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World Wide Web "Shrinking"

xyz Cable companies.... (115 comments)

My own experience seems to confirm the point the LA article is making, used to visit as many as a 100 sites a day in 94, only 10 at most these days. Still, the web will never constrict to such an extent that it will resemble the entertainment industry. Look at the cable companies, you have a choice of about 50 channels, and basically have to whatch whatever the lowest common denominator in your community can digest without overheating the synapses. On the web on the other hand, you only have to find a few thousand people out of hundreds of millions, with asimilar tastes to keep a site interesting, and full of new content. Personally I can't wait until broadband is here, and the same happens to the tv channels. (We'll prolly have the same thing that happened on the web, people will leave the major networks to stare for hours at a fish moving around on the screen, once the novelty wears off, we'll have better and better content, and more consolidation. As someone said, the content on most of the better sites (and the tv channels) is always being updated, so people won't search for new stuff just to get new material as they would in say... a bookstore, but we'll still have plenty of choice.

Down with cable companies!!!

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