop for my other purposes like the music editing. So I need some advice. Would it help to setup all these tools under a different account on the same Win 8.1 install? Or should I virtualize my development environment (and how?), and run the virtual machine side by side? Or should I add a hdd or secondary partition and boot to that when I intend to develop? I am poor atm, but is there a cheap very mini PC I can place next to my desktop and run all my development software off that, remote desktop into it? I've done a lot of googling the last week and haven't turned up anything, so I turn to Slashdot. Please help me get organized so I can start coding again."

Ask Slashdot: Free and Portable Virtualization for Dummies

xyourfacekillerx xyourfacekillerx writes  |  about 10 months ago

xyourfacekillerx (939258) writes "I do contract work as a developer, and I work from home when I can. I run Windows 8.1 natively on a fine computer, Virtual PC and VirtualBox/QEMU when the time calls for it. There have been times when I had to pull out my server and use LAN for SQL Server, but enough of that. Recent clients like me to be present more often than not. So, I bought a 2TB external hdd 3.0 usb and started loading it up with portable versions of my favorite apps. Then I ran into a problem when I had to bring my virtualized disks to the unmounted volumes where I hide that stuff. The problem is this: If the machine I work on, on site, cannot virtualize, I cannot run my solutions. So I am forced to boot straight to the desired Linux install. Except I don't have Linux partitions per se. and if I did, how can I make my virtual installs identical to my physical installs? Does that make sense? Basically, I want to set it up so I can say "Can this machine virtualize? No, then I will boot straight to the Linux I need, and that Linux needs exactly the same resources I configured it to use when it was virtualize.". If the machine CAN virtualize, then I get my portableapps loader and all the windows fix-ins and specialized programs I'm used to with my portable drive. Has anyone come to an elegant solution or should I just admit to defeat and reserve some portion of the external hdd for Linux only non-virtualized work?"

Ask Slashdot: F/FOSS Personal Information Tool "Captain's Log" for Windows?

xyourfacekillerx xyourfacekillerx writes  |  about a year ago

xyourfacekillerx (939258) writes "I try hard to keep track of work I do on my computer. For example, if I'm making changes as Admin that affect the system, I keep a folder in MyDocs with .TXT's, each named by the date they were created, each containing entries remarking the changes I've made. For example, "Turned off services XYZ see TodaysDate\PRE.TXT for last services state, POST.TXT for updated services state." I'm finding I need more and more to make notes about what I'm doing on the computer at all times. Like, if I'm coding, I'd like a little note that says "Remember to research blank". If I'm streaming music, I'd like a note that says "Look up this song I just heard". Keeping a hundred .TXT's to cover these whimsical notes is just too cumbersome. So, I'm looking for suggestions, I want a general purpose Note system to help me keep track of my activities on the computer. OneNote is overkill for small thoughts, and most PIM's are based around some kind of calendar system. Any ideas?"

Ask slashdot: Wireless printing to a wired printer

xyourfacekillerx xyourfacekillerx writes  |  about 2 years ago

xyourfacekillerx (939258) writes "I have two computers in separate rooms and multiple mobile devices (Win vista laptop, android phones) which all gain internet access wirelessly through my landlord's router, a network which I have no control over. I have a wired (usb) printer attached to an old WinXP desktop workstation in a room rarely used, and so in order to print I either remote desktop or physically bring the files to that room. Obviously this setup is not practical; I can't have the computer on 24/7, and I don't care to RD over a network I cannot manage. I would like to take the workstation out of the picture (as in, turn it off), but still print wirelessly and even remotely. Now, I have a few old wireless enabled DSL routers which I can SSH into and configure as I please, and I also have an old droid I was considering using to create a separate private network for the house (the droid's purpose is something like a server perhaps, idk). The printer would somehow connect either to the router or to the droid. My question is this: Is there any way for all my devices to maintain their wireless connection to the landlord wifi, and somehow simultaneously connect to the private network in order to print on demand wirelessly if not remotely? Or perhaps have all my devices connect first to my personal router, and configure THAT to connect to the landlord's wifi (like when you use your droid as a hotspot) ? Ultimately the goal is to leave my priner on 24/7 and always have access to it anywhere in the house or sometimes away from the house. It would also be nice finally to share media and files over my own network. Obviously networking was a subject I avoided. Advice is much appreciated. Feel free to suggest any other creative ideas for repurposing this hardware."


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